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The Plan Is Set –

The cookies have been made – chocolate chip.  I’ve heard that’s Santas favorites… well that’s what my dad says.  You know it is a funny thing – snorts.  That’s dad’s favorite kind of cookie too.  They have a lot in common.  I have three cookies set out.  Again, that’s what daddy says would be the perfect amount because of all of the other cookies he will eat in the world on this big night.  Dad’s a smart man when he’s not throwing himself into drainage embankments – snorts.  And by the way, thanks for all of the special thoughts with daddy.  He is feeling so much better now – just in time for Christmas.

Me and the purr things have gotten special permission from mom/dad to stay up tonight in the living room to await for Santa Claus.  They say he won’t come as long as we are awake but I think we can trick him.

And I’m still holding on to that one really important thing on wanted for Christmas.  Nah, not the hippo.  Mom discussed the pros and cons of that with me.  This is the one thing I really, really, REALLY want for Christmas under the Mickey Mouse lamp post.  My dream piggy 🙂 swoon

We’ll see what happens.  I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas my friends.  I love you bunches and bunches!!  XOXO – Bacon


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