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Mom and Dad’s Valentines Day

Benedict and Rockelle weren’t the only one having a fabulous Valentine’s Day.  I assure you of that.  Valentine’s Day was also the day that mom and dad got engaged.  Yep, engaged after 16 years of dating.  In fact when dad popped the question, why would you expect yes or no.  Nope, not from my mom.  She said, “What’s the rush?”  Silly mommy!



So daddy did good.  He got mommy a new sock monkey for her Smart car Albert.  This one is going to be called Sock of Love.  Cute huh?  He fits right in with the other sock monkeys in Albert.

Daddy is also got mom this “small’ box of chocolates.  Snorts – I like how daddy thinks “small”, don’t you?  I mean take a closer look at the picture with the comparison of mom’s hand and the candy box. 


Oh, and I forgot to post this picture of Rockelle and Bashful this morning.  This is a wipe they got after eating at Hooter’s.  Kind of appropriate huh?  Snorts.



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Happy Valentines Day Part II

No Valentines day could be complete without greetings from the other members of the Hotel Thompson. Share and share alike is key here.

First off – from Journalist Rocky the Squirrel. “Be mine my friends?”


Second off – from the rock clan. Remember they say, “You rock and roll!”


And lastly from the purr things. Tuna kisses my friends – have a purrfectly wonderful day full of love!



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Mom is in Love with Another Miniature!

I know!  I’m as shocked as you are.  She called daddy yesterday while I was on the couch with him.  I could hear every word.  She said she was in love with another miniature, she didn’t know where he had been all of her life and she wanted it to last with him forever!  OMP (oh my pig!)  That conversation just threw me into shock.  Daddy just laughed and said he couldn’t wait to meet the new miniature in her life.  Daddy – you too?  CRY!

I was upset all afternoon.  I had been replaced!  What to do – what to do?  Should I pack my little hobo pack and runaway from the Hotel Thompson?  All of these thoughts kept crossing my mind.

Mom finally came home and it was weird.  She greeted me at the door like she normally does.  All loving and sweet words with a scratch behind my ear.  What was up with this?  I didn’t see my miniature replacement.  I kept inquiring and daddy asked mommy did she bring it home?  Bring what home mom – do tell.

Then she pulled this little package out of her coat pocket and said, “Yes, I did.”  Daddy took the package and ate something out if it saying he loved the new miniatures too.  Someone, anyone, throw me a bone here.  What in the world is going on?!

Then mom leaned over and told me I could have ONE new miniature.  Oh thank the Heavens above – *that* kind of miniature.  Yep, I agree.  I like the new miniature too – winks.




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Pig Operation

Mom has a wicked sense of humor. As she says, “Why be normal? There’s a lot of normal. Be different”. I guess that’s where I get my sense of humor. I aim to be different. Different is good in many ways.

Other peeps play normal games. We play different here at the Hotel Thompson. I’m sure you have heard of the childhood game Operation. You know the guy that you try to use tweezers to get things out of him without touching the edges. Because if you touch the edges, the guys nose turns red and things buzz. You remember the game now?

We have our own Operation game here. Let me introduce you – happy playing. Of course, I stink at playing these games. Believe it or not, my hooves get in the way. Shocker, huh?

Remember it’s just a game. Life shouldn’t be so serious. Oh I said Life. That’s another great game we like here – snorts.



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Houston, we may have a problem. Do you remember reading the other day about daddy prepping the turkey for mommy? Well she came home from the worky place and saw it that night. She did laugh at his shall we say creativity. But, she told him that in return he would have to survive Black Friday.

I know Fridays. I live for them every week. Fridays mean that mommy will be home for the next couple of days. Fridays mean I get to stay up late and watch television with mom and dad. Fridays sometimes even mean popcorn while watching b-rated movies on the Sy-Fy channel.

But, I’ve never heard of this Black Friday. It has to be bad. I say this for a couple of reasons. First, when mommy told daddy he would have to “survive” this day, daddy stopped laughing. Heck, for a minute I thought he was going to cry. He kept saying, “But, but, but”. Mommy didn’t listen to him. Second of all, you know something is bad when mommy laughs like the wicked witch from the east. Ooh shivers just hearing that in my head.


So this Black Friday thing, what can it be? Is it dark as black outside all day and it’s a Friday this Black Friday? Is it a plague or disease? Did someone not pay the light bill? Is it the end of days? Should I start stock piling my piggy chow in my bedroom? I’ll admit that this little piggy was scared.

I did what I do best. I squealed, ran to my bedroom and slammed my door. I then immediately started doing some research on my laptop.

ODP (oh dear piggies). It’s worse than what I thought! Did you know that the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, they call it Black Friday? Here’s the scary part. People get up voluntarily at 0400 hours to camp outside of stores to go shopping!. Thud – piggy down! 0400 hours is like way before even Old McDonald gets up at the farm. It’s before the birds start chirping. It’s before they even make the doughnuts at the Krispy Kreme. Heck, it’s before *I* even stir in my toddler bed. That’s early!

Mommy is going to make daddy go shopping with her on Black Friday at 0400 hours. Two words mom. How uncivilized. I can’t believe mom is going to get up before the break of dawn. But friends, don’t feel too sorry for daddy. I saw him the garage laughing and getting “ready” for Black Friday. He was pulling out his old pads from his football days. I think I even saw him with a hockey stick and a helmet. Oohh mommy – who is punishing who now? Snorts.


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Game For YOU My Friends

My friends – I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was full of food, snuggles and fun.  I worked on something special just for ya’ll.  I hope you take the time to print this picture below and find the words.  I created with you in mind and left you a secret message in the word find.   You can do the word find or have your children help you.  Here’s what you do 🙂

1)  Print the picture below

2) Find the highlighted words below the puzzle in the puzzle.  They can go upwards, backwards, frontwards, sideways, etc.

3) Take a highlighter and individually highlight the letters that you find.

4) After you have found all of the words, start at the upper left hand side and go left to right.  On the bottom of your page, write down the letters that you did not highlight.  If the area is shaded out, that is a period.

5)  What message did you find?  I hope you at least had fun 🙂



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Ways to Pet Your Cat

Okay my purr things, I found this funny and immediately thought about you. I’ve seen some of these actually being done with the purr things here at the Hotel Thompson. Can you think of any that need to be added?



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Snorts – Like this Post

Sometimes I don’t need to write anything at all. I found this the other night and thought it was hilarious – snorts. Enjoy – XOXO – Bacon



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HA – I *Need* This for Mom’s Mini Mobile

I was surfing the net last night – I couldn’t sleep. I came across this and thought it was freaking hilarious! People call mom’s mini mobile a Tonka Toy anyway. I think it would be so funny for dad to fix it up like this picture.

She takes a lot of flack for having a little Smart car but my mom absolutely loves it! She calls it her scooter with doors – snort.

This picture below is what moms Smart car looks like. Nice huh? Snort. I call it the pig mobile.


Do you want to hear something funny about moms car? One time, she went through the drive thru at a local restaurant. There was a car in front of her with an older guy. He kept looking at mom in her itty bitty car and laughing. When she got to the window to pay, the cashier was laughing. She told mom that the nice guy that was in front of her had paid for her breakfast. The cashier told mom the guy said quote “That lady can’t afford to buy a whole car so she probably can’t afford to pay for breakfast”. Mom just laughed.



And, with mom having the only car in this color like this in the area, everyone spots mom around town.  There’s absolutely no way she can do anything in secret – people see her.  People at moms worky place really pick on her about it.  You know the typical things: 

Where do you get tires for that lawn more? Home Depot?

You better tie it down, the wind is picking up.

What does it have – a lawn mower engine?

They call it a Smart car because golf cart was already taken.

You get the gest.  Mom just takes it in stride.  Who’s laughing the hardest when she fills up at the gas station once a month for ONLY $25.00?  HA HA

And then you have the people that think it’s absolutely hilarious to have a car this small.  They pass her waving on the streets, giving her the thumbs up, and talking to her whenever she and dad get out of it.  They think it’s a hoot!

It may be only three cylinders, but once it gets going – it goes!   


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MMMM – Thanks Nana!


Nana came and saw me Saturday.  She even brought me a gift.  I *knew* it was for me.  I was so happy to see her… and my gift.  Four pounds of happiness is in that container.  I love it when nana visits.

I was cute for her too.  I laid down at her feet and she rubbed my belly, back and my ears.  I love it when people rub my ears.  It’s one of those places that people forget about.  She asked mom if this was what I do.  Yep, I’m a pig.  I eat, sleep, use the bathroom and lay around.  It’s what I do. 

When nana left, I used my snout and pushed my animal crackers all over the house, up and down the hall.  I was trying to hide it in my room so I could get into it later on that night but mom caught me.  Darn it – I was that close too.

I bet you didn’t know I liked animal crackers, huh?  There’s not much I don’t like – LOL.  I usually get a few during my snack times throughout the day.  If you didn’t know it by now, you should.  My belly gives me away *every* time.  If you want me to do something, use food.  If you want to train me with something, use food.  Food is the highway to my belly.  I can’t help it.  This is how mommy has trained me to do a lot of things around the house. 

And do you know, I even caught mommy eating one of my animal crackers?!  It’s okay cause I don’t mind sharing with her.  She shares food with me all of the time. 

Do you like animal crackers?  Which animal do you like the most?  I love the ones that are shaped like elephants…. or maybe the giraffe or horse or lion or maybe its the zebra.  Okay – I like them all 🙂

Oh, and can you believe that when mom was younger, nana used to buy her some as well.  Of course, the packaging looked a little bit different.  Do you remember these –



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