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31 Days of Spook – The Mummy

Oh Boo my friend.  This afternoon I have another real story for you about a mummy.  I heard about this story early last year and couldn’t believe it.  Since then, we have even her it mentioned on television.  Enjoy my friends – I’m here to hold your hand or paw if you need me 🙂

In 1976, a camera crew was filming a television show inside of a haunted house in Long Beach, California.  When they were setting up, they moved a mummy prop to the side.  When they did this, one of the arms fell off.  When the arm fell off, they noticed that it was actually real human bones.  After the authorities were called in, they learned that the body was the criminal Elmer McCurdy who was killed during a shoot out following a train robbery.

After he was shot, a funeral director embalmed his body and put it on display since he was so proud of his work.  Eventually a pair of carnival promoters claiming to be McCurdy’s brothers took the corpse for themselves.  McCurdy’s corpse popped up in many haunted houses across America before winding up in Long Beach, California.

courtesy First To Know


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