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New Maxwell Commercial

You gotta love my pal Maxwell from the Geico commercials. He’s got a new commercial out now that we all saw here at the Hotel Thompson.  It’s a riot.  That Maxwell – he speaks my language… pig latin – snorts.  I tell you one day when I grow up, I want to be as suave as him.  Have you seen this commercial?  What do you think?


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Happy New Years!

It’s finally here – 2014!  Time for a new year.  Time for a clean slate.  Time to let by-gones be by-gones and start out on a fresh start.  We stayed up last night at the Hotel Thompson and watched the ball drop on the television, watched the fireworks from the front porch and popped open some bubbly.  Don’t tell anyone but mom let me have a sip.  Those bubbles tickled my snout – snorts.  And as the clock struck midnight, I saw daddy give mommy a huge kiss on the lips.  It was like something out of the 60’s movies that we like to watch.  He swooped her back, told her he loved her and gave her a huge one.  I drew the line when he wanted to do that to me.  I just let him shake my hoof.

Every where you are in the world, there are ‘special’ traditions that cultures do for New Years.  Here in Georgia, it’s a tradition that for dinner we eat black-eyed peas and turnip greens.  It’s a superstition that these items bring good luck and prosperity for the new year.  Supposedly, the peas represent copper and the greens represent dollars.  The more you eat, the more prosperity you will have.  Other places in the south substitute the turnip greens for cabbage.  Either way – I love them all 🙂

Now for 2014 Resolutions.  This is going to be *THE* year.  I just feel it in my miniature pot belly!

  • I’m determined to help mom/dad on their new way of eating.  Notice I didn’t say the “D” word.  It is a life time change.  Baby steps you know.  I made mom get on the scales this morning.  They laughed at her.  I don’t think that is a good sign.
  • I’m determined to get some fan mail from my personal idols.  Miss Piggy is tops on the list.  I need to let her know that I’m alive and here for her.  Second on the list is my good friend Maxwell.  You know him from the Geico commercials.
  • I’m determined to be more positive, write more and keep my friends in blogville laughing.
  • I’m determined to get more organized.  Yeah, this is a toughie.  I’m not shall we say a organized piggy – I’m all hooves.  But I will try in the new year.
  • I’m determined to be nicer to the purr things here at the Hotel Thompson.  Okay, we all know that Hemi rules the hotel here but I’m talking about Mouse Girl.  I promise not to start something if she doesn’t start something.  That sounds fair, right?

All my friends – I wish you all the happiness and prosperity for your New Year.  May 2014 bring you everything you wish and desire.

Bacon, Hemi, Mouse Girl, Bashful and the Rock Clan, Journalist Rocky the Squirrel, Mom and Dad

From the Hotel Thompson – much love!!

Oh, and I couldn’t get away without giving all of ya’ll a kiss from the piggy!


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Happy Hump Day

One of my favorite past times at the Hotel Thompson is watching commercials.  I just love them!  You can find me in my bedroom watching them on my television all of the time.  What?  Don’t all piggies have a bedroom of their own furnished with cable.. let alone Netflix?  Have mercy on their souls if they don’t.  *I* can’t live without my luxuries at the Hotel Thompson.  Can you imagine ‘me’ without my laptop or iPad.  How would I ever keep in touch with my cyber friends?  But, that’s probably a posting for another day.  Let’s get back to the commercials.

I love them.  I watch them all of the time.  I have my favorites.  Today, my favorite is the one from Geico.  I have to admit Geico has a really good advertising company that produces their commercials.   

They’ve come up from everything from the gecko that talks – to a caveman can do it – to my friend Maxwell now going out on dates!  And we all know why *I* like Maxwell.  Because he’s funny!  But I have to say that yesterday I saw the one that tops almost all of them.  It takes you a few minutes to figure it out but once you do – you will be PRAOTFL (pig rolling all over the floor laughing) as well.  Oinks out to a job well done Geico!  Let me know what ya’ll think – XOXO – Bacon











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Top 6 Famous Pigs – Can You Guess Them?

