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My Mom Needs Training Wheels

Yep, I said that out loud.  Mom needs training wheels while she is walking!  The other day her and daddy went out to dinner – who would have thought that I know – snorts.  When leaving the restaurant, mom was so concerned about guiding daddy so he wouldn’t trip that she didn’t see this boulder on the ground.  Now that is her word – boulder.  I’m sure it wasn’t actually that big.  She hit the ‘boulder’ with her shoe.  Did I mention that she had on these really cute sandals that had openings to show her toes with their cute little pedicure colors?  She tripped, stumbled and thank goodness daddy was holding her hand so she didn’t fall down. So there she is stumbling while daddy is singing, “I’ll tumble for you” by Boy George – shakes piggy head. That’s the good part.  The bad part you ask?  Well, her big toe found the ‘boulder’.  She broke her toe nail, messed up her cute little pedicure and jerked her body from almost falling.  So as she tells daddy, she now has a catch in her giddy up.  Shakes head.  Only my mother huh?

So now mom has a catch in her giddy up, a messed up pedicure and guess who else wants to come out and play?  Mean old Mr. Arthritis.  She is also having a bad flare up with pain due to this weather that belongs in hell.  Yes I said it.  Hell.  It pushes the high 90’s every day.  When we get rain, it just makes things more steamy afterwards.  And it feels like we can never get the Hotel Thompson cool enough.  Daddy says he feels the power company lowers the power around 5pm every day.  Maybe it’s that or too many people turn their thermostats down during that time?  hhhmm – it makes you wonder doesn’t it?  Either way, even with fans you just can’t cool down and the heat is messing with mom’s arthritis.

So there you go.  You have my mom who is the stumbling toe cruncher catch in her giddy up hurting from the heat from arthritis gal at this moment.  Does that paint a picture for you?  Please send her some healing vibes and prayers this way if you don’t mind.  She’s having a hard time getting up and moving and standing and sitting.  Snorts – pretty much she has the trifecta of pain these past couple of days.  I’m hoping that this weekend she can get plenty of rest and some extra tender loving care from daddy and all of us anipals.

And tomorrow – oh joybells – we so can’t wait here.  We can’t be late for a very important date.  Mommy is expecting a phone call from someone here on blogville that is almost like a sister to her… someone that we have spoke to via blogville a LOT but never by phone  They are calling tomorrow at 2:30 pm our time.  We are ALL excited to talk to these peeps.

Can you guess who it will be?  We will post about it next week.  YAY!


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We May Have a Problem

This morning started off normal.  I got mom up for breakfast like I do around 6:30AM.  I ate and mom she was a little different.  She didn’t fix her cereal and eat with me.  That was odd.  Then it happened.  Mom went into the fridge to get cream for her milk.  That’s what started the uh-oh we have a problem situation.  Instead of putting milk into her coffee, she put orange juice in it.  I tried to tell her but she had her eyes closed.  Very strange.  But don’t worry.  Once she tasted that coffee, they opened up pretty quickly.

Then, after she remade her coffee, we went into the front room to cuddle and watch the morning news.  Usually we do this for about 20-30 minutes before she starts to get ready for work.  But today, mom fell asleep.  Okay – don’t fuss.  I fell asleep too.

So there we were, asleep on the sofa.  All peaceful.  Dad was asleep in the bedroom still.  We were all in sleepy land until this awful ringing started.  It was mom’s personal cell phone.  She got up to get it and in her dazed state, she answered by saying the name of her work.  Snorts.  It then dawned on her where she was.  Assure me that your humans have done this too.

Thankfully mom’s cell phone rung because it was now after 8:00 AM and mommy has to be at the worky place at 9:00 AM.  WOW – talk about a race with the clock.  I’m not sure I have ever seen mommy move this fast.  She raced to the bathroom for her shower and I went and got daddy up.

Getting daddy up is always a treat for me.  Just imagine and let me paint you the picture.  Your asleep in your bed, snoring and dreaming of delightful things.  All of a sudden a little pig walks into your room snorting.  I walk over to the side of your bed in full force bunting you with my snout and pulling at your blankets.  Yeah, I know.  Snorts – it’s not dad’s favorite way to wake up.  He kept asking me why I was still up?  Cause you see, after breakfast mommy usually puts me back down in my room for a early morning nap.  With me getting daddy up, he knew something was wrong.

He put me down, mom raced out of the bathroom like she was on fire and sat at her vanity.  The next thing we knew, mom the tornado left for work.

But I’m telling you.  We may have a problem with mom at work.  She didn’t start off too well this morning.  I just bet you that she is working really, REALLY hard right now at her desk – NOT.



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