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Paw Time with Houdini

Barks!  Hey my friends.  Hope your week is going awesome.  Last weekend, I spent some time at the Spa.  Someone here at the Hotel Thompson told me how much fun it was to go in our magic backyard and roll in mud – I’m not mentioning names but we all know who oinks and snorts in these parts.  Well, I did.  And guess what.  That mud sticks to your fur in places it doesn’t need to stick if you know what I mean.  I didn’t find it fun at all.  Mom let me out just for “a few minutes” she said and then came back to a mud caked Yorkshire Terror – her words not mine.  She was taking me in that day anyway to the Spa.  I just wanted to make sure they earned their money when they gave me my oatmeal bath.  See, I was helping mom out, right?

I came back home later in the day and mom had bought me a new toy.  OMD!  That toy is the bomb.  It’s my favorite this week for sure… well at least today.  You roll it, squeak it and it lights up.  OMD – I played with it until I wore myself out.  I had mom take a video to share it with you my friends.  I hope you enjoy it and Jokes with Dad.  Have a great weekend and remember to roll in some mud ❤


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Dear Bacon

  Dear Bacon –  Get three of us they said.  We would all get along they said.  Brothers have a great bond together they said.  Yeah right.  Let me assure you though, the middle kid always gets picked on to the end of the days.  The first born is special and the last born is always the baby.  The middle kid – well they get it from both ends.  I should know.  That’s me in the tank.  Any suggestions?  Signed Stuck in the Middle

Dear Stuck in the Middle – WOW – that is a predicament to be in my friend.  Sometimes being stuck in the middle can be hard.  But you know what?  You gotta stand up for yourself, be strong and take charge.  Your brothers want to be stuffing you in the pot – well you might just need to stuff something in their beds – winks.  Or you can always leave a little puddle in the kitchen and accidentally blame them of course.  I’m just saying.  Stay safe okay.

Dear Bacon – My humans are the bomb.  They brought this box home for me and I was so excited.  That is until they started laughing and then took this picture of me.  I don’t get it.  Signed Grumps

Dear Grumps – Gulps.  Okay – trying to keep a straight face here.  It’s kind of hard to figure out why your humans would be laughing.  Really.  You are so beautiful and happy in your new found kingdom.  Shakes head – I just can’t imagine.  You just have fun in that little box and let your humans have their moment.

Dear Bacon –  My dad said walk and of course I was already at the door ready to go.  That’s when he did something to my back captains quarters.  I didn’t get it but I tell you something.  We met some of the happiest humans on our walk today.  Everyone was so nice and kept coming over to talk to us and pet me.  It was almost like I was a movie star or something.  So great.  Signed Happy

Dear Happy – I think it had to be your outgoing personality, how handsome you are and how you smile at everything that passes you by.  Yep, that has to be it.  Keep passing the happy along my friend!

Dear Bacon –  Oh dear doggy heavens my friend.  My human mom was in the bathroom doing her ‘nightly’ rituals.  I’m usually asleep when she does this but tonight I had stayed up.  OMD!  When she came out of the bathroom, I didn’t even recognize the alien that she had become.  She had green stuff all over her face, her hair was in some kind of sling and she was talking like a mummy.  Has your mom done anything like this before?  It was kind of scary.  I think I might have passed out.  Signed Passed Out

Dear Passed Out – Oh friend, the humans they call this beautifying.  I don’t get it either.  I mean, you wouldn’t see us putting that stuff on our faces.  Although one time, mom did talk dad into trying what she called a mud pack.  Shaking my piggy head – that did kind of look fun.  She told me it was similar to me playing in the mud in my backyard.  I was hoping dad would roll in the mud with me later but he didn’t.  Weird huh?


Dear Bacon – Sometimes when one has to wear the cone of shame, you just need a happy friend to help make the days go by faster.  I was feeling kind of down.  You can only imagine – you know people in the hood making fun of me, not being able to drink my water with this contraption on and just not being able to lick myself while wearing this cone.  That’s when my buddy Clampet came and napped with me.  Just for a few moments, life was normal again.  Signed Jedd

Dear Jedd – Hopefully your cone will only be temporary my friend.  And hey, don’t you care what others say about your cone of shame.  All of us have to wear it at least once in our lifetime.  You and your friend just continue bonding together and happy mending.

REMEMBER friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to send me your pictures and letters via my email.


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Facts About Moi

It’s been a while since I’ve posted this but I think I should again.  Mom and dad get a lot of questions about moi – a pig that lives in the Hotel Thompson.  People think that we are dirty/messy and can’t believe it when I say I live inside full time and prefer my comforts such as air conditioning, heat and of course my sweet television.

Here are some questions that we get asked a lot.  I thought we would answer some of them for you.  Hope you enjoy these my friends 🙂


(1) Do I smell? No. Did you know that pigs are actually clean animals. We are very careful that we do not mess where we sleep or eat. I have an entire room and my sleeping quarters are on the opposite side of my wizzy pad. Mom and dad keep up with cleaning my room on a regular basis and of course I help. So no, I nor my room smell.

(2) Do we sweat? Did you know that pigs don’t sweat? We are actually unable to do so. That’s why you see pigs on the outside waddling in mud or water to keep cool. I, myself, have air conditioning and heat inside. Mom and dad makes sure that the temperatures are good for me. Not too cold and not too warm. If I get cold, I will snuggle under blankets and hide.

(3) Do pigs dream? Of course we do. We dream much as humans do. Sometimes when I’m on the couch with mom, she touches and holds me. She can feel me jumping and dreaming. She says it cute.

(4) What do we ‘do’? Well, I’m much like any other animal. I love to sleep, I enjoy watching television and listening to music. I play chase with the purr things and mom. I chase balls and I love getting piggy massages. I like to be held and touched. I really love to sit on the couch with mom watching television after dinner. This is one of my favorite things in the world. Normal things that your dog probably likes to do.  I do spend a lot of time in my bedroom on my toddler bed doing my thing – writing my blogs, researching my postings and taking care of my pet rocks.

(5) How do my parents know when its time to eat? This is a great and important question. We love to have a schedule. My internal clock is better than most clocks in the world. I know when it’s time to get up, eat or go to bed. Did you know that pigs have more than 20 vocalizations used in different situations? My mom and dad have learned some of mine. Just like when a baby cries and the mother ‘knows’ the cry, mom and dad know what my different sounds are for. Mom especially knows the “I’m hungry” call. LOL And you know, we don’t ‘pig out’ or eat like pigs as the old saying goes. We would rather enjoy our food. And no I don’t eat ‘slop’. I know there are some farm piggies that do but that’s a different breed. I eat lots of piggy chow, vegetables and fruits. I have to maintain my cute little figure!  And there is a standing FIRM rule here at the Hotel Thompson.  “No eating in front of the pig unless you plan on sharing with the pig.”

(6) Do you really know your name and are you that smart? Did you know that pigs learn their names within 3 days? When mom adopted me, she held me a lot, talked to me in her voice and said my name. This way, I knew who my mommy was. She also showed me where my wizzy pad was in my room and within 2 days, I was using it all of the time. I learned very quickly where the food came from in the kitchen. I even know where my piggy chow is kept. We are very smart creatures and have a great sense of direction!

(7) Are we hard to get along with? Well, this depends on a lot of factors. I’m an attention hog and yeah I can be a little pig headed at times when I don’t get my ways. I do have a tendency to test my boundaries but mom and dad (especially mom) sets me straight real quick. You know, just like regular kids do. I have my good days and bad days.

(8) Do I know any tricks? We are a very smart breed. I’m house trained. I know what it means to go to my feeding mat. I know what it means to go to bed. I know what it means to lay down or get snuggly. I know what it means to go potty. And I know what it means when mom tells me not to eat the purr things – LOL – just seeing if you were paying attention.

(9) Why is my tail straight? Did you know that regular pigs, you know the ones that stay outside on the farm, have curly tails. A true pot bellied pig has a straight tail that attaches high on the rump. That’s me. That’s how you can tail if its a cross breed pig or a miniature pot bellied pig.

(10) What’s our vision like? I like this question. Just like dad, I have very poor vision. You can’t look at me straight on and expect me to see you. My eyes are kind of on the side of my head and I can’t see things straight away. You will find me looking at you from the side. But although my vision may be poor, my smell and hearing are exceptional!

And the most important question of all – Do I get along with the other anipals here at the Hotel Thompson?  Yes.  We all know our pecking order here – Hemi, Me, Houdini and then Mouse Girl – snorts.  Hemi let’s *everyone* know that he is the top cat and the alpha male.  We all play together and when we are all out together, mom keeps full attention on us – that means no electronics like iPads or iPhones or cameras.  It only takes one time not paying attention for an accident to happen.  Although we all grew up together, a careful eye is key and mom is a firm believer in this.  And although me and Hemi sometimes squabble with each other and him slapping my captains quarters with his big paw, if i’m feeling icky he is the first there to check on me… right behind mommy of course.

I hope some of these answered your questions about me. If you have anymore, you can always ask or send me an email at

Hogs and Kisses, Bacon


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Snorts – Mud in Your Eye


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SOS: Save the Soils

 You know this is something I really never gave a second thought to really until I got an email from my good friend Lori with What the Ducks. She sent me an email asking me to be part of the fight for SOS:  Save the Soils.  I went to her page and actually watched the video by PBS.  You can see the video here.  Let me tell you something friends, if you get a chance in your day please check this video out.  It’s 30 minutes of education showing how important it is to take care of this land so it will be here and work for us in a way it needs to.

I’m not an “outside” piggy so I didn’t know a lot about outside living.  But you know what is interesting?  Mommy told me some stories about grandpa (mom’s daddy).  He was from the south and mom said that the entire time when she was growing up, they had a garden.  And do you know what?  He was using compost way back then giving to the earth year after year.  He told mom that compost was the better way for a garden because it gives to the food that you plant.  He probably didn’t know it then but he was making this world a better place for all of us.  You put in what you get out.

And you know what else mommy said?  If grandpa was still alive today, he wouldn’t want me just in any ordinary mud hole full of chemicals and yuck.  I shiver just thinking about that.  If grandpa was alive and I was an outside piggy, he would give me the cleanest, purest mud that even mommy could use.  Now wouldn’t that be something special?

So my friends, today please take time and join with me on this very important SOS:  Save the Soils.  Not just for today – but every day.  Let’s make this a better place to live and breathe.


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Important Message About This Weekend

Have a great and awesome weekend my friends.  Mommy is taking today off for another LONG weekend.  I’m happier well… than a pig in mud!  Have a splash of a greet weekend!  See you on the upside.


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Have a Great Weekend!


 The weekend is finally here – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and thankfully it’s *not* a train!  Remember to roll in some mud, laugh and have a great time.  I think I might venture outside again…. maybe.  I don’t want to push it or anything – snorts.  I’m still a fragile little oinker.

This weekend is grocery store shopping weekend.  I’m hoping that mom finds me some new treats.  Other than that, I think the weekend has plenty of snuggle/loving time set for me.  Do you have any great plans?


We are working on a new gig for Bashful at the Hotel Thompson.  I think we are going to be in the final planning stages this weekend.  It should be a hoot and so much fun all around.  In fact, in some ways I’m a little green with envy.  I personally would like to do it but mom says no.  I’ll keep you posted on his big surprise coming up.

Have a great weekend my friends.  Have fun and be safe!



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