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You Like My Mohawk?


I’m sporting a little Mohawk this morning.  Mommy calls it bedhead.  I’m just slow moving this morning.  My get up and go went without warning.  I’m tired.  Heck, I didn’t even get mom up for breakfast.  She had to get me up.  Now, I’m going back to bed.

Can ya’ll do me a favor?  If you find my get up and go, will you return it to me?  I’m off to snuggle down deep in my Egyptian cotton sheet.  Wake me if the Hotel Thompson is on fire.  Snorts.


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Morning from the original baconator!

Don’t I look pretty? Mom gave me a bath last night. She’s getting better with that. She at least put Cheerios in my water this time to keep me busy. Cheerios float. Last time she used my piggy chow. Guess what – that doesn’t float. They melt. We both learned a very valuable lesson from that bath snort.

Can you see the makings of my little Mohawk happening here in this picture? I call it my piggy bed head. It’s really bad in the mornings until mom smooves it down.

I have to admit that I’ve gotten pretty rotten and lazy lately. At least that’s what dad keeps telling me. Like in this picture. I walk up to mommy on the sofa and all I have to do is put my front hooves on the couch. Do you know that she will actually lift my heavy butt on the couch now? Isn’t she the best? Dad says she is spoiling me. Do you really think that is possible?

Also from my picture you can see how big I am. A lot of people still say I’m huge but really I’m not. Think about it. A normal size pig can weigh 200 pounds and more. I’m a minitaure pot bellied pig. I only weigh around 35-40 pounds. I’m kind of short and stout like a teapot but I’m the size of a medium dog. I guess I kind of act like a dog as well in some ways. I sleep a lot. I eat a lot. I love a lot. I even play fetch and run around. Heck, I even bark. But, come closer cause I don’t want this part out – sshh – I’ve even been known to chase my tail a bit. Don’t tell anyone okay. The biggest difference is that I have hooves and I snort!

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Piggy Mohawk


Mom told me this morning that I had bed head and it looked like I had a little piggy Mohawk going on.  I don’t see it – do you?

Can you tell from this picture how long my hair has gotten though?  Mom has never cut it.  She brushes it out for me which feels awesome!  I’m told that it is long in pig standards.  Mom’s hair is long so I just favor my mommy. 

My hair doesn’t seem as coarse and brittle as it used to since it has grown out.  It’s kind of soft, especially after my baths when mom washes my hair.  That is so relaxing! 


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