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31 Days of Spook – Things that go Bump in the Night

Oh my wickedly spooky friends I do hope you are enjoying my 31 Days of Spook.  Today I have a true story from my mom and dad that took place right here at the Hotel Thompson.  I’m sure it’s enough to frighten you… maybe make you scream just a little.. or maybe like it did my mom – make you make water down your leg – snorts.  You be the judge my friends.  Happy spooky thoughts.

P.S.  I’ll have my hoof out for you if you want to hold it 🙂


 Last weekend, mom and dad said they were extremely tired.  I just thought it was maybe perhaps due to the new baby here, Houdini.  I mean he can be a little handful – so much energy that puppy has!  They went to bed much earlier than normal.  Us anipals understood and let them go their way.  That is until the screaming started.  Shivers – and there was a lot of screaming and noise.  But again as sometimes I get, I get ahead of myself.  Let me start over with my story.

It was around 3AM – the waking spook hour some say.  Mom had walked down the hallway to go to the potty.  You see mom has troubles with sleeping.  With having this problem when she does get up in the middle of the night, she doesn’t turn on the lights and she tries not to open her eyes anymore than she has to.  Heck, she knows the Hotel Thompson so it’s not like she should ‘bump’ into anything… or she thought.

Mom walked down the hallway, half asleep with her eyes closed and no lights on.  She got to the bathroom and reached for the door and it was open.  That was strange to begin with because we keep the bathroom doors here closed for a reason – because a certain snort oink kitty Mouse Girl likes to play with the water faucets.  But at last, mom thought nothing of it and went further into the bathroom.  That’s when it happened.  She touched an arm –


What the cream cheese?!  It woke all of us anipals up from the screaming.  What mom had not realized was that daddy had just got up and went to the bathroom himself.  He also doesn’t turn on lights – well for obvious reasons because of his vision – snorts.  She touched his arm in the dark and he freaked out – mom freaked out – and well let’s just say water made its way down mom’s legs.

So the next time you have to get up in the middle of the night for the midnight stroll down to the facilities, you might want to think about my mom and dad.  Maybe turn on a night light or hall light… I’m just saying 🙂


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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

Welcome back my friends to Bacon’s Tales of Terror on this 13th of the month.

Today, I want to talk about superstitions – that’s great for a 13th posting isn’t it?  Snorts.

Did you know that back in the day, breathing ‘in’ was interpreted as breathing in life while sneezing was interpreted as a swift exit of your essence or soul.  If your soul left your body through a sneeze then you would die without your soul.  This was the basis for further superstitions about sneezing throughout the centuries.

Do you tell people that sneeze, “God Bless You?”  This is actually a practice that is practiced all over the world and dates back to February 16, 590 AD.  Pope Gregory the Great decreed that prayers must be said to fight against a deadly plague in Italy at that time.  The plague was associated to be fatal by those who sneezed.  Telling someone, “God Bless You”, after they sneezed would protect people from the effects of the plague.

Saying, “God Bless You” can also be linked to around 1665 during the black plague in Europe.  Violent sneezing with the black plague was the sign of the end of the disease and death was certain to follow.  The pope made it a law so those that sneezed would be blessed due to their soon-to-be death.  It was also during this time that cover one’s mouth with their hand or cloth was put into place in order to stop the spread of further diseases.

In 17th century England if someone sneezed, people around them would remove their hats, curtsy or bow and wish them, “God Bless You”.  In the 1800’s in England, this poem came out:

Sneeze on Monday – sneeze for danger.  

Sneeze on Tuesday – kiss a stranger.  

Sneeze on Wednesday – sneeze for a letter.  

Sneeze on Thursday – something better.  

Sneeze on Friday – sneeze for woe.  

Sneeze on Saturday – a journey to go.  

Sneeze on Sunday – your safety seek – for Satan will have you for the rest of the week!

There is good luck also associated with sneezing:  if you sneeze between noon and midnight; if the family cat sneezes; if two people sneeze at the same time; if you sneeze twice in a row; or if you turn your head right when you sneezed.

But there’s also bad luck associated with sneezing:  if you sneeze in the morning while getting dressed; if you turn your head left while sneezing; if you sneeze three times in a row and someone is talking bad about you while sneezing four times is the sign of a cold.


Contributions to the Psychic Library on this information on sneezing superstitious.


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Midnight Munchie Monster

Sometimes in the middle of the night, it hits you. It starts low in your belly and works its way up until it starts talking to you. The Midnight Munchie Monster HITS you just like that. It happens to all of us right out of the blue.

