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Spotlight Thursday – Meet Gypsy Keen

Spotlight Thursday

Welcome my friends to SPOTLIGHT THURSDAY.  This is the time that I will introduce you to one of my fellow anipals so you can get to know them better.  Some of them, you may already know.  We hope that you enjoy this series!

Name:  Gypsy Keen

Age:  3.5 years

Location:  Southeast Virginia

Web/Blog Page:


What were your first thoughts when you met your new parents?  My parents discovered me behind their business when I was around 2 months old. My dad saw me first.  I was shivering and thin, and I just wound myself around his ankles and meowed at him.  He doesn’t know too much about kitties, so he was afraid to try to pick me up.  He called my mom on her cell phone (she was inside the building), and she came outside.  When she saw me, she immediately reached down and picked me up. She could tell I was friendly – and scared. She cuddled me and talked sweetly to me. I fell in love with both of them immediately. 

What was the defining moment when you knew you were in your forever home?  I just knew from the beginning.  They tried to determine if I belonged to someone: they put up flyers, called the vets’ offices and the animal shelters. But, the entire time, they were loving me and taking care of me.  After a few days, they decided that I was theirs and took me to the vet to be checked. Thankfully, I got a clean bill of health!

What has been your biggest “Oh no, now I’ve done it” moment so far in your home?   Well, I have completely shredded all the office furniture….(used to be) nice leather chairs…. thankfully, my parents haven’t punished me.  And yes, they bought me a nice scratching post. But I still like the chairs.  Oh, and if anyone leaves the bathroom door open, I play in the toilet and then leave paw prints all over EVERYTHING. 

 Who do you have wrapped around your paws more – mom or dad – and why? Paws down, that would be my dad. And here’s why: I came to be their shop kitty in August, 2013. A few weeks later, my dad’s father became ill and passed away.  My dad still came to the shop everyday during the time, but sometimes, he wouldn’t really work. He’d sit in the office at his desk, and I could tell he really needed me. So I would climb up on his chest and lie there and just be there for him.  Our picture was even in the local newspaper (my mom sent it in).  I still lie on his chest sometimes, but I’m much bigger and heavier than I was then, so it’s not quite as comfortable for him. But he still likes for me to do it.

What’s the biggest misconception that humans think about you?  When new customers come to their shop, they don’t realize that I am really the boss there.  My mom even bought a plaque for me that says: “Boss Lady”.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend – check back next week for another Spotlight edition!


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Spotlight Thursday – Meet Roxy and Tigerlino

Spotlight Thursday

Welcome my friends to SPOTLIGHT THURSDAY.  This is the time that I will introduce you to one of my fellow anipals so you can get to know them better.  Some of them, you may already know.  We hope that you enjoy this series!

Name:  Roxy & Tigerlino (aka “The PURRfect Kitties”)

Age:  Roxy 10 and Tigerlino 7 years

Location:  Hmmm… good question!?! (*scratches head*) But it must be the land of fun, frolic and food since there’s plenty of that to be found here… 

Web/Blog Page:

What were your first thoughts when you met your new parents?  Roxy: Yay! My very own servants!!! MOL.  Tigerlino: Ooh, look! New can openers! Let’s hope they serve tuna at their place…

What was the defining moment when you knew you were in your forever home?  Roxy: The humans had fancied my brother Romeo but then, when they picked me up I started purring like my life depended on it and human #1 said, „Ooh, I want this one!“   Tigerlino: When the humans took me home and gave me my very OWN bowl of food! That’s when I knew I was in HEAVEN!!

What has been your biggest “Oh no, now I’ve done it” moment so far in your home?   Roxy: When I spilled the human’s coffee over her MacBook. But hey, she should look on it from the bright side. Now that this silly thing is gone she can spend her whole time playing with us…   Tigerlino: When I “accidently” knocked the Christmas tree over and ruined Christmas. How was I to know it wasn’t a new scratching post?

Who do you have wrapped around your paws more – mom or dad – and why?  Roxy & Tigerlino: BOTH!! They are easy to manipulate… MOL

What’s the biggest misconception that humans think about you?  Roxy: That just because I’m awake means I’m ready to do anything…   Tigerlino: That they are my owners (but you and I know better…;-) )

Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend – check back next week for another Spotlight edition!


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Elf Name – Let’s Play a Game Shall We?

What is your Elf Name my friends?  I’ve seen this game circulating on mom’s Facebook page and had to play too.  Why do humans and elves get all of the fun – snorts.  So let’s play shall we.  I’ll go first.

My Elf Name would be:  Sparkle Snowflake

Mom’s Elf Name would be: Fuzzy Fluffernut

Dad’s Elf name would be: Fuzzy Sleigh Bells

Houdini’s Elf Name would be: Lollipop VanJingles

Hemi’s Elf Name would be:  Lollipop McSparkles

These people really know us!  What would your Elf Name be?  Please share.



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Spotlight Thursday – Meet Phoebe Maria Pilch

Spotlight Thursday

Welcome my friends to SPOTLIGHT THURSDAY.  This is the time that I will introduce you to one of my fellow anipals so you can get to know them better.  Some of them, you may already know.  We hope that you enjoy this series!

Name:  Phoebe Maria Pilch

Age:  14

Location:  Ware, MA

Web/Blog Page:

What were your first thoughts when you met your new parents?  I knew right away they were 2 suckers, I mean nice people,  who would do anything for me.

