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New Years Eve


Mommy came home from the worky place so excited tonight. While she was cooking dinner, she told me some fascinating things like tonight is the last holiday of the year. Geez I missed all of these special days being so young! She then explained that after tonight, we start a whole new year repeating the months we just finished. When it’s explained like that, I understand.

With the holiday being tonight, mom told me that I could stay up late…if I make it. Yawn – I’m already so tired. You know it’s hard having a full day like I do around the house keeping daddy and the purr things in line.

If I stayed up, Mom said that I would get to see magic in the sky. I’m not sure what she means by that and she wouldn’t explain. She only told me that I had to see it to believe it. I guess I’ll have to trust her. She hasn’t led me astray yet in my short privileged life 🙂

Our yearly tradition is to stay up late, make popcorn and watch the big peach drop on television that is downtown Atlanta, Georgia. I’m down with that by being all comfy on the couch with mom. Right now I’m watching LSU and Clemson play on television and posting from my iPad. (I got dad off it long enough from playing his Star Wars Angry Birds to do this post – thanks dad!)

Do you have any traditions tonight? Mom says we will do our New Years Resolutions tomorrow. That should be fun. I’m so excited to be able to enjoy these holidays this year.

Well, if I don’t hear from you tonight, happy New Year and I’ll talk to you next year – snort LOL


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