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Tomorrow I Leave

Well my friends, it was great knowing you.  Tomorrow I leave for my great Piggy Summer Camp.  Yay.  Joy.  Stop me now from the fun.  Really, seven entire days away from mom, dad, Houdini, Mouse Girl and Hemi.  Seven days away from the Hotel Thompson.  Away from my private bedroom.  My television.  My toddler bed.  My turn down service.  My room service.  Seven days of living like ‘other pigs’.  Rolls eyes – whatever that means.

You know my relationship with Hemi the butt slapper here at the Hotel Thompson.  I would rather be slapped in the captain’s quarters by his gginormous paw several times in a row then to have to leave tomorrow.  But it’s definite.  I’m going.  Mom has paid for my summer camp.  She has packed my bags.

I even tried to talk some sense into daddy but he didn’t cave either.  He said whatever mommy decided, he was good with.  Come on dad, grow some and tell me I can stay at home.  Snorts.

So my friends if you don’t ever hear from me again – if something should happen to me in the woods – know that I ❤ you all.  You have become my friends.  My cohorts.  My partners in crime.  I love you each and every one!


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