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One Lovely Blog and Dragon Loyalty Award

My sweet friend Ellie gave me this award on April 5, 2014. Squeal – you know awards make this little piggy so happy! When she sent me a notice, I ran throughout the house like I was trying to fly – and you know how fast that can be – snorts.








I must provide 7 random facts about myself. This should be good. Let’s see…

  1. I don’t know that I’m a P.I.G. I think I’m human since that’s the only life I’ve known with my adopted mom/dad.
  2. Rain makes me ill. Do you understand what I’m saying? ILL. I can’t stand it. I will have more mood swings than Mother Nature when it rains.
  3. I really love chicken noodle soup. And yes, I make sucking sounds when I eat it.
  4. When my snout gets cold, I like to jump on the couch with daddy and put it behind his knees. It makes him jump every.single.time. snorts
  5. I’m mommy’s sous chef in the kitchen when she cooks. I get samples of food, eat potato peels and tomato butts (you know the end pieces).
  6. My favorite thing to eat in the entire world is when mommy cooks me my own spinach omelet – yummo!
  7. I’ve never seen a single episode of Sesame Street but I absolutely LOVE Captain Kangaroo.

My nominees in no particular order:

My brother Easy

My cousin Sammy

My wonderful friends Reilly and Denny

My sweet friend Fozzie

My Auntie Sharon

My inspiration Pink Ninjabi

My little friend Cocco


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