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Dear Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil – Special Edition

 This week we have a wonderful special edition of Dear Bacon.  This week, our piggy friends Nacho, Noah, Buddy and Basil are stepping in to answer some letters.  We are so excited for their help!  Give them your attention and be sure to reach out to them about a great job they did this week!


Dear Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil,
This is just me and my boys hanging out at the corner. We like to wear shades so the girls can’t see us checking them out. Do you have any more ideas on how to pick up chicks? Signed Three Amigos

Hola Amigos!  Whee piggies are experts when it comes to ladypigs . . . erm ladypets. The trick is to tell them how bootiful they are. Simple as that. Before you know it they will be queuing round the block for a piece of you! Those shades look PAWesome and slightly bad boy. All girls love a bad boy.  The Four Brochachos  ~ Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil



Dear Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil,
Finally spring is here! Time to get out my little ice cream picnic table and enjoy some afternoon treats. But I have to ask. Does that cone make my snout look big? Signed Hooked on Ben and Jerry

Hey there Hooked on Ben and Jerry’s – That pignic table looks super cute and I love the little parasol. I’m glad you ask about concerns about the way you look in pigtures because that’s something so many pets are going to worry about this Summer. With the PAWparrazzi round efurry corner it’s easy to find yourself in unflattering positions. However I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about with having such a great figure. The impawtent thing is to pretend the camera isn’t there. You are FABULOUS and don’t you forget it fellow piggy!  Believe me – I’m Buddy



Dear Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil,
If it fits, you must sits. I was only going to close my eyes for a few moments. Next thing you knew, I was in dreamland express. Where’s the weirdest place you ever fell asleep? Signed Boxcar Puppy

Hiya Boxcar Puppy – You look furry cute all sleepy there. The weirdest place I’ve ever fallen asleep. Hmmm, it would have to be the time when I climbed in the fruit bowl when Mummy’s back was turned. One minute I was on the little cushion on her lap, next I was on the table and by the time she turned I was curled up and napping in the nectarines! Good times furfriend, good times.  Sweet dreams – No Napping Nacho


Dear Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil,
My dad keeps telling the most childish jokes. Really. He needs to give up his desire of being a comedian. This is the only look I can muster these days. Any more suggestions for me? Signed Tired of Faking It

Yo Tired of Faking It – Hearing you loud and clear there furfriend. You wouldn’t believe the jokes whee have in our house. I have found that a loud squeak or jumping off something and making lots of noise and mess during the punchline is a good way to stop these comedy dreams!  Noisily Not Laughing Noah


Dear Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil,
Don’t let this cute, teacup size bunny fool you. It doesn’t matter how big the bun bun is in the fight but how much fight is in the bun bun. Inside I’m a jaguar waiting to pounce. Whistle. Get back and be afraid. How much fight do you have? Signed Splitting Hare

Wassup Splitting Hare – I am the same. Mummy says the biggest things come in the smallest packages because my massive pigsonality is overwhelming! Mummy calls me a git but I like to think I’m just feisty. Either way I get MY way and that’s what matters.   Any time you need a sparring partner shout for me.  Fight on Furfriend – Unbeatable Basil


Thank you so much to Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil for this weeks special edition.  We appreciate it so very much!!  

Remember friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without your help.  Please continue to send your questions/pictures to me at



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On the Road with Bashful

BASHFUL – the rolling stone…





OMR (Oh my rock!!). This is a special edition of one of my field trips. I had to share this one as soon as possible to my friends. This little rock had the best of times this past weekend. WOW is the first word that pops in this little pebbles noggin. Okay – okay. Let me calm down … Breathing.



 First up, mom/dad took nana out for Mother’s Day.  With all of us going – including this lucky pebble, we had to take the big car.  So mom parked the little car in the yard behind the tree in the front yard.  It’s so small you can hardly see it hiding behind the tree! 

Isn’t that a hoot.




 So we all bundled up in mom’s other car, which is a small SUV, and went to pick up Nana.  See to the picture on the right, I had a perfect place to sit for the drive.  It was fun.  Every once in a while, mom/dad would reach down and pet my little noggin’… you know for safe keeping purposes.  But I’m getting used to these little field trips and I look forward to them now.

I mean after all, I’m Bashful – the rolling stone.      


20130512-123053.jpgNana wanted to go to this steak restaurant called Longhorns.  Trust me, there was some very long horns in this place – I was in awe!  When we first got there, I met some friends in the parking lot – they were my kind of pebbles.  Mom/d20130512-123036.jpgad let me stop and chat for awhile and took my picture. 

Then we went into the restaurant and nana gave me a kiss.  YAY – nana loves me.




 I was so hungry that I just couldn’t wait for food!  My core was rumbling – I was starving!  I was jumping all over the table eating this wonderful appetizer of a blooming onion.  Thud – it was so delicious!  Mom/dad had to keep getting on to me because I kept jumping in the sauce.  I couldn’t help it – my arms are really short – almost invisible!



I was so glad when the food arrived.  My plate was most excellent.  Mom ordered me mac and cheese – one of my all time favorites – and she shared her chopped steak with onions, mushroom and red wine sauce (it’s okay – the red wine sauce was cooked out). 




 Mom said I did good because I was a member of the clean plate club and finished everything she gave me.  This little rock was ready to bust into a thousand pebbles I was so full.  BUT, never so full that I couldn’t have dessert. 🙂




Someone, namely mom cough cough, let it be known that I was celebrating my birthday.  I turned 6 months Saturday – that’s OLD in rock ages.  Mom got me ready on the left wrapping my napkin around me. 




When my dessert came out, the only thing sweeter on the right was the

lovely Longhorn ladies who sung to me.  That was pure heaven!  Thanks ladies – I’m single – hubba hubba.



As you can see, I got a little messy with the dessert.  It was so good – I couldn’t help it.  I jumped in head first and got whip cream all over me!  The only thing that would have made this dessert better would be if the ice cream was Rocky Road ice cream.  That’s my favorite ice cream in the entire world! 

But it was good.  We all had spoons and dug in.  Mom had to clean me off afterwards.  I can’t help it.  If the food is good, I’m going to wear it. 



With all of the fun we had, it wouldn’t have been perfect without the wonderful staff at Longhorns making my day.  They came back to the table afterwards to have their picture taken with me.  See, I told Bacon I was going to be famous one of these days. 

Ohh, and ladies – remember I’m single.  Would love a date night.  You can take me out anytime and take pictures to be posted.  hubba hubba – 🙂

Toodles – Bashful


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