What was the defining moment when you knew you were in your forever home?  As soon as they let me out of my carrier and I immediately made friends with the other cats, I knew this was my forever home.

What has been your biggest “Oh no, now I’ve done it” moment so far in your home?   I NEVER get in trouble. My brother, Sammy peed in Mom’s hair about a month ago so I can do whatever I want now and it won’t seem bad.

 Who do you have wrapped around your paws more – mom or dad – and why?  I have them both wrapped around my adorable paws and my Grammie too. I love my Grammie very much, she brings me lots of treats.

What’s the biggest misconception that humans think about you?  My folks think I fight with Prancie when I am hungry, but I really just do it for fun.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend – check back next week for another Spotlight edition!


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – As you can see, I’m in this contraption my new humans like to call a box.  I call it a box of hell.  I mean I was okay with the humans putting me in it and taking me to their vehicle but to strap me in like the box is part of me – they will pay.  Not at first because I’m fortunate to be adopted.  But after a while… after making my new living conditions mine, they will pay.  I smell dog in this car so I do hope they have a dog and I do hope said dog is ready to be blamed for everything.  Signed Nails Out

Dear Nails Out – Oh pal.  I hate to say it but it’s almost funny to look at the picture.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not laughing at your situation.  Of course I wouldn’t do that.  But the picture of a box with arms attached – oh have mercy.  I so understand the complete concept of payback.  That poor pooch doesn’t know what is coming to his digs.

Dear Bacon – Everyone keeps saying that can’t wait for winter or fall and the cooler weather.  I say no.  I like the summer.  You don’t see us anipals bundles up to go out to use the facilities.  You don’t see us anipals where boots and coats when it’s raining.  This is me from last year.  bbbrr – can’t you just feel the cold weather.  Nope. I think I’ll pass…. but I guess mother nature won’t let me.  So, it’s time to dig out my umbrella, scarf and rain boots again.  There’s nothing like trying to pee outside where water is already all over you.  Signed Special

Dear Special – You know I like the way you think my friend.  I myself am not very fond of the outdoors, especially in the elements.  Perhaps your humans can fix you a potty area off of the back door or something.  You know so you don’t get wet.  But if not, I have to say you look adorable in your fall outfit for sure.

Dear Bacon –  Hey dude.  I’m like saying to my humans that if the potential president of our United States can have a comb over, like why can’t I?  Right?  And I have to admit that like I carry the comb over so much better than that dude for sure.  I mean like for real!  This is like my look and I’m digging it for sure.  I like the close shave all except my comb over which makes me like stand out in front of everyone else.  I mean dude with that in mind, maybe *I* should run like for the president of these United States.  I think like I have as much experience as the others, right?  Would you like vote for a dude like me?  Signed Dude

Dear Dude – I think everyone in the United States should write you in when they vote.  Just your views on life and your style, that makes you stand out in front of everyone else.  Nobody can claim that you have a double making appearances.  Nobody can claim that your cold.  Nobody can claim that you are not your very own dog.  I like that in a running campaign.  I say go for it.  And remember, free treats for everyone that votes!


Dear Bacon – They say you can be whoever you want to be.  I’ve always wanted to be a dinosaur.  I mean who wouldn’t, right?  I’ve always roared and told my humans that I’m strong like dinosaur.  They found this horse coat and boom they knew it had my name all over it.  Now, I love wearing it.  Wouldn’t you be scared if you saw me coming your way?  You would, wouldn’t you?  Signed Roar

Dear Roar – Oh my piggy heavens!  I’m shaking with fear.  That is so awesome my friend.  I love your coat and I think you make the coat.  I think it’s awesome that your humans bought if for you.  In fact,with your coat on, you could be a superhero.  I can see it now on all the televisions and papers – “Super Roar Adventures”.  It has a great sound to it, right?  Keep having an awesome time in your coat dear friend!

Dear Bacon – I claim not fair!  My doggy rights have been violated.  Who do I need to make a report to?  My friends are buttheads.  That’s right.  I said it.  They kept telling me about a new friend they met and how we had to meet because I would love them.  That’s when they introduced me to the new friend and then stepped to the side to take a picture of me saying hello.  Buttheads.  How do I get even Bacon?  Signed Caught Sniffing

Dear Caught Sniffing – Shaking my piggy head.  I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that gets caught in these types of things.  I’m so sure that there will come a time when they forget about this incident and everything with the stars line up just right that you will get even for sure.  AND I’m thinking it might be better than this episode… maybe.


❤ Remember my friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue emailing me your pictures and letters ❤



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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – I think I’ve lost my writing mojo.  I once was a popular writer.  You might have heard of me, Barky Steinbeck.  I had talent.  I had mystery.  I had a following.  Now it’s gone.  I’m going undercover here to find some action – something to write about.  A good creative juicy novel is what I need.  Any ideas?  Signed Barky

Dear Barky dude.  We had Dragocon here in Atlanta this past weekened.  You could have found enough material to write sequels with some of the want to be characters I saw on the streets and on television.  I’ll tell you this chick called Harley Quinn has my mojo – WOW.  But you know what I didn’t see – dragons.  Dude, it’s called Dragocon – where was the dragons?  Keep looking my friend and don’t use the help of endless whiskey to your next great American novel.  And might I add the beach.  That could be some interesting topics for sure.

Dear Bacon – Unlike the three little bears, this bed is mine – all mine.  It fits and I sits and sleep.  I couldn’t ask for anything more… well maybe