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Heavy Music – snorts



Mommy looks at this ap on her i-Phone called i-funny.  It’s a cute ap and every once in a while she will come across something that is so totally out of this world that she has to share.  Like this picture >>>>

That’s a grasshopper.  Snorts – yeah right.  Read the comments below the picture.  That is what is hilarious in this picture.  Particularly pay attention to the last comment that reads:

“This cricket does not make cricket sounds, it plays heavy metal.”

Mom read that and lost it.  I mean totally lost it.  No, you don’t understand.  She.Lost.It.  She was laughing so hard that she almost peed herself.  It was freaking hilarious.

So, anyone want a pet grasshopper?  Snorts


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Name That Product/Company and/or Jingle – Answers

Edition 5


Below are the answers from yesterdays quizz.

How many did you get right?

1.  “Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is!” – Alka Seltzer

2.  “Reach out and touch someone!” – AT&T

3.  “The ultimate driving machine.” – BMW

4.  “Pizza! Pizza!” – Little Caesars

5.  “King of beers.” – Budweiser

6.  “Between love and madness lies obsession.” – Calvin Klein

7.  “It keeps going and going and going.” – Energizer Batteries

8.  “Play.  Laugh.  Grow.” – Fisher-Price

9.  “They’re g-r-r-r-e-a-t!” – Frosted Flakes

10.  “Our repairment are the loneliest guys in town.” – Maytag Appliances 

Did you have fun?!  Let me know if you want to see another edition and I’ll start working on more.  

Thoink you for playing!


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Name That Product/Company and/or Jingle

Edition 5


It’s time to play the game again.  How many can you get right?  Concentrate hard and really think about some of these.  These are favorite sayings from products/companies or jingles.

Remember try not to cheat.  Answers will be posted on tomorrow’s blog.

Good look my friends.

1.  “Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is!”

2.  “Reach out and touch someone!”

3.  “The ultimate driving machine.”

4.  “Pizza! Pizza!”

5.  “King of beers.”

6.  “Between love and madness lies obsession.”

7.  “It keeps going and going and going.”

8.  “Play.  Laugh.  Grow.”

9.  “They’re g-r-r-r-e-a-t!”

10.  “Our repairment are the loneliest guys in town.”



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Street Names

Me and mom were spinning around in the Smart car the other day throughout the neighborhood. We actually found a street named Easy Street. Right under Easy Street, it said No Outlet. For some reason, me and mom just couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, it was that funny. I know, simple things easily entertain us – snorts.


When we got home, I just had to see if I could find anymore strange and interesting street names. I went on line and sent out some emails to some family members in different places of the world. They sent me the following:

First off – Butthole Lane.  WOW – call it like you see it, huh?  I imagine this road can be very popular at times – snorts.  I know some people that need to go there, do you?  PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud).




Second off – No Name Road.  I know this has got to cause some confusion, especially when you do your bills – or tell people your address.  “I’m sorry, what was your address?”

“555 No Name Road”.

I’m sorry, what was the name?”

“No Name Road”.

“Come again?”

Back and forth it would go like some old Laurel and Hardy movie.  I don’t know about you but I think I would just eventually give up – snorts.


I saved my favorite for last:

The intersection of Lonesome Road and Hardup Road.  OMP (oh my pig).  Really?  Wouldn’t you *hate* to (A) live at either road and/or (B) live at the intersection.

Let alone if you get a date and you have to tell them where you live to pick you up – snorts.  I think I would just meet them somewhere.  You?


Snorts. So tell me, do you have any funny street signs in your area? Do share – 🙂  Oh, and think about driver’s licenses with any of these wonderful signs.  Wouldn’t you just die?!


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Happy Hump Day

One of my favorite past times at the Hotel Thompson is watching commercials.  I just love them!  You can find me in my bedroom watching them on my television all of the time.  What?  Don’t all piggies have a bedroom of their own furnished with cable.. let alone Netflix?  Have mercy on their souls if they don’t.  *I* can’t live without my luxuries at the Hotel Thompson.  Can you imagine ‘me’ without my laptop or iPad.  How would I ever keep in touch with my cyber friends?  But, that’s probably a posting for another day.  Let’s get back to the commercials.

I love them.  I watch them all of the time.  I have my favorites.  Today, my favorite is the one from Geico.  I have to admit Geico has a really good advertising company that produces their commercials.   

They’ve come up from everything from the gecko that talks – to a caveman can do it – to my friend Maxwell now going out on dates!  And we all know why *I* like Maxwell.  Because he’s funny!  But I have to say that yesterday I saw the one that tops almost all of them.  It takes you a few minutes to figure it out but once you do – you will be PRAOTFL (pig rolling all over the floor laughing) as well.  Oinks out to a job well done Geico!  Let me know what ya’ll think – XOXO – Bacon











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Hump Day Funny

Today is the first day of the month plus hump day. What better way to start it off but with a laugh in your voice and a smile on your face my friends.

I found this funny this morning when I was waiting to wake mommy up to get ready for work and for breakfast. I snorted and thought it was humorous. I thought I would share. Hope everyone smiles and has a wonderful hump day. The weekend is almost here!!



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Piggy Shaped Burgers

Momma says the next party she goes to, she’s making these for the food. I think it would be a hoot! They would definitely be the hit of the party. Of course people would then start talking about me. And then the next thing you know, mom would be whipping my photos out and showing everyone. And then the next thing you know, mom would be passing out my business cards. LOL – see how life revolves around me? Snort giggles.


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Thursday Funny –

20130220-081615.jpgI couldn’t resist posting this. 

I absolutely snorted and rolled around laughing so hard when I found it.

I had to show it to mom and dad and they also got a kick out of it.  Mommy told me I had to put in on here in hopes that all of my friends get a great chuckle from it as well.

mmm – I’m kind of craving chocolate chip cookies myself now – I wonder why?  Snort


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Snoring Piggy – LOL

Of course, leave it to my mommy to video tape something so personal – rolls piggy eyes.  She finds me fascinating, can you tell?  There I was minding my own business on the couch last night.  I had positioned myself around mom and had my snout warmly snugged on her legs.  There’s nothing like contact body heat.  I was a warm piggy and so content. 

Mom and dad were watching television and playing their respective iPads.  Mom thought she heard a noise outside and told dad to mute the television.  That’s when they heard it and the soft laughter began.  They didn’t want to wake me up because mom – always with her camera – started video taping the situation. 

Watch the video which mom has already blasted all over You Tube – thanks mom.  Shakes piggy head, absolutely NO privacy here at the Hotel Thompson.  You will see mom’s legs – ha back at you – how you feel now mommsy – Snort!  Bottom right hand corner you will notice my snout.  Make sure your volume is turned up.  Hope this brings a laugh to your day my friends.  Happy Friday!  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 


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My Friend Maxwell is ‘THE MAN’

My friend Maxwell is living large and is now “THE MAN”.  This is one of his newest commercials.  Me and mom saw it on television last night.  We both looked at each other and starting snorting (mom snorts too – cool huh?)  It was so funny!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  I know when I grow up, I want to be as famous as Maxwell!


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