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Fabulous Friday – YAY!

Hello my friends and Happy Fabulous Friday – YAY happy piggy dance wagging tail non stop.  This all mixed in with a long weekend due to the Memorial day holiday on Monday is fantastic news.  You do relax what all of this means, right?  Extra snuggles for the next three days!  OH YEAH!

Mom and dad are still trying to finalize their beach trip for October.  I hear them talking about it all of the time.  It sounds like it’s going to be a blast.  I know it ‘seems’ weird to go in October but they do it all of the time to their favorite beach spot.  There’s a couple reasons why.  (1) It’s off season so that means way less tourists.  They like to hang out with the local yocals that they have become friends with at the beach.  They’ve been going to the same place now on and off going on 10 years.  (2) Off season means off rates which means they can stay longer for less.  That’s the practical side of mom talking there – can you tell? snort chuckles  (3) Also, do you know that they haven’t been on ‘vacation’ per say in over two years?!  They’re wondering around the house these days like they’re planning a trip to Disney World!  They’re like little kids – it’s cute.

They keep talking about all of these wonderful restaurants that they want to go back to and the delicious food they have.  It sounds amazing.  I told mom, which I know she will, that she has to take LOTS of pictures for me to look at and drool over.  And, I’m sure she will share with ya’ll too.  That’s my mom – most people never leave home without money.  She never leaves home without her camera. 

You’ll probably hear me talking about their trip on and off until it happens.  They get so excited that it makes me excited for them.  Can you tell?

Happy LONG and safe weekend my friends. 

XOXO – Bacon


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