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Men Don’t Remember



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Snorticles – Men Twerking

Yep – I said that and you read correctly – Men Twerking. I know my buddy Fozzie is going to laugh when she sees this sign that me and mom saw in our adventures.  Someone added a few letters and now men are twerking – snorticles and rolls around laughing.  I wonder if the guys knew why people were pointing and laughing at them as they drove by?  Maybe that explains why some of their pants were so low you could see sunset crack?  Maybe – just maybe – the guys were the ones that did this to the sign.  No Fozzie – it wasn’t me honestly.  Looks innocently around.  Really I was in the back of Albert, mom’s Smart car.  I wouldn’t do that. Snorts and squeals.



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I Can’t Breathe

Let the Games Begin!

This is one of my mom’s all time favorite commercials.  Here we are getting into the Christmas spirit.  Will it come out this year to play?  Will the bells ring?  Snorts – don’t you just love this?

AND UPDATE – we *thought* this was mom’s favorite commercial until we saw the newest edition.  Oh my pig!  I thought we were going to have to peel mom off of the ceiling.  She was jumping and laughing so hard asking daddy why HE didn’t try out for this years taping.  Oh my friends – help me – snorts



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Happy Veteran’s Day


Happy Veterans Day!

We will never forget what our veterans have done for us.

Today my blog page is dedicated to all of the service men and women who have put their country first before their own family in order to protect our freedom.  

Thank you for serving our country my friends!


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Memorial Day


Memorial Day is Monday, May 26, 2014.  It is a federal holiday in the United States.

On this day, which occurs every year on the last Monday of May, we remember the men and women who have died while serving our country.

Many people on this day will visit cemeteries and memorials placing an American flag at graves to honor our fallen heros. Let’s remember that appreciation is not only one day out of the year – it’s year round.

Thank you to all of those who have died while serving our great country! I think this picture says it all.



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I Can’t Breathe

I have to give three hooves up to K-Mart.  (I would give four hooves but I would tumble over – snorts).  On 11/18/2013, they came out with the *best* commercial that I’ve ever seen in my entire two years.  (Hey, two years is a long time in pig years my friends).

I like this commercial for several reasons.  First, there are Christmas bells.  Who doesn’t like Christmas jingles?  Second, it advertises Joe Boxer and he’s a cool dude.  Dad knows him well – snorts.  Third, this commercial makes my mommy laugh so hard that her entire body shakes.  Yep, SHAKES like Jell-O.  Therefore when something makes my mommy happy, I’m ecstatic my friends.  Am I right my fellow anipals?

Have you seen this commercial?  It has blossomed up some controversy over the internet.  To those people I gotta say lighten up a bit.  With as much drama as we have in the news these days, we need something to make us laugh a bit.  What do you think my friends?  Hooves up or down?




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My Trip to Mom’s Worky Place

I’ve mentioned several times that mom took me to her worky place one time a very long time ago when I was still little.  A lot of you have asked to hear the story so now is a good time to make you laugh.

So I think I was around 15-16 weeks when mom decided I needed to visit the worky place.  Well, actually the people she worked with decided they wanted to see cute little ole me in my prime and talked her into bringing me for a short visit.  Mom’s work was in the middle of relocating so they were temporarily working out of a trailer.  And trust me, that trailer was packed.  Mom took off one Friday and decided to bring me up that day.

She loaded me in the car with dad and off we were to the worky place.  Mom said she worked with a bunch of pigs and I couldn’t wait to see others of my kind.  We got to the trailer and she carried me in and the doors were shut.  Everyone came over and oohh and aaaweed at me.  Funny thing, I kept looking but didn’t see any of my kind at all – it just a bunch of men.  One of them told mom to put me down that they wanted to see me roaming around the office.  She asked them if they had ever seen a piglet fly because I could.  They said it wouldn’t be a problem.  She put me down and I was off from one end of that trailer to the next.  All of those manly guys were laughing and jumping out of my way.  I had them hopping!

Then came the time for us to go back home.  This is where the fun begins.  Mom told them they have to help catch me and it wouldn’t be easy.  Have you ever seen grown men trying to catch a fast little miniature pot bellied pig?  It is really a vision to see.  Mom so should have recorded it on her phone for prosperity. 

The guys were sneaking around trying to corner me and they just couldn’t catch me.  And of course by this time, it was a game to me.  I didn’t want to be caught so they were just going to have to wear me out and I’m a kid so I knew I could outlast them.  I was doing great zipping here and there and escaping every little move they were planning.  But there was one guy that mom works for – I knew he was going to give me a run for *my* money. 

I went over to a corner and was pondering my next move.  This one guy was near me but he was ignoring me which meant to me he didn’t see me – pig logic you know.  That’s why it took me completely off guard when he reached down from no where and picked me up handing me off to mommy.  He did this so fast that I didn’t even know what happened until it happened which meant he startled me.  Do you know what happens when you startle a pig?  Any ideas? 

Now remember mom is holding me and I’m startled – so startled that I wizz all over her.  That’s what happens when you startle a pig.  You can laugh – mom thinks its funny now.  And I mean it was a good wizz too.  The kind that went down her jeans and dripped into her shoes kind.  And she had to drive home all wet like that.  I’ll give it to mom, she didn’t get mad.  She told me that if I guy grabbed her like the one did me, she would have probably wizzed too. 

So there you go, the story of my trip to mom’s worky place.  They have since moved from that trailer and are in a nice office now.  They want me to come up there.  They said there was LOTS of places to run.  I don’t really think mom will go for it.  And you know what?  I have never figured out what mom meant when she said she works with pigs and then comes home to a pig? 



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