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Hijacked by Hemi


Greetings everyone.  This is Hemi, the master cat at the Hotel Thompson.  Bacon was telling me that he posted about nature and outside creatures on his blog this past weekend.  You can see the post I’m referring to here


He’s so funny about nature.  He hates it when grass touches his hooves.  Can you believe that?  A pig that dislikes nature.  I’m not opposed to the great outdoors.  I’ve snuck out a couple of times.  It’s a big world out there and I didn’t go far.  Why should I?  I have all the comforts I need inside at the Hotel Thompson.

The little pig totally freaked out when the neighbor saw a snake in the back yard last week.  The little wussy.  He would have had a heart attack on the spot several years ago with my snake story.  He wanted me to share and this will be his first time reading it too.  So, I’m sure the little oinker will be trembling in his hooves after this – meow.

Several years ago back in 2004 when mommy first moved into the Hotel Thompson, she had window units for air conditioning.  It was early fall and at that time my brother Tybee was with us (bless his little kitty soul).  We were playing throughout the house and running through the halls and rooms.  You know, being cats.  Well we went into mom/dad’s room and something caught our attention in the window where the window unit was.  We went to investigate and about that time dad thought he was going to come in and take a nap.  He saw the way we were intently looking out the window and hissing.  He has poor vision and can’t see but he knew something was up so he called for mommy.  That’s where the fun started.

Mom came in the room, pulled back the curtain and screamed.  And let me add that it wasn’t a ‘girl’ scream.  It was more like a Sasquatch yell.  It echoed in the Hotel Thompson.  She totally freaked out.  I don’t know what she was going to do but she went out front where the snake was.  That’s my mom – a creature of do something now and ask questions later kind of gal.

So, she’s in her pajamas totally freaking out in the front yard.  She doesn’t really know anyone yet because she just moved in to the neighborhood.  So what does she do?  She runs next door to the neighbors house and bangs on the door.  Mr. Rogers adult son answers the door in shorts and you can tell she just woke him up.  What are the first words out of mom’s mouth?  “I need you.  I need you right now.”  OMK (oh my kitty).  That had to be priceless.  What a way to meet the neighbors!

So, he regains his composure and asks what’s up.  Smart move on his part.  Mom tells him there’s a snake on the window unit at her house.  He asks how big – typical question, right?  She said not big.  He dons his shoes and comes over to be her knight and shining armor. 

He sees the snake and about runs for the hills himself.  He turns to mom and says, “I thought you said it was small!”  Her reply, “Well, it is.  I’ve seen bigger on National Geographic.”  Oh my mom.  She does bring comedy to every situation does she not?  Well needless to say, the snake was relocated far, far away. 

Now, this is NOT the picture of said snake.  Mom is good with the camera but not when it doesn’t have legs and fur.  But, this is an example of what she saw.  You would have run for the hills too, right?



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No to Nature

It’s no secret – I don’t do nature.  It’s as simple as that.  There are things out there on the other side of the door that I don’t want touching me.  I’m a spoiled pig in that aspect.  I can admit that.  I’ve never been except in crossing from the mini pig mobile to the house when going on a field trip.  I’ve never spent the night ‘outside’.  I don’t even like the way the grass feels on my hooves. 

Do you understand – I don’t do nature.  I’m house trained – why do I really need to go out ‘there’?  And let alone, the luxuries of my bedroom are not in nature – you know like my bed, my television and the magical food box in the kitchen.

 And just to make another point about nature.  Did you know that there are slithery things out there?  I know – I was shocked too!  I thought my back yard held things like the pollen bunny, mysterious unicorns and beautiful butterflies.  I learned this weekend that there is creepy crawly things in that back yard that are not so nice.

We have a wonderful neighbor – he acts like Mr. Rogers 🙂 – who cuts our yard for us.  He is so sweet and nice to do this and we really, REALLY appreciate that.  He let us know that he found a….a…. are you ready for this… a SNAKE in the back yard.  Oh gracious shivers to mergatroid piggy faint.  What happened to the butterflies and unicorns in the back yard?  I’m not sure which one of us hit the floor first – me or mom.  She just doesn’t do snakes.  In fact, I heard her tell Big Daddy next door that unless it has four legs and fur, it doesn’t need to be in the back yard.  I kind of feel the same way.

See, if I was out in nature in the back yard, I would have come snout to wiggly tongue to that thing.  OOOHHH yucky.  Just another thing to add to my list of why I don’t go outside in nature. 

XOXO – still quivering with fear Bacon




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