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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon –  There I was swimming around in my home.  You know, minding my own business and keeping to myself.  That’s when I saw this shark bait hanging out in a flimsy cage.  Ha – as if those cages are shark proof.  Shaking my head.  When will the humans learn, right?  Anyway, I was swimming and I saw this human with a camera thing taking pictures of my home.  Then the human did the weirdest thing.  He took one of those selfies that are all the rage over the internet.  Well, you know I thought I would help him out and swam up behind him at just the right moment.  By the looks of his eyes, I think it surprised him.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it did.  The water got cold in our area for a few minutes – ha!  Signed Sharky

Dear Sharky –!   Dude, I would pee all over myself if you did that to me too!  In fact, that’s where us anipals are smarter than the humans.  There is no way we would put ourselves in these situations.  Shaking my head.  Nope, not at all.  That is one selfie he will not forget anytime soon for sure!

Dear Bacon – My master thinks this is a joke.  There is no joke here.  Just wait until he falls asleep which he has to do at some point.  Just wait.  What?  You aren’t laughing at me too.  Are you?  Putting a peach in front of me and saying there is more fuzz on said peach than my body is a cruel joke.  Just wait until a position that peach near his person.  Will see if his girlfriend thinks it is a joke.  Signed Evil Kitty

Dear Evil Kitty – WOW.  You don’t play do you my friend?  My dad says that this is called Game On and the master gets what he gets for doing something like this to you.  I would love to see his face… and his girlfriend… when you peach him back.  Talk about impeachment.  Snorts with piggy laughter.

Dear Bacon – See my friend sometimes one has to take help when it’s needed.  My girlfriend called and said she was home alone.  Rather than run the 3 miles to her house, I caught a ride in the back of a sweet dumpster truck.  They never saw me and never knew they had a hitchhiker.  Just remember fellow anipals, take help where you need it!  Signed Hitchhiker to the Galaxy

Dear Hitchhiker to the Galaxy – SWEET my friend.  What a brilliant idea to come up with in a time of need.  Of course that would be awesome to hitch a ride to get to your girlfriends house.  Hope you got there quickly!  Take care my friend and remember next time to buckle up!

Dear Bacon – I have made a grand mistake.  Darn this birdseed!  There I was looking at the pretty seed and it was calling my name, “Squirrel come eat me.”  I ran to the top of the cylinder and looked into it blessing my lucky day.  That’s when this stupid bird came up and pushed me over the edge.  Now, I’m stuck in my prison.  It doesn’t matter if I eat all of the seed or not.  I’m stuck until a human sees me in my lockdown.  Why me?  Signed Squirrel in Solitude

Dear Squirrel in Solitude – Darn that bird!  Sometimes they can be so pesky.  I say this first hand seeing some birds in my magical backyard picking on you squirrels.  Wish I was closer.  I would certainly get you out of your predicament.  Hope you weren’t there too long.  It was definitely a catch 22 – you are near the food but trapped at the same time.  Then again, don’t eat too much.  You might not be able to get out!

Dear Bacon – All it took was this one picture for my human to see and pass out.  I thought it was simply brilliant.  Really I do.  By quickly glancing at the picture, did you also think I was broken in half?  I got you, didn’t I?  HA – Barking my head off.  I think this is priceless.  Call me a magician for sure.  Signed Sawed in Half

Dear Sawed in Half – I have to admit it, you got me.  At first glance, I thought oh my goodness this dog is broken.  Even my dad saw it and thought the same thing.  Awesome job in fooling everyone for sure.  You should enter this in some kind of contest for sure.  Thanks pal now keep it together – snorts with piggy laughter.



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I’m a Pigdini

So Friday night I stayed up late with mom and dad playing around. After they put me to bed, they usually stay up watching their “ghost” shows. They say I’m too young to watch that kind of television right now.

Well, around 1:00AM I woke up wanting a drink of water. I heard mom and dad still up but they didn’t hear me. I’ve been watching a lot of magicians lately and my favorite is Houdini.

With watching him lately, I’ve been calling myself Pigdini. I remembered some techniques from the great escape artist. I was able to get out of my crate. I sneaked over to my door and looked down the hall. Mom and dad were still watching their shows. And oh shivers they looked scary. So, I thought I would get them. Buwahaha

I shut the door to my bedroom. You can just imagine the look on their faces. I was trying no to laugh but it was getting hard. I heard them turn the television off. I heard them talk between themselves. I then heard dad walk down the hall and stop in front of my door. I was trying to stand still so he wouldn’t hear my hooves on the floor but I was laughing so hard.
Then dad opened the door and came in. I just walked out of my room and bounced on in the front room. I’m not sure who was more shocked, mom or dad. I know I got them good.
I got to stay out for a few minutes, got a little snack and drink and then mom put me, little Pigdini, back to bed.

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Well Played Bacon

Snicker snort. Call me a little magician. Mom got on the phone tonight and I was roaming around. When she got on the phone she asked dad where I was. Snort – I found the buffet in the kitchen. I snuck in while she was on the phone and pulled the lid off the cat food. Then, I climbed in and was enjoying the buffet. Bye bye “D” word. Nice knowing you! Evil pig snort.


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