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Important Conversations from Mom and Dad

I have to admit that sometimes conversations overheard between mom and dad are so hilarious.  The basis of them are out of this world!  You gotta know where I get my sense of humor or lack of humor from – those two humans of mine. This morning the conversation revolved around coffee.  So I guess you can say they had coffee talk – snorts.

After I tell you about the conversation, I know you are going to go really?  Does it really matter?  But I kid you not, the conversation this morning was riveting.  That’s right.  Riveting between those two.  It went like this.

Mom came into the kitchen bright eyed and bushy tail so full of life – NOT.  Snorts – my mommy is NOT a morning person.  She went straight for her special coffee cup and went to the fridge.  She put her creamer in the cup – for those following along it was International Delight White Chocolate Mocha – and two Splenda packs.  Then she went to the coffee maker and poured coffee into said cup, sat down at the table and started tasting… trying to become human that early in the morning.

During the time, dad was at the table reading the newspaper and watching mom.  Now dad on the other hoof IS a morning person.  Hey – opposites attract huh?  Now even us anipals in the Hotel Thompson know not to bother mommy until she’s had at least one cup of coffee.  Daddy on the other hand through years of training still does not.

He started the conversation not with good morning honey, how did you sleep or I love you.  He started the morning by saying, “You fix coffee the wrong way.”  WOW – Is there a wrong way?  It’s not rocket science, is it?  Mom’s one eyebrow over her left eye went up.  Shivers – that’s dangerous.  That’s the sign that something wicked is fixing to project from her.  It can’t be good.

Mom softly said (mom talking softly is another sign of danger might I add), “Really?”  Oh WOW dad.  You’re also getting one word answers from mom.  Danger Will Robinson – DANGER – do you NOT see the signs here?  But no, daddy went right on.  “Yeah, you’re suppose to put coffee in first and then your condiments.  You do it backwards.”

That raised eyebrow came up again while mom took a sip of her coffee.  “WOW – what are you the coffee police?”  Thud snorts.  Go mommy.

“No.  You just do it backwards.  You put coffee in first and then cream and sugar.  It makes sense that way.”  Daddy continued on talking about the right way for about five minutes.  Mom tuned him out while she petted me and sipped her ‘wrong’ coffee.

Then when dad went for a breath, she stopped him and said, “So does it taste different your way?”

“No.  It doesn’t taste different, but…”

“Then does it really matter?  I mean, the last time I checked I don’t tell you how to climb into bed the right way.  Or how to put your pants on the right way.  For that matter, I don’t tell you when to breathe the right way.  So, does it really matter how I fix my coffee?  Cause if it does, I can start telling you how you do things wrong.  Of course, we might be here for a couple of days.”

“Nope, we’re good.  Can I get you another cup of coffee while you get ready for work dear?  And did I tell you I love you?”  and with that he bent over and kissed mommy good morning.

 So I guess today’s topic should be, how do you fix your coffee?


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I Received a Package!

I love Christmas!!  Last week was really hectic here at the Hotel Thompson.  Mom and dad had parties to attend, people to visit and lists to make.  One night, mom came home to a package on the door step.  I just *knew* it was for me – snorts.

Mom brought it in and I helped to open it up.  OMP (oh my pig!)  This was totally unexpected.  I got a package from my brother from another mother – Easy at  Talk about excitement and tail wagging.  I almost took flight right there in the Hotel.  ♥

 Play toys – which might I add the purr things went crazy for.  Which I was kind of glad because it kept them away from me for just a tad bit so I could look at my SUPER HERO shirt – thud!  Finally, I can be a SUPER HERO – Spider Pig.  And mom, she’s such a softy.  In the upper right hand of the picture, there is a book on piggies.  There are some of the cutest little darlings in that book.  Mom boo-hooed like a little girl oohh and aaww over the piggies.  It is a great and wonderful coffee table book.  In fact, mommy took it to work to put on her office table.

This time of the year has been made so special to me.  Thanks my brother for thinking of me and the others here at the Hotel Thompson.  And as your card stated, I really wish we could have Christmas together.  Perhaps one year 🙂



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HA!  I see a commercial all of the time similar to this when I’m watching television with mommy.  I found this last night and thought it was hilarious!  Don’t you know this happens?  I’m sure it does.  Of course, I didn’t go on the site.  I’m too young for stuff like that.  Can you imagine more than one of me running around the Hotel Thompson?  Mom and dad would have a stroke!  LOL



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Have To Stay in Shape

I have to stay in shape for mom and dad.  My mission, which I chose to accept, was to keep my parents on their toes.  I think I do a pretty good job at it.

There’s always the ‘steal and run’ method I do with dad.  During the day, we watch television together.  Sometimes he falls asleep.  When he does, I take off with the remote. Snort – I usually will hide it in my room near my bed or in my bed.  You ask me why?  Why not?  Snort – snort.  I like to keep dad on his toes.  And, well I like to be in charge of the remote too.  When he wakes up and can’t find it, he automatically calls my name.  I just laugh and laugh.  Especially when he goes on the hunt mission to try and find it.

Then I like to play the now you see me now you don’t game at night.  Mom tries to keep me on a schedule with my bed time.  Sometimes she does a fabulous job.  But then there are the other times when I like to give her a run for her money.  My internal clock knows when it is bed time.  And well you know, I can’t put myself to bed.  I have to have mom and dad go with me to tuck me in my blankets.  There are days though when I just don’t wanna.  We’ve all been there have we not?  I duck.  I swerve.  I hide.  I’m stubborn.  Some people call me pig headed.  Like last night for instance.  Mom took me to bed.  I just kept roaming around the room checking out all of the tiles on the floor and the paint on the walls.  Mom kept telling me to do my business and get in bed.  I heard her.  I just chose to ignore her.  I finally got in bed but by that time mom was not in a read me a book mood anymore.  Darn it.  And, I didn’t get to watch any television as I fell off to sleep.  So there is a price to pay for being bad.  Darn my sense of humor.  LOL


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