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The Last Clue

Okay friends – here we go with the LAST clue of who my parents are meeting and where.  Put on your thinking hats.  The first person to answer correctly on WHO and WHERE will receive a badge that was so kindly created by the friends we are meeting.  And let me tell you something – it’s a beauty! A keeper to be so proudly displayed on your blog for all of the world to see.

Now – there have been clues such as:  banjo music; a different time zone and even possum in a can with gravy – yum huh?

Now, let’s think of WHO we are meeting. Let’s give a few hints as to who they are shall we.  Another couple.  A lot of fellow bloggers know them as well.  Let’s think beavers – gnaw gnaw.  Let’s think we are from the south and they are from the north.  And the biggest clue is from Walt Disney himself, “We are Siamese if you please.”

Now on to WHERE we are meeting.  Here in the south.  Someplace that loves the banjo music.  Someplace that is redneck.  Someplace that is nicknamed the Rocket City. Someplace that has lots of “Space” activity.

There you go my friends.  The clues have been given.  We need you to take the challenge now.  The first correct answer of WHO and WHERE we are meeting wins the badge.  AND the meeting is happening soon.  That’s all we will say – soon.  And of course, there will be pictures galore taken of everything imaginable.  So GO


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Oh Dear


There I was this past weekend, minding my own business, stretched out on mom’s legs and snoozing.  That’s when I heard something that was so astonishing… so unlike my humans… so weird.  I had to open my eyes and really pay attention to see if I was hearing right.  I couldn’t believe it.  I heard right.

OMP (oh my pig!)  My humans were actually talking to someone on the blogs here that *I* know about meeting up next month.  What?  Why am *I* the last one to hear about this?  And wait a minute… you are going to meet where?  A place I have never heard my parents talking about wanting to go.  But now this place has put a sparkle in mom’s eyes and a giddy up in dad’s voice.  I don’t get it.  I even heard mom making a hotel reservation with dad’s credit card.

And do you want to know the catcher?  They are not bringing me?  What is up with that?  We anipals are going to grandma’s that weekend so mom/dad can go meet one of *MY* friends on the blogs here. Oh, and don’t ask me who on the blogs here they are meeting.  Oh no.  I had to piggy promise not to squeal.

I’m so abused here at the Hotel Thompson.  I think I’ll go take another nap to try to get over this.  Stomps off annoyed.  I wonder what I can destroy in my room to show my dislike?


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