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31 Days of Spook – Story Submission

Hey my sweet friends.  Today, we have another guest story submission.  This one is from my friend Molly.  Do you know her?  If you don’t, you are so missing out on a very sweet and entertaining pup.  Please make it a point to visit my friend Molly – tell her that Bacon sent you.  Here’s her story submission – I hope you enjoy.  Try not to get too scared my friends 🙂


As it is ‘Shocktober, we thought today we’d bring you a story from bizarre spooky London. So heading off to Pond Square, Highgate we will recount the story of the ghostly chicken.

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was a politician, a writer and a philosopher who also dabbled in some well, unusual scientific experiments when he wasn’t hamming it up. He was a pioneer in the theory that refrigeration might be used as a means of preserving meat. On a bitterly cold January morning in 1626, Bacon decided to put his theory to the test by purchasing a chicken, having it slaughtered and plucked. He then proceeded to stuff its carcass with snow. Opps looks like this chicken just got a licking. Such a fowl way to die!  Ironically Sir Francis Bacon caught a severe chill as a result of his experiment and was taken to nearby Arundel House (a poultry excuse for a hospital) where he was placed in a damp bed and he died shortly afterwards from suffocation.

Ever since then, there have been frequent reports of a phantom bird, resembling a plucked chicken, that appears from nowhere and races round the square in frantic circles, flapping its wings and noiselessly clucking away. What is a haunted chicken called? A poultry-geist! Terence Long was crossing Pond Square late at night in 1943 when he heard the sound of horses hooves and the low rumble of carriage wheels. Suddenly, a loud raucous shriek, split the silence, and the ghostly chicken appeared before him. It then proceeded to run frantically around and then vanished into thin air. In the 1960’s a motorist whose car had broken down encountered the same apparition. Fearful that the bird may be harmed and in need of help he approached it, only to have it disappear when he turned away. A courting couple in the 1970’s, had their ‘peck’ on the cheek interrupted by the chicken who suddenly dropped from above landing next to them. In recent years, however, sighting of the featherless phantom have been few and far between and it might just be possible that its restless spirit has finally ’gone to the light, and accepted it’s part in the scientific breakthrough for which it gave its life. Cluck , cluck where did I pluck this from, is it a load of cock & bull I hear you say? Finger lickin good!


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Get Better Ernie, Hero and Molly


This is my friend Ernie. He is trying to get better from surgery that he had. He went outside into nature (shivers) and chased a squirrel that taunted him.

There was some mud involved and poor Ernie pulled something hurting his ACL.

Ernie ended up having some major surgery and will even have to go through doggy therapy for rehabilitation. His mom and dad are really taking good care of him and trying to nurse him back to his old self. He’s still having a really rough time at the Hotel Rountree though because dogs will be dogs and stitches will be stitches.

Ernie, I hope you start feeling better my fellow four legged friend.  I have a couple of thoughts for you though before I go.  Just thoughts from my little piggy perspective – take them in stride with a smile on my snout face.

(1) Quit chasing the women – make them come to you, you handsome fellow!

(2) Quit chasing those squirrels – they’re nuts!

(3) You’re in the Cone Head Club for a reason little fellow. Take it easy and let mom and dad take care of you.

(4) I know stitches itch, just ignore that. Go to your happy place and think of catching that squirrel. Just don’t pull on those things that trying to fix you up.



This is another one of my friends called Hero who went to the vet and also became a member of the Cone Head Club. Poor fellow. They gotta have something a little bit better than that wrapped around your head my friend. I know if something itches, it’s doggy nature to want to scratch but you can’t. As my friend Ernie, you have to find a happy spot too.  Imagine yourself laying next to the pool sunning yourself.  Imagine yourself chasing balls.  Imagine yourself hanging out in the Hotel Parker.  Anything but scratching that itch.

You can do this my friend!


Hero’s sister Molly also had a doctors appointment.  Bless her little heart.  She’s 12 now and I understand that’s pretty old in doggy years.  Sweets, hang in there.  Mommy has really bad arthritis too and I feel you.  There’s some days she can’t get up and moving either.  I hope they find something for you that makes it so much better soon.

Hogs and Kisses my sweet friends in need.  I hope you all get better so soon.  I really need to speak to you on the webcam maybe about doing a special issue of my Dear Bacon column.  If you’re up for the challenge, let me know.  Love yous!

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