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Friday – YES!

Thank goodness today is Friday. I absolutely LOVE Fridays. You ask why? Because that means the weekend is right next door and mommy will be home from the worky place. That means extra mommy/piggy snuggles. And I’m still catching up on those from when mom was sick last week. She is doing much better now – not 100% – but she is getting there.

I’m hoping that this weekend finds us laying around on the sofa together watching some good television and bonding. It’s way over do.



I’ve missed mom so much it’s unbelievable.  This is a picture of me last night.  Mom was sitting on the couch all by herself.  I got done eating dinner and walked over to her.  I put my head right on her legs and feet and started talking to her.  That’s how much I’ve missed her.  Can you relate?

I stayed in this position for the longest time just loving on my mommy.  After a while, I jumped on the couch beside her and got more loving.  There’s nothing like couch bonding time with mom.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully long weekend – have fun and be safe!

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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