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I’m a Happy Pig

This weekend started off like every other weekend.  We slept in a little – okay I slept in a lot.  I was tired from that little pooch – you know performing my nightly ritual of subliminal messaging to him is hard work – snorts with piggy laughter.  This morning, I just couldn’t get up and get going for breakfast.  So mom did something wonderful… something terrific… something special for this little oinker.  She served *moi* breakfast in bed.  Can I get an aaww or perhaps a hallelujah? Of course – these bananas were just the start.  You know how much I ❤ my bananas.  But no, the main star was something else.


20130624-224116.jpg  Of course daddy grunted because he doesn’t get breakfast in bed – snorts.  Before I snarfed it down, I had to take a picture of mom’s masterpiece to show you that the woman does have skills in the kitchen.  She made me a fresh spinach omelet on top of my piggy chow.  And let me add – it was so piggy lip licking good!  You want a bite, don’t you?  Go ahead.  You can admit it.

Cheers my friends for a happy rest of the day.

Perhaps I’ll sleep in tomorrow to see if I get piggy pancakes – licks lips just thinking about it!


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I’m a Lucky Oinker

No, really.  I can admit it.  I’m a lucky oinker.  I love my life here at the Hotel Thompson. The room service is awesome!  You don’t believe me?

This morning before work, mommy actually got up and fixed breakfast.  Omelets for everyone is what she said – snorts.  She fixed daddy his omelet and then made me my special omelet – look at that delicacy – it should be in a magazine ❤  It’s a spinach and two egg omelet.  Is your mouth dripping now in desire?

And mom put it on top of my piggy chow.  I’m telling you – this is the breakfast of champions… champion pigs that is 🙂  I LOVE it when my mommy cooks my food.  How could you not, right?

But don’t worry, daddy fixes me food too.


This is a picture of my dinner plate that I got last night that daddy fixed me.  It looks mouth watering too, doesn’t it? It’s my piggy chow, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and grapes.  All of my favorites.

See I eat really good and healthy here at the Hotel Thompson.  That’s how I’m able to maintain this sexy pot-belly 🙂  Snorts and Oinks!


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Me and Food

Me and food – what can I say?  I ❤ food.  It’s what I live for.. well that and snuggles from mommy.  I thought today I would show you what I eat here at the Hotel Thompson.  Keep in mind that I might be just a tad bit spoiled… just a little okay.

This by all means does not happen every day or every weekend for that matter.  But, at times mommy cooks me my very own spinach omelet with piggy chow on the bottom of my piggy feed bowl.  Doesn’t it look delish?  Trust me, it is!

If I’ve been especially good, she will put on her cook hat and toss some eggs around.  Daddy gets one too – minus the piggy chow – snorts.

Most days though, I have a combination of Cheerios and piggy chow.


Here is my snack bowl that dad will fix me during the week at times.  You can see my piggy plate better in this picture.  Dad gives me rice cakes, carrots and grapes.  Again, not every day.

My snack during the day changes according to what is in the pantry here at the Hotel Thompson.  Looks good, huh?  Sometimes I have to watch daddy because he will eat my snacks as he fixes my plate – how could he huh?


For special occasions like my birthday, I get the platter of my dreams like this picture to the left.  Who needs a birthday cake when you have all of my favorites rolled up into one delicious piggy plate?

Bananas, strawberries, grapes and watermelon.  Licks lips!  Too bad birthdays only come once a year!

If I’m lucky, mommy will fix a tub of this deliciousness so I can eat on it the entire week.  Usually when she goes shopping, this is how she does my food.  She packages it for the week so all dad has to do is pull out a container for me.  It makes it easier for him since he takes care of me during the week when mommy is at the worky place.


 This plate to the right is my normal dinner.  A great salad topped with carrots, tomatoes and piggy chow on the bottom.  I ❤ my dinner plate.  Doesn’t it look delicious.  You want some, don’t you?  Usually mommy will fix me my plate while she is fixing her salad.

And I love me some snacks.  I can be bought and persuaded to do almost anything with any of the following – Gold Fish (Crackers not sushi – snorts), animal crackers, an apple slice or okay – just about anything.

But for your amusement, there is a rule here at the Hotel Thompson. Don’t eat in front of the pig unless you plan on sharing with the pig.  Snorts – you’ll see once you look at this video.  Enjoy my friends and I hope you learned something about this little oinker that you didn’t know.


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One Day Closer…

To putting that Evil Elf on the Shelf back in the attic – if he makes it! I thought we had it bad here at the Hotel Thompson until I saw this picture on the internet.  I’m not sure what evil soul posted it but shivers… that’s just wrong on SO many different levels.

Our little evil guy, Don Juan, was into lots of trouble this weekend.  He almost gave mommy a heart attack Saturday morning.  She was in the kitchen and was starting to fix me a spinach omelet – what?  It’s one of my favorites 🙂  She got the eggs out of the refrigerator, opened the container and guess who was in the carton?  You guessed right – Don Juan.  She jumped pretty high for a girl.  I was surprised.

On Sunday morning, Don Juan was MIA (missing in action).  We all thought that was a good thing.  Perhaps he got lost in transit in reporting back from the North Pole.  Maybe he made a wrong turn and got hid by a reindeer.  We had high hopes.  Our day was going along pretty well.  That is… until daddy went out front to get the paper.

Who does he find outside on the front porch writing his name into the front porch with his winkie?  Shakes my piggy head.  Something has to be done to this little Don Juan.  What’s worse, daddy brought him back inside of the Hotel Thompson.  This was our chance to get rid of the evil little elf… but no – daddy felt pity on him because it was the Christmas season.  Really dad?  Really?  Perhaps he should sleep with you tonight then… on the sofa.


Friends, we have to ban together.  There’s only a couple of more days before the big day.  I am WAY open for suggestions on this juvenile delinquent elf.   Desperate times call for desperate measures.  HELP me before it’s too late.


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