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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,
There always has to be that one goofy person in your life that has to do the most insane things.  Meet my brother Hekyll.  He’s an idiot.  You have any ideas on what I can do here?  Signed Jekyll

Dear Jekyll,
PLOL (piggy laughing out loud).  Insanity must run through your family my friend.  Maybe Hekyll was dropped on his head too much as a pup.  Maybe he just wants to have fun.  Maybe you’re right and he is insane?  What we know for sure, he’s a fun guy and you can’t pick your family.  Try not to stop the insanity too much – go with it and have fun my friend.




Dear Bacon,
What?  Can’t a guy just hang out in the sand and ponder the day?  I thought I would perhaps have a little privacy here but nope  Here comes mom with the flashy thing taking my picture.  What do you do my friend for a little alone time?  Signed Wazzup

Dear Wazzup,
Hey friend.  You do realize that you are taking a siesta in your potty, right?  That’s not glorious sand that is on the beach.  That is a potty field.  Perhaps you should try to find your zen time alone somewhere else that the human can’t find you with the flashy thing.  You’re small.  I’m sure there are loads of places – under the bed, in the back of the closet, on a high shelf, on top of the fridge.  You get the drift.  Have fun exploring.


Dear Bacon,
I don’t get it.  Dad says he’s taking me to work with him today.  I’m all for that until he puts this silly tie on me.  Why do I have to wear a tie?  It makes me look stupid.  What do you think?  Signed Mr. Golden

Dear Mr Golden,
Well, the up side is you get to go to work with your dad.  That’s what I would focus on my friend.  If he wants you to wear a tie – go for it for a little freedom and insight to see what the man does all day.  And please report back about what fun you had.


Dear Bacon,
Oh dear kitty heavens!  Make it stop please.  Why does it have to kiss me?  EEWW – and what’s up with throwing her leg up in the air while she is doing it?  This is way beyond the cootie factor.  What to do?  Signed Girls Have Cooties

Dear Girls Have Cooties,
I have to admit my friend that it’s actually a cute and awesome picture. Believe me, there will come a stage in your life when you actually WANT girls to kiss you.  Remember that okay.  And try to be nice to your friend.  You never know when you might need her 🙂




Dear Bacon,
Mom was cleaning the oven.  She left the door open so it could ‘air out’ as she stated.  I thought this was an ideal moment to find (A) a place that was warm and (B) a place the stupid dog couldn’t get into.  Mom came back to the kitchen and found me like this.  I don’t get it.  What’s the big deal?  Signed 350 Degrees

Dear 350 Degrees,
Of all the places in your home, I think you might want to find another place to hide from the barky thing.  You do realize that you are in the oven.  You know the place that the humans put things in and then take things out COOKED.  Do you really want to be a cooked kitty?  Lord help you if your daddy human came home and shut the door without seeing you there.  Shivers to mergatroid.  I stay as far away from the oven as I possibly can…. you know for obvious reasons.  I would highly recommend that you do the same my friend.



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