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My Friend Coccolino

This is my buddy Coccolino (Cocco for short).  He has a mommy named Katie.  You can find their page at

Cocco is a micro mini pig.  He’s a little different than me.  I’m a miniature pot bellied pig.  Micros stay smaller than most of us oinkers.  I on the other hand have a pot belly to maintain and that’s kind of hard work – if you know what I mean – snort – LOL. 

Just imagine if I lived closer to Cocco or vice versa.  It would be a hoot  We could have sleep over parties, hang out in my room with my television and watch Netflix all night!  Oh, and drive mom and dad up one wall and down the other with having two pigs in the house!  That would be hilarious!!

If you get a chance, go on over to and show them some love!  Tell them Bacon sent you.  

Happy Friday – XOXOXO Bacon 


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