I’ve done a lot of reserch lately on my kind. I’ve come across what I believe are the top 6 most famous pigs. I wonder if you recognize any of them? Let’s go down memory lane to see if you know at least one 🙂


Everyone remembers this wonderful story from child hood. Saved from the slaughter house – shivers – by Fern, Wilbur grows from the runt of the litter to a prize winning pig.

Sounds kind of familiar with myself since once upon a time, I was a little runt as well. I like to think I’ve done good for myself. This story also has a fabulous looking spider named Charlotte in the novel.

She almost makes you think spiders are cute and adorable, you know.



All Babe wanted to do was be a sheep dog so what did he do? He trained himself to herd sheep. That makes sense, doesn’t it? No one believed in him that he would succeed but he persevered.

He learned the secret language of sheep and his success and being a sheep pig was secured!

This movie is wonderful and very touching – makes you fall so deeply in love with this special oinker!



The piggy of my dreams – swoon! She is a blue eyed bombshell, all sweet and girlish on one side and on the other side ready to karate chop herself to the top.

What is there not to love about this gorgeous pig?!

When will she ever learn that the green Kermit is not for her and she should just come and live with me at the Hotel Thompson? We could make an awesome – wonderful team together!



I’ve been watching this pig for a while now on Green Acres – he is right up there with my friend Maxwell. I love that he lives in Hooterville and does all of the things I like to do – watching TV and changing the channels, taking his lunch box in his mouth to school and painting pictures.

He was a little human pig… just like me! 🙂

Who would have ever thought I was a pig in training from Arnold?!




“Th-th-th-that’s all folks!” This is one of my favorite cartoons to watch on my television in my bedroom at the Hotel Thompson. He has stuttered his way into my heart and home.

I think I have several DVD’s of his cartoons that I like to watch at night when I’m falling off to sleep. He’s great! He can carry his own show and be a side character. I just love this cartoon!

And, are you ready for the number 1 pig as a famous pig?




Did you honestly think I would pick anyone else? Snort chuckles.

I like to think that I’m famous. Maybe not anywhere else but here with my friends that I simple love and adore!

Thanks for going down memory lane with me.

XOXO – Bacon


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Food Network Dream – Snort

Last night, we all stayed up late watching the Food Network.  It’s something we do every once in a while and it was fun.  And yeah, we got hungry – all of that food you know!  Believe it or not but I do want to know how mom prepares my food.  A lot of the times I sit in the kitchen and watch her chop and cut things on the big cutting board.  She seems to know her way around that big knife!  I sit and watch and sometimes she will toss me goodies that she is working on for dinner.  It’s the highlight of my days sometimes.

It was getting kind of late so mom fixed me a quick snack before she put me to bed Sunday night.  You know something to feed the midnight hungie monster in my belly so I could make it until morning.  Mom fixed the best snack of 1/2 of a banana and a few grapes.  I happily went to my room and got ready for bed.  Mom tucked me in and gave me a kiss.  We were both too tired for a story.  In fact, I think I was passed out in twilight land before mom turned my light off. 

I had the strangest dream.  I even woke up laughing.  The dream started off pretty basic.  I was hanging out with my buddy, Maxwell.  We got invited to a party and we were both pretty excited about that.  Cause you know – where’s there is a party – there is FOOD!  So we were getting ready for the party and was driving over in Maxwell’s convertible.  It was somewhere in the Hollywood hills.  We walked into the party and that is when the fun started to happen!

We saw all of our friends from the Food Network.  It was the best party!  And it really seemed like everyone was expecting and looking forward to meeting us.  We were so happy we almost squealed!

We saw the babes of Food Network all beautifully dressed – Alexandra Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrell, Cat Cora, Claire Robinson, Giada De Laurentiis, Rachael Ray and Sunny Anderson. And of course, you know us guys headed to the ladies first.  We showed them a couple of new moves on the dance floor – the pig hustle was a hit!  After all of that dancing, they started to glisten and had to go powder their noses… of course that was a group thing for the ladies.  On their way, they kept looking back at us grinning and laughing.  Yeah, we have the way with the ladies.  I have to admit though, I liked dancing with Anne Burrell the best.  She was massaging my back for some reason and it felt really good.  Shaking head, I’m not sure what that move was called but it was great.

