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I’m Sleeping Here


In the morning times, I wake mom up.  She gets up and feeds me and then I go back to sleep in my bed in my room.  This morning mom snuck back into my room and started snapping pictures of me sleeping.  I mean come on mom, I know I cry for you in the morning and wake you up  to feed you.  But, what’s up with all of that flashing.  I see little dots now.

<< This is me.  I snuggled in with my blankie.  Yep, that’s Scooby Doo.  One of my hero’s and favorite cartoons that I watch on my tv frequently.  I cuddled in to bed and wrap myself up with my blankie on top.  You can call me the original “Pig in a Blankie”.  Don’t you love the markings on my snout?  And my little white patch on my head.  They make me – well me.  20120606-073415.jpg


This picture here >>

mom took my blankie off of me and caught me *trying* to go back to sleep.  Sometimes I lay on my sides and stretch out, other times I sleep like this.  I curl my little hooves up under me and go out to nighty nighty land. 

Well, there you go.  The sleeping positions of me.  Have a great day!


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