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By Popular Demand –

IMG_0094.JPGBy popular demand, we have snagged pictures of daddy holding Monkey Man.  You know Monkey Man that was posted last week trying to escape in Albert – mom’s Smart car.

Let me set the scenario up for you my friends.  Mom/dad went grocery shopping in Albert.  Of course after they put all of the groceries in the back ‘hatch’ of Albert, there was no room for Monkey Man.  Monkey Man *always* travels with mom everywhere.

Since there was no room in the back ‘hatch’ area, daddy had to hold Monkey Man in his lap all the way home from the market.  Now, here you go.  You’re driving down the street in your car.  You get stopped at a red light.  You happened to gaze over at this Smart car because it’s so small.  While you are laughing hysterically, something catches your attention to the front passenger side.  That’s when you see it.


This man is holding a giant sock monkey that is looking out the window.  Now, what do you do?  Do you point?  Do you laugh?  Do you bring out your camera phone to snap a picture?  Do you call the authorities because Monkey Man is not strapped in to his safety belt?  You know I’m waiting until a police officer pulls us over thinking it’s a small child – It will be hilarious!  Snorts.


The possibilities are endless my friends.  What would you do?  I took two pictures for your review.  One from the passenger side window and another straight from the front of Albert.


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Monkey Man Has Done it Now

20140727-032323-12203570.jpgMonkey Man has done it now – he has climbed into the front seat of Albert and tried to make an escape – snorts.  Personally, I think (1) he needs to buckle up – safety first Monkey Man and (2) his feet although long don’t touch the pedals.

How would you feel if you were in a shopping center or parking lot and walked beside a small car like Albert and saw Monkey Man in the drivers seat?

Actually, he was left in the front seat by mom/dad.  He usually sits in the back area with me when I’m in Albert.  But mom/dad went grocery shopping and had a lot of bags in the back cargo area.  Therefore, daddy had to hold Monkey Man all the way home in his lap.

Then again, maybe that is funnier than just seeing him in the front drivers seat.  Him sitting on dad’s lap in the Smart car – snorts!


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Mom’s Newest Sock Monkey



Holy mergatroid!  Nana bought mommy the biggest sock monkey *I* have ever seen.  It’s bigger than me.  Heck, I think that sock monkey could ride this little oinker’s back.  Uh-oh.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.  The next thing you know, mommy would be buying me a saddle to ride.  Scratch all of that.

So nana bought the sock monkey to ride shotgun in mom’s Smart car.  He is in the passenger seat of her car.  Shame on him for not buckling his seatbelt – snorts.

And if it’s bad enough, she named him.  You won’t believe this – Monkey Man.  Rolls piggy eyes.  Really mom?  Monkey Man?



Mommy even introduced Monkey Man to our neighbor Big Daddy.  Can you see the size of Monkey Man – he’s huge!?  I wonder what they fed him in the store?  

But Monkey Man had a long talk with Big Daddy about being a good boy and not getting into trouble with the other sock monkeys in the back of mom’s Smart car.  You know that talk about setting an example.  It should be interesting.

I don’t know about you, but that sock monkey just looks like Trouble with a capital T.  I have a funny feeling that ya’ll will be hearing about him soon.  I just have a butterfly in my pot belly.   You think the same?

I just hope Monkey Man doesn’t turn into Chucky – squeal!


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