And you know the guys were hatin on me and Maxwell while we had the attention of the ladies.  They were just jealous.  We walked over to speak with them and let them know we were the bigger men.  They’re a funny group of guys these sort.  Mario Batali reached out and pulled me into a huge hug.  And it was a strange hug – very feely everywhere.  It was like he was somehow measuring me for something.  He kept mumbling something about olive oil – weird that Batali.  Michael Symon and Bobby Flay were both having a very lively discussion and came up to us both… again with the hugging.  And just between you and me, I swear Michael Symon licked my ear.  Shivers – these guys are weird!  Maxwell said Flay kept muttering something about spices to him.  We were about done with this group.  Just too touchy for our liking.

Maxwell and I had come up with a code word if we wanted to get out quick and it was said.  We were making our way to the door when Geoffrey Zakarian and Guy Fieri asked us what the rush was.  They said they were fixing to start preparing the main course for dinner and wanted us to see in the kitchen.  Something about the glazed look in Guy Fieri’s eyes made us think that perhaps we were the main course. 

Maxwell said to follow him and we both sprouted wings and flew as fast as we could out of that party to the convertible.  When Maxwell squealed off in the car, I woke up.  And thank goodness it was all a dream.  Can you imagine – they would want to eat us?!  What a nightmare. 


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I’m Moving to Hollywood!

Maxwell’s agent called me and gave me the great news this morning. I’m so excited. Mom and dad are excited as well. We are all packing and preparing for the move cross country. YAY!!

I’m going to be in Hollywood! You’re going to see my name in lights. I’m going to be a STAR like I was meant to be.

So I guess, this will be my last post. 😦

Just joking! You can’t get rid of me that fast! There is no way I could leave my friends here. Ya’ll mean the world to me. You let my inner pig come out and play. I love you all each and every one for listening to me and my rambling thoughts! Happy April Fools Day my friends!


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Happy Friday – Comedy Day

Happy Friday – we made it through another week!!

I’m so excited for a great weekend snuggling with mom. It seems like these days – I absolutely live for the weekends when mom is off from the worky place. There’s nothing like playing around with her on the weekend.

I haven’t done it in some time but I thought I would lead this Friday off with some cute Bacon jokes. You know you need a laugh! So, here we go!

  • Did you hear about the pig who opened a pawn shop? He called it “Ham Hocks”.
  • Did you hear about the piglets who wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day? What did they do? They threw a sowprize party.
  • Why did the spotted pigs run away? They thought the traveling salesman told the farmer to put his name on the dotted swine.
  • What’s that pig doing in the middle of the road with a red light on its head? Didn’t you tell me to put out a stop swine?
  • Why did the pig run away from the pig sty? He felt the other pigs were taking him for grunted.


  • Two pigs robbed a bank.  Why were they caught so quickly?  They squealed on each other.
  • How does a mama pig put her piglets to sleep? She reads them pig tales.
  • What was the name of the hog who was knighted by Sir Arthur? Sir Lunchalot
  • Farmer asked the pigs, “Who raided my vegetable patch?” Piglet says, “Beets me.”
  • What is a pigs favorite ballet? Swine Lake
  • What do pigs drive? Pig-up trucks.

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Maxwell Commercial

This is the newest commercial with my friend Maxwell. It’s so funny!! You gotta love that pig. One day when I grow up, I so want to be like him. My hero!!

Mommy *always* laughs when she sees this particular commercial. Yes it’s funny. But I don’t get why she laughs that hard.


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My Friend Maxwell is ‘THE MAN’

My friend Maxwell is living large and is now “THE MAN”.  This is one of his newest commercials.  Me and mom saw it on television last night.  We both looked at each other and starting snorting (mom snorts too – cool huh?)  It was so funny!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  I know when I grow up, I want to be as famous as Maxwell!


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