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I Have Proof!

Finally!  I have proof about our arrangements here at the Hotel Thompson.  You wouldn’t believe it.  I was shocked myself.  I’ve told you stories about that little monster Hemi who thinks he rules the roost here.  He’s in charge as he likes to tell everyone.  Trust me, to a certain point I let him believe that.  He likes to *try* to put me in my place by slapping my butt with his huge MONSTER IN CHARGE paw.  Usually when he does this, I squeal and run to mom.  I mean, I’m a man pig but mommy can bring down the wrath on him – snorts.

Well last night, I was hiding sleeping on the sofa and he didn’t see me.  What he did to daddy – shocking.  I’m telling you – SHOCKING!  This is just the proof of how wrapped he has daddy around his huge paws.  What was that?  You want to see my proof.  Okay – here you go.

What do you think now?  And look at that wicked look on his face!  I just know this is going to end up on Investigative Discovery channel.  I can see it now, “Animals that Kill”.  Hemi will be the first one serving time.  snorts!


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,20131208-204745.jpg
What can I say? I’m a chick magnet. Every time I go through the park, the chicks follow me around. It kind of makes me feel like the Pied Piper but with chicks – bark. Signed The Dog

Dear The Dog,
Snorts. I have to admit that you are the dog my friend. Not only one or two chicks – you got the entire clan. Way to go. Don’t walk – strut – you are the dog!



Dear Bacon,20131208-204814.jpg

Oh surprise. Do you think the kids here will be able to guess what their new toy is? Rolls kitty eyes. This is only the beginning of the torture I’m in for. It’s time to get the nails out. Signed Surprise

Dear Surprised,

Let me start by saying yes it is awful that they ‘wrapped’ the kids new toy. But then again on the other hoof, that is so funny and cute. Just think how surprised the kids will be! Snorts. But I have to tell you, you have the patience unknown to me. They even wrapped your tail! You can’t really blame the humans. I mean, you did sit still long enough and allowed them to do this to you. Snorts

Dear Bacon,
Meow. The humans have this game called Twister. They are in awe of it. What’s funny is the woman human bought this rug from the front room thinking it was just darling and it is. But all I can do is think of their Twister game. Purr thing on blue. Just wait until I stretch to the yellow or red dots. Insert evil purr. Signed Cat Twister

Dear Cat Twister,
OMP (Oh my pig!) You are so right. That rug does look like Twister in an off strange way. That is so cool. I think you should call in the dog, the humans and others in the neighborhood to play with you. It would be outrageous!



Dear Bacon,
You’re really not the only one with skills my friend. Sometimes when the humans leave up their laptop, I jump on for a few. These humans are twisted. I saw a picture of them on line and I guess my face shows you what I think. My eyes are burning. Signed Shocker

Dear Shocker,

Snorts. Sometimes my friends you should just simply leave things alone when the humans are involved. What is seen can not be unseen.


*Remember my friends, keep your pictures and questions coming. Send them to me at


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But I *AM* in Bed – Silly Mom

20130321-084323.jpgThis is me and mom’s leg in the picture – snort.  Every night after dinner and dishes, me and mom snuggle on the couch.  It’s our time.  Mom kicks the recliner back and we pull the blankets close to get all comfy and snuggable (you can see my Egyptian cotton sheet up there with us – it’s so silky!).

She pets my back while she catches up on her emails, blogs, Facebook and watches television.  It’s our bonding time.  I keep my snout right on her leg so I know if she moves.  That’s how deep I sleep.

Sometimes I sleep so deep, I actually snore.  I can’t help it.  I know I’m completely safe right there next to mom and she won’t let anything happen to me.

Every night when it’s time to go to bed, me and mom go through the same game.  She starts softly telling me, “Bacon, wake up, it’s time to go to bed”.  Do you know how ironic that is?  Mom – I’m already asleep in bed – snort.  So every night I pretend to be asleep and hard to wake up.  Sounds like a typical kid putting off bedtime doesn’t it?  She’ll keep being persistent like a fly buzzing around your head, “Bacon, it’s time to go to bed young man.”  And, me being pig headed like I am will continue to pretend to be asleep.

Then mom picks up her tone a bit and tells me, “If you don’t go get ready for bed now, you’re going to miss your bedtime story.”  Bedtime story – did someone say bedtime story?  Of course, I immediately wake up to this, jump down and run to my room to get ready for bed.  By the time mom brushes her teeth and comes in my room, me, Bashful and the other rock clan are safely in our bed.  Mom always tucks us in, kisses us both goodnight and reads us a story.  You can’t miss her bedtime stories!

But tonight on the couch after dinner, we’ll go through the same thing all over again.  Why?  Because it’s what me and mom do of course – snort.


