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Elf on the Shelf – OH NO!

Oh my friends.  I think I’m scared.  I think I may be in trouble.  It’s almost *that* time of the year again. You know the time.  *That* time when Don Juan comes out – shivers and squeals.  Wait a minute.  You’re looking confused.  You don’t know who Don Juan is?  You might be lucky that you don’t know.  Don Juan is the name of my Elf on the Shelf here at the Hotel Thompson.  But Don Juan – he’s “special”.  I mean really “special”.  You see, Don Juan is not made of the same cloth as all of these other elves that come out for the holidays.  Don Juan is evil – pure and simple.

You see these little Elf on the Shelves are a Christmas tradition.  In theory, they watch over the household and report back to the North Pole every night.  Once at the North Pole, they inform Santa of all of the happenings at their house.  By morning, the return back to the house in different positions so you know they’ve been to the North Pole.

But Don Juan. Shakes piggy head and shivers.  Don Juan has his own agenda.  He comes out and scares everyone here at the Hotel Thompson.  He does bad things…. some things I can’t even say out loud.  And get this, I didn’t want to be the only one with elves in the house this year.  So what did I do?  I sent out four elves to some friends here in blogville.  Some of them you might have already met.  My cousin Sammy has Elfvis – which has already gotten into some trouble.  My friends the Pigs have Timmy.  And then there’s a couple of other peeps that haven’t commented yet on their new elf’s name.

You see my friends may be thanking me too quickly.  You see, the day after Thanksgiving (11/28/2014) is when the elves get their special powers.  We won’t know until then if all of these friends that I sent out will be naughty or nice.  So I just want to put this out there my friends – I’m sorry – snorts.  It’s going to be a long holiday season.  The Elf on the Shelves have special powers from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day.

So I have a really, REALLY important question to you my friends in blogville.

 Is there anyone that can take this little oinker in for a couple of weeks?

Please.  I’ll be nice… really.

Shivers just thinking of what Don Juan is up to… especially with my sock monkey!  Squeals!





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Relaxing Sunset Anyone?

20130724-221548.jpgLike everyone else, sometimes mom/dad just need some time alone to regroup and breathe.  Yesterday afternoon, they left me alone for a couple of hours.  I know – I wasn’t too keen about it before hand.  But, they fed me early, loved on me, tucked me into my bed with the remote for my television and said they were going out on a ‘date night’ and not to wait up.

They ended up going to Lake Lanier Islands and having a night time picnic.  Look at this amazing picture mom took of the sunset.  Beautiful isn’t it?  Almost – ALMOST made me want to go… if it wasn’t outside – snorts. 



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