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Mom Brings Me the Neatest Gifts

20130415-082659.jpgMom and dad went shopping over the weekend and found my future girlfriend in a ‘toy’.  Of course, mom being the total sentimental thing she is had to buy it for me.  It is totally pigawesome!

You put these small little candies called Pez inside of Ms. Piggy’s slender ‘neck’.  When I go up and snout her snout (insert music) for a kiss, her head goes back and a Pez candy pops out. Now that’s a kiss that keeps on giving if you know what I mean – snort.  I learned real quick to give a kiss and get candy.  Smart huh?

Mom let me do it a couple of times and then told me Ms. Piggy had to take a rest.  But you know what I don’t get?  I kept trying to kiss mom but her head wouldn’t go back and give out candy.  What’s up with that mom?  Snort

XOXO – Bacon


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