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Future Mrs. Bacon –

The piggy of my dreams has a new movie coming out next year on March 21, 2014.  I’m sorry mom/dad.  You are just going to *have* to take me to the movies to see it when it debuts.  I’m thinking if we call ahead and make arrangements with the local theater, they will allow me in for the show.  Heck, I’ll start saving my money in my human bank until then to pay for my ticket.

Miss Piggy – the pig of my dreams – swoon!  Her new movie is called Muppets Most Wanted.  This movie is about the Muppets going on a global tour in Europe.  Somehow they find themselves entangled in a crime caper headed by Constantine – who is a dead ringer for Kermit.  Oh the atrocity!  Personally, they can have Kermit as long as I get the pig – Miss Piggy that is 🙂  But, it’s not fair of me to wish the frog harm so I won’t.  Taps hooves… thinks for a minute… asks for forgiveness… but I am the better pig – snorts.

So, here’s the preview for the new movie my sweet will be in.  Enjoy.  And Muppet peeps if you are listening, Miss Piggy needs more airtime please.  She is the *star* of the movie in my eyes.  Thank you.


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Mom Brings Me the Neatest Gifts

20130415-082659.jpgMom and dad went shopping over the weekend and found my future girlfriend in a ‘toy’.  Of course, mom being the total sentimental thing she is had to buy it for me.  It is totally pigawesome!

You put these small little candies called Pez inside of Ms. Piggy’s slender ‘neck’.  When I go up and snout her snout (insert music) for a kiss, her head goes back and a Pez candy pops out. Now that’s a kiss that keeps on giving if you know what I mean – snort.  I learned real quick to give a kiss and get candy.  Smart huh?

Mom let me do it a couple of times and then told me Ms. Piggy had to take a rest.  But you know what I don’t get?  I kept trying to kiss mom but her head wouldn’t go back and give out candy.  What’s up with that mom?  Snort

XOXO – Bacon


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My New Feed Dish



I’m not really sure what mom means by this, but she got me this as my new feed dish.  She said something about the character’s name in the bowl being called Animal and well I’m an animal – which I don’t get.  Cause, we all know I’m not an animal.  I’m a human. But, I do like the dish.  It’s a bowl with sides which helps me when I’m eating so that the food can’t escape.  And, it’s bigger than my other bowl and we know what that means… it holds more food – snort.





I saw another picture today when I was surfing the net.  I showed this daddy because I think it would absolutely be cute for him to fix for mom’s lunch one day.  That way she can think of me when she eats it.  It’s kind of creative, you have to admit that.  And, it’s kind of cute – like me!





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Snicker – Perfect Kermit

Well it’s been a little over a month since I wrote my fan letter to Miss Piggy. I’m not giving up. I know in my heart that one day I will get something from that lovely Goddess.

While surfing the next last night, I found the perfect picture of Kermit. I thought it was really funny. I think mom can create the same thing in the kitchen. What do you think?


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