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He’s Following Me

Hey my friends.  I hope everyone had a wonderful LONG holiday weekend.  I know we did here at the Hotel Thompson.  Mommy was home the entire time and we ate, slept and played together all day some days.  It was great!  We were all so sorry to see mommy going off to the worky place this morning.

But something happened on Thanksgiving day that I have to tell you about.  We were all up watching the Macy’s Day Parade on television which is a yearly tradition with us.  The parade is going down with lots of blow up floats, people are singing, bands are playing and then *IT* happened.  OMP – I squealed and ran to mommy.  We both then looked over at the fireplace to make sure Don Juan was still sitting on top of the fireplace.  A float came down the parade – do you see who it is – shakes piggy head.  How did “HE” get in the parade?  Did you watch the parade?  Did you see him?

I tell you my friends.  I feel Don Juan’s eyes on me during the day.  He doesn’t move – just sits there wherever we find him at in the morning.  But his eyes.  Those creepy little eyes just seem to watch me walking around the Hotel Thompson.  The little freak… shivers.




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