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If You’re Rotten and You Know It, Wag Your Tail

I’m not saying that I’m rotten but I am a tad bit spoiled… just a tad here at the Hotel Thompson. It helps that I’m the bright star in my mom’s eyes. I’m also not saying that I get away with a lot of things but there are times things are overlooked if you know what I mean.

Take this video of me – yep mom struck again. There is no privacy here at the hacienda from a video or camera. If that’s the price I pay for being mom’s little prince, then I guess I’ll just have to suck it up – snort. This is me waddling around on my king size Egyptian cotton sheet. I love that sheet! I just don’t know what I’m going to do when that sheet goes to the sky above. I drag it all through the house, up on the sofa with mom, in the kitchen to lay on when mom cooks, in my room to sleep on.. .you get the picture. It’s so soft and cuddleable. Yep that’s a word now… cuddleable.

Let me warn you, I am not this big. You know what they say about the camera making you look like your 10 pounds heavier. It’s true. Really it is. I’m still a snuggle bug and lap piggy. Mom loves me regardless. Enjoy the video. Don’t you love mom’s voice? It’s what puts me to sleep every night when she tells me my bed time story. Enjoy – XOXOX – Bacon


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Bye Bye Don Juan

Thank goodness the holiday season is done and over with. Christmas decorations are put up… With the exception of the Mickey Mouse lamp pole. Mom has decided that she likes looking at the lamp in the dark. Tell you the truth, I do too.

It’s been a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve napped, shopped, rode around in the Smart car looking at lights and eaten ourselves into oblivion. Not that I’m complaining but I can kind of relate to how mom feels during her “fat” phases. Like a balloon ready to pop!

So with the first holiday of 2014 this week, all of us here at the Hotel Thompson want to turn over a new leaf and start off on the right foot and hoof. I guess that will be on the top of our New Years resolutions.

But speaking of Christmas decorations. I’m glad to report that our evil elf on the shelf Don Juan has safely been boxed up and secured in the attic. Of course I wanted to hog tie him and cover his mouth but mom said no. On the other hoof, dad was all for it. Why do you ask? Because Don Juan left one little thing for daddy before he was captured put away until 2014. I snapped a picture for you. Adios Don Juan.



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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,
I was this close to being caught.  The dog couldn’t find me.  I was so hoping that no one else in the room would give me away.  I was so glad when he finally left the room.  If he had been there for one more minute, I would have been riding him like a horse!  Signed Secret Agent Cat

Dear Secret Agent Cat,
Oh pal.  That was so very close.  You could have been found out at any minute.  I don’t even want to ask what you were doing to have the barky thing come looking for you like that.  Did you eat some of his kibbles?  Steal his bone?  Sleep in his bed?  I’d be careful if I was you.  I think he means business.




Dear Bacon,
I admit it.  I’m just a tad little lazy when it comes to me overlooking my kingdom.  Sometimes my get up just doesn’t go.  You ever have those problems?  Signed Catlazy

Dear Catlazy,
Do I ever?!  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with your giddy up not trotting.  Sometimes you are just too tired and have to make priorities of what is more important to use that energy for… like eating.  Watching the kingdom, nah that can be done just like you are doing my friend.  Get rest.


Dear Bacon,
Do you think this would be a cute business card for me to pass out like yours?  I’ve seen yours and they are way cute.  I want my own.  Thoughts?  Signed Stud

Dear Stud,
Snorts.  Well, your card will at least get you a lot of attention.  Some of it might not be the kind of attention you want though – for instance a paw across the face.  If you’re going to play Stud, be a man about it my friend.  You might want to rethink the wording on your card.  You know something like, “It’s hot outside but it’s cool beside me.”  or “You know where you would look even hotter?  Right here beside me”.  Keep it clean but yet flattering.




Dear Bacon,
This is our nightly routine.  We all gather up in the big soft bed and mama reads us bedtime stories.  She said that she got that from your mommy reading you bedtime stories.  We just thought we would share.  Signed Kitty Kids

Dear Kitty Kids,
That is so adorable my friends.  I am so glad that you shared.  There is nothing like a bedtime story at night to gently help you fall asleep.  Keep being cute my friends!

*REMEMBER – Send your questions and pictures to me at

Thank you for keeping up the Dear Bacon issues!


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Dear Bacon

20131202-090831.jpgDear Bacon,

I’m disgraced.  My humans find this ‘amusing’.  I find it humiliating.  While they were celebrating the big turkey day of Thanksgiving, I was the walking entertainment for family and friends.  Does it look as bad as it feels?  Signed Pugmiliated

Dear Pugmiliated,

Um, um, well, no it doesn’t look that bad my friend.  Not really.  You could turn the tables and go with it.  If your humans are going to ‘dress’ you up like turkey, maybe ask for some turkey in return?  And really, it does kind of blend in with your skin color.  You can hardly notice it!


Dear Bacon,


You know it is that time of the year – it’s cold outside.  I don’t think many of us will be wearing shorts.  I was looking at my legs yesterday when I was bathing.  Do you think I can go the entire winter without shaving?  I won’t be wearing any dresses and I’ll be sleeping a lot this winter.  Signed Ms. Bearable

Dear Ms. Bearable,

I say do what makes you feel good.  It is winter and no one sees legs in the winter.  In fact, I’ll tell you a secret.  I heard my mommy talking about this just yesterday to daddy.  I think a lot of ladies feel the same way.  And heck, you’re going to be sleeping.  You might need that winter coat to keep you warm.


20131202-090928.jpgDear Bacon,

I want to tell you a secret.  Sometimes when no one is looking, I will put this cone on my head and pretend I’m an unicorn.  So-so pretty!  Don’t you think?  Signed Pretender

Dear Pretender,

Hey, I’m not casting a stone.  Sometimes when no one is looking, I like to put my king sized Egyptian cotton sheet on me and run around the house oinking BOO at everyone.  No judgements my friend.



Dear Bacon,

Sometimes the humans think that they have *us* trained.  What they don’t realize is that *we* have THEM trained.  I personally like to take my human to play fetch a lot.  Hey, I’m trying to help them lose some of that holiday weight.  But when we are out and they are talking to their friends like they are exercising us, I just have to stick my tongue out at them.  Is this bad of me?  Signed Jazzercise

Dear Jazzercise,

Hey, as long as the humans don’t see it, what harm is in it?  I tell my humans that I get plenty of exercise.  It’s a long walk between my room and the kitchen at the Hotel Thompson.


20131202-090942.jpg Dear Bacon,

The wife – she left me on Black Friday to do this thing the humans call shopping.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she left me with all of the kids too.  Here I am trying to watch all of the football games and they are under my feet as usual.  Should I be mad that she left me to get out of the house?  Signed Kitty Football

Dear Kitty Football,
Hey, it looks like you have everything under control there my friend.  All of your bundles are with you – they look comfy and satisfied.  You had the situation under control.  Nah, don’t be mad.  A woman needs some time alone out of the house by herself.  Way to go super dad!

Remember my friends, keep your questions and pictures coming. Send them to me at


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Sleepy Bacon


Yep, that’s me.  Right where I usually am – up under mom’s feet.  We pretty much were couch potatoes this weekend.  She slept.  I snored.  She snored.  I slept.  We camped out, watched television, ate and basically did nothing but vegetate. I would call it a perfect weekend.

I think we should start campaign to have a three day weekend and a four day work week.  That way I get mommy longer on the weekend.  Suggestions/ideas?  You?

LONGER WEEKEND!  I’ll start making signs…. after my nap.  Then again, maybe tomorrow.  No need giving up a nice warm spot beside mommy. 🙂


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The Joys of Video

There are times at the Hotel Thompson that I just enjoy my time to myself.  This is one of those Fridays.  While daddy is slaving away on household chores – yawn – I’m holed in my bedroom for some peace and quiet.  Hey, I already brought all of my dirty stuff to the laundry room.  I’m good.  *My* chores are complete – snorts.

So, I’m in my bedroom all snug in my toddler bed hanging out on the laptop and watching Green Acres on my television.  I’m surfing YouTube and came across a commercial that I have never seen.  I was laughing so hard.  I’ll tell you a secret.  I could see *myself* doing some of the things in this commercial.  It’s that good.  Take a look and see what you think.  This commercial was made for *me* to star in.  Oh Hollywood, I’m ready for my close up – snorts.

Happy Friday my friends!



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I Have Proof!


If I had  *any* doubts whatsoever, I have the proof now.  See – see the proof is in the picture.

Mom *IS* a superhero.  Daddy took this picture of us sleeping together and I just found the picture.  I’m in there.  You can’t see me but I’m there.  I’m under her ‘cape’ with her staying warm and sleeping.  We were actually taking a power nap as I like to call them.  We were both dragging our tails from this past week.  A little snuggle sleep time is great – I highly recommend it with your human 🙂

So I have to ask mom, “Where’s *my* super hero outfit?”  It’s gotta be out there.  Maybe I’m getting one from Santa this year?  hhhmm – maybe I need to start my list today, right now, so that I can get it out before Thanksgiving.  I’m excited now – my tail is wagging non-stop.  Gotta run my friends.  I’ve got some lists to make.  What are you going to ask for from Santa this year?


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