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Piglet Says It ALL –


I think Piglet says it the best when he made this comment above, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Mommy is always telling me that I’m her little Piglet, that I have filled her heart with so much love. It’s hard to believe that I’m only 15 months – mom says that it feels like I’ve been in her life forever and that she can’t remember life without me. That’s kind of a nice thought isn’t it?
Have you touched someone’s heart lately? Tell me about it.
XOXO – Bacon


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Rainy Yucky Monday Morning


Mom took this picture of us in bed this morning. Personally, I think we should stay there. Unfortunately mom said that since I’m accustomed to a roof over my head and food on the table at the Hotel Thompson, she has to go to the worky place. See that’s dedication and love for me.

But don’t we look so cute in bed together? She had fed me breakfast and then we went back to bed for a few minutes for some extra shut eye. Mom called it a power nap.

Happy Monday my friends!! Hogs and kisses – Bacon


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Tenderizing the Ham


Mom said something about having to tenderize the ham and then started scratching my hind legs. What does this mean?

She was home today from the worky place. She said she didn’t have to go back until Monday. Yay!! You know what that means? Mommy-piggy time! I’m on the sofa now watching television using moms iPhone. Gosh, this thing does everything!

Mom said that tomorrow is a holiday. Something about a turkey. She said I might get some. Can’t wait. Will report everything tomorrow!

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