I know it’s hit mom in the middle of the night. I’ve heard her rumbling around in the kitchen digging for something – anything – quick to tame the monster. Then, once it’s tamed, it goes away just like that at a snap of a finger. Such a relief!

Well last night, it happened to me. I thought I was being possessed for a moment. My tummy was making sounds that I’ve never heard of before. It was almost like the scene from Little Shop of Horrors … “Feed me Seymour!

I wondered around the room for a bit tap dancing on my floor pacing back and forth. Then I would go to my door and kind of snort around hoping mom would be awake to come help me. That didn’t work so I started calling for her by making different sounds in my throat.

She finally heard me and came to my rescue. When she opened my bedroom door, I made a beeline to the kitchen area to the big magical box where the humans keep all of the wonderful food. Mom came into the kitchen laughing asking me if the Midnight Munchie Monster got to me. I was like I don’t know what it is called but get rid of it now please look to her. Mom opened the magical food box and got me an apple. She couldn’t slice that thing up fast enough!

She finally gave it to me and it was like heaven! I could finally hear the Midnight Munchie Monster waving good bye and thanks for the food little man. That was a close call! It’s never hit me like that before. And you know what. I don’t want it to hit me again like that! From now on, mom is going to have to make sure I get a bigger bedtime snack to keep the monsters away!

Have you ever been visited by the Midnight Munchie Monster? Please share. Tell me it doesn’t only visit the Hotel Thompson. It has to make other house calls besides ours.

XOXO – Bacon


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The Great Pig Escape – Midnight Adventure

I got my first ouchie tonight.  I guess that’s not bad considering I’ve been ouchie free for the past year of my life.  But darn it – it hurts.  It was my fault.  Let me admit that first.  This is what happened.

Last night, mom put me to bed.  At night, I sleep in this huge crate.  The door of the crate actually ‘use’ to shut on its own.  Shakes piggy head – yeah I might have done that.  Mom and dad use a bungy cord to shut it now.  I have to have it shut at night.  First of all, it’s my safety zone and second of all – do you really want a pig loose in the house while you sleep at night?  Take it first hand from me, it’s not a good idea. 

So last night, mom kisses me goodnight and puts me to bed as usual.  Well, I’m a pig…curious by nature if you will.  I decided to see if I could get out of my crate to go play throughout the house. Insert James Bond music now.  Sounded like an awesome idea to me, right?  So, I kept pushing against my door until I saw a little opening it.  I’ve seen the cats do this so I know it works.  What they didn’t explain to me was that they’re mostly fur and squeeze through small openings.  I on the other hand don’t have so much fur.  I’m all belly.  I held my breath in and squeeze through.  Well, I by pushing through I scraped the top part of my back – ouchie!  But on the other hand, I was FREE! 

The first place I went was the front room.  Of course I brought blankie with me…. you know there’s nothing like seeing a miniature pot bellied pig dragging a king size blankie down the hall and throughout the house.  I jumped on the couches, I pushed all of the pillows off of the couch and I jumped on them repeatedly.  I pulled all of my toys out of the playbox, I played with them and then I moved to the kitchen when I got bored.

The kitchen is a wonderful place.  The piggy gate wasn’t closed because everyone was asleep.  Snicker – good for me.  The kitchen is where all of the food comes from.  I know this because I watch mommy in there making magic.  I waddled over to the big black food box.  With enough pressure from my snout, I was able to open the magical door.  A light went on and it scared me.  I jumped back and the magical door slid open.  WOW – for a moment I actually thought I heard angels singing.  I went over to investigate the glow and stuck my snout in the door.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR – that thing was COLD – shivers.  I started moving things around and everything was as hard as a rock.  This must be what they call the freeze box.  Darn it – wrong part of the refrigerator.  I looked up to see the fridge part above the freezer.  Darn these short legs.  I couldn’t reach that part.

I guess I made some loud noises in my midnight adventure.  A few minutes later, mom came around the corner slowly peaking into the kitchen.  That’s how she found me.  Sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, freezer open with that magical glow licking ice.  So, yeah, I guess it was fun and giggles at that time until she saw my back.  After that, she kind of freaked out and lost it.  She started getting fussy and playing doctor with it.  Geez mom, it’s just a little scrape.  She made me take some godforsaken medicine and put bubble stuff on my back.  Afterwards, she gave me a treat (which is always good), I went potty and she walked me back to bed. 

Yes, we also had a little prayer meeting about the Great Pig Escape and Midnight Adventure.  I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.


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