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Purr Things UNITE!

Hemi and Mouse Girl here – you know us – the purr things from the Hotel Thompson.  We have tied up the little oinker, thrown him in the closet and are now standing against the door so he can’t come out and catch us on his laptop.  Evil meows – okay maybe some of that is not true.  But we are on his laptop – 🙂 I mean would *we* hurt that oinker?  Nah.  Okay maybe slap his butt a couple of times but who’s counting?

This morning me and Mouse Girl were talking and we realized we haven’t pushed our humans around lately.  You know what I’m talking about my kitty friends.  You know – letting the humans know who really is in charge and it’s not that oinker like he wants everyone to believe.  So we came up with a game plan and I was up first.  Meow – tighten your seat belts my humans it’s going to be a bumpy morning – purr.

So every morning, mom gets up to get ready for work.  I follow her around the Hotel Thompson. What?  It’s what I do.  That pig can’t have all of the fun with mom.  But this morning before she even got OUT of bed, my plan was put into action.  I kept getting on mom’s night stand which drives her CRAZY in like 5 seconds flat.  Then I changed channels by hitting the remote when the television came on for the news.  Then I kept jumping off of mom wanting her to play with me.  What?  These things were to piss mommy off to the high heavens just to get a little snuggle time with my mom.  Then you know how us kitties like to ‘mark’ things by rubbing up against them?  I mean hey we gotta keep doing this because they’re two cats here and everything is mine – sorry Mouse Girl.  Mom got on to me because I kept knocking everything off of her vanity.  What?  You shouldn’t put pretty, shiny small things on there to get my attention.  I’m just sayin’.  I got done with my careful plan of taking over the Hotel Thompson and tag teamed my partner, Mouse Girl.

Mouse Girl’s plan was to get daddy.  She’s good.  She has that man wrapped around her paws.  Dad gets up and wonders down the hallway like a bear coming out of hibernation.  Mouse Girl does what she does best.  She weaves in and out of his legs.  For a big girl (no offense MG), she’s got some moves.  She almost makes dad trip.  Then after mom leaves to go to the worky place, dad gets his breakfast together and puts it on the tray in the living room to watch morning television.  He goes back into the kitchen to get a drink and Mouse Girl strikes.  She jumps like a little ninja onto his tray and starts nibbling at his Cheerios.  Score one for the girl.  Daddy fusses and gets her down.

Then plan C goes into action.  Me and Mouse Girl ‘fight’.  We bring out the ninja skills and act like we are killing each other.  Of course this is right beside where daddy is trying to have his civilized breakfast.  Of course, daddy blows a gasket.  Score for the kitties!

Daddy says he can’t take it anymore so he’s going to workout on the treadmill to let out steam.  HA PURR!  Shake your tails.  We did it.  Mission accomplished.  Daddy goes into the work out room and hits the treadmill.  Poor guy.

Afterwards he comes out to find us.  Then he fusses.  Why?  Because we look so innocent – and we are.  Really.  Sometimes you just have to show the humans who the kitty is 🙂  And nope.  Sometimes it’s NOT that pig here at the Hotel Thompson.  Of course daddy did rat us out too.  He called mom at the worky place and told her about everything.  Down side.  Bummer.

So purr things UNITE – what have you done lately to show your humans who are in charge?



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