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Mommy Said There Would Be Days Like This

Mom has been under a little stress lately.  There I said it.  My mom is weird though.  Instead of letting things out, she holds things in and gets really quiet.  Like super quiet.  Which is so unlike women – come on all of us can admit that.  Us men know that when women go quiet, there is something brewing and trouble is on the horizon.

So here she is trying to exercise, lots of things on her ‘to do’ list, sweating deadlines and you know before too long she is going to blow.  Shaking my piggy head.  This can’t end well if you know what I mean.  So I think I’m going to let mom explain the rest.  Take it away mommy.  Remember I love you ❤

Thanks my sweets.  Mommy loves you too.  I’m better today.  Really I am.  But I think a lot of people can relate to stress – especially when things pile up and you just can’t get it off your back.  I’ve had lots of deadlines lately – work deadlines, September surprise deadlines, government deadlines, accounting deadlines.  Usually I just juggle everything and off I go but this past week.  WOW.  Everything added up until I ran into a wall.  Like for instance….

Here in Georgia we get our car tags every year which are due by your birthday.  My tag is coming up due so I was going to get it one day last week.  Went to the local government office to get it.  Stood in line for what seemed like forever cause you know there was only what 20 people in front of me.  Finally got to the window to realize that I forgot to get my emissions checked on my Jeep.  Really?  How could I forget that?!  I’ve only been doing it for YEARS.  So, I leave the office and in my favorite Scarlett O’Hara voice reminded myself that tomorrow is another day.  

The next day I get up early and decide that I will get my emissions/tag on the way to work.  I have plenty of time – famous last words.  I go to an emissions shop that I normally go to.  Guess what?  They are closed because their computer is down.  Lovely.  

So I go on down the street to another emissions shop and pull into the facility.  Their machine is working; however, the guy using the machine is pretty new at this.  You can tell because of his clumsiness in getting around everything.  I keep repeating to myself be patient.  Then the young kid… did I mention he was young too?…plugs his contraption into my car that turns on all of the lights on the dash – which is the point of said contraption.  But the young man starts getting excited telling me I’m not going to pass because my check engine light came on the dash.  This kid is acting like he won the lottery jumping around and waving his hands.  I thought maybe I had missed something.  He rambles on and on when finally he takes a breath.  I tell him that all of the lights come on during this stage to verify they work.  That’s when this kid did some incredibly stupid.  He told me oh no I was wrong.   

Okay so maybe at this point I closed my eyes and counted to ten while this kid continued his rambling about the check engine light.  I finally held my hand up to him and asked for the manager.  He went and got the manager.  Walking back to my car I could hear Mr. Excitable explaining to the manager what happened.  The manager stopped him and pretty much told him the same thing – that’s suppose to happen.  I was good.  I promise you I was good.  I didn’t say a word but sat there smiling like the southern gal I was.  But I admit, it took a lot.  And guess what?  My car passed emissions.  I got my paperwork, paid and told them to have a good day.  

I then proceeded back to the government office to get my tag.  The Gods were with me.  Maybe they were paying me back for not going off on the young kid at the emissions office because I was able to walk straight in and get my tag decal.  Now is that tag on my Jeep yet?  Nope.  I keep forgetting to put it on.  Shaking my head – I think I need a secretary myself.  

So I’m ahead of schedule so I’m thinking I need to take care of one more thing before work.  Remember back in April when I had my car accident?  The accident made one of my tail lights go out on the Jeep.  I had it replaced and last week the darn same light went out again!  Of course, that was bugging the heck out of me.  The place I had it fixed at only takes appointments.  Really, appointments at a service department.  What about last minute things that come up.  You have to make an appointment two weeks out?  Drives me crazy.  So I thought I might just go to this place this morning and check it out.  

I enter the office and it was full.  There was 5 consultants and they all had people they were helping.  So I stood waiting patiently.  No one acknowledged me but hey I’m good.  That was until a MAN walks in and everyone jumps to wait on him.  WHY do car places do this?!  I don’t get it.  What?  I’m a woman so I’m invisible?  I’m a woman so I don’t know how to think?  Okay that might have been the point that I turned in my southern charm card.  I might have said really, REALLY loudly, “So much for waiting in line.”  Maybe I said it too loudly because I do believe I heard a mouse fart in the corner.  Of course then someone finally acknowledged me and offered to help me.  

I told him what was wrong with my car and that I was just in to get it repaired.  I advised that it should still be under warranty and I wanted the bulb replaced again, that if it quit working again I would take it to the Jeep dealership.  Mr. Service Guy just smiled at me and get this had the gall to say – are you ready for this? – “Okay little lady we will do just that and it will be about an hour.”  What the heck?!  I think the look on my face might have been his first clue that I was fixing to blow.  I took a breath and told him, “First off, I would like to say thank you for calling me little and thank you for *finally* waiting on me.  However, an hour of waiting for you to replace a simple bulb is totally unacceptable.  I’ll give you 20 minutes and thank you.”  Needless to say, I was out within 15 minutes.  

So come on friends.  You know we’ve all had these kind of days, right?  LOL



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Houdini’s Excuse For Everything!


Now Houdini has been here at the Hotel Thompson for almost a month now.  In that time, the sweet little chap has gotten just about all of us wrapped around his ever so tiny paws.  I mean really, could you say no to this 2 pound cutey?

I think not.  He is cute.  But with having a baby around the house, he does have a tendency to wear ALL of us out.  Yep, I said that.  Mom and dad both have been dragging in the past couple of weeks with the ‘new baby’ in the house.  They said they wouldn’t change it for the world.

 I’m not so sure –IMG_0612.JPG I need my beauty sleep – snorts.  But there’s one thing the little tyke has learned really quick here.  “If nobody sees me do it, then “I” didn’t do it.”  Yeah, right little man.  That only goes so far around these parts.  Don’t let his size fool you – he can be quite the little handful of trouble.

I think that’s why he has Grandma on speed dial with the house phone here – snorts!  Happy weekend my friends.


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Snorts – How Small is It?

20140112-012128.jpg They have these adorably cute little buggies at the market now that mom/dad go to on the weekends.  Just look at that buggy!  So small and cute – just like mommy likes her play things – snorts.

When daddy saw the buggy, he almost popped his back out he was laughing so hard at it.  Mom just stood there and gave him the ‘stink eye’.  You know that look, right?

She let him finish looking like a fool in the parking lot and then asked him what was so hilarious.  He didn’t even reply back to her.  He took the cute adorably buggy and put it next to her Smart car.



Oh dad.  Shaking my piggy head.  Will you *ever* learn.

First off, never ever talk bad about Albert – mom’s Smart car.  You know how precious that thing is to mommy.

Second off, if you are going to laugh, do you really think it’s smart to do it in front of mom?  Have you not learned anything in all of these years?

At least *I* had the decency to go in my bedroom before I fell on the floor rolling around with laughter.  Snorts.


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Life is SO Hard


At any given time, when mom is home I am right beside her.  Either playing up and down the hall chasing each other, folding clothes in the laundry room, at her feet in the kitchen, being combed on the front room floor or sitting beside her on the couch.  It’s what I do – she’s my mommy.

Sunday it was no different.  I’m so spoiled.  All I have to do is put my two front hooves on the couch and believe it or not she will pick up my hams and help me up on the couch.  It’s amazing the love that woman has for me!  I know – unbelievable isn’t it?

I stayed with her on the couch and we watched television.  (I’m facing the television in this picture.)  We were watching football.  There’s something about that game that is so familiar to me.  I can’t quite put my hoove on it. 

I fell asleep at half time.  Everyone says that I’m huge.  But I want you to take a look at these little legs.  I’m not big.  I have a short carriage.  I think the pictures make me look huge.  You know what they say about a camera making you look like your 10 pounds heavier.  That has to be it. 

A little bit later on, mom got up to get a drink.  I woke up.  Mom just laughed at me.  The first thing I did – I yawned.  Mom forever with her camera got me in mid yawn.  See my little tongue.  Isn’t it too cute like me?  Wiggles tail.  A lot of people don’t think about my ‘mouth’ per say because they can’t get past my snout.  I have a mouth.  I have a little tongue.  I have little teeth. 

Of course, I had only been sleeping what 4 or 5 hours and woke up sleepy.  Me and mom got up to get a drink and guess what.  We both went right back to the sofa again – LOL  I love it when mom spends time with me on my sofa.  It’s our piggy mommy time!

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