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Where in the World is Bashful?

20130325-100220.jpgBashful came home last week from France and is already off again to a secret destination.  Where will he land – only the postman knows.. and me but I’m not telling 🙂 … and his secret destination and they are not saying – yet.

My little international rolling stone is just all over the place.  He talked the entire weekend about some of his adventures.  He had such a wonderful time across the pond.  We enjoyed his stories and laughed so hard.

And you know he brought home a friend, Manny, from France.  He’s been a blast!  The two of them finally got to meet little Princess Coralena Saturday.  I bet you’re wondering how did they get along.  Well my friends, they got along just great.  You will definitely be hearing about that little adventure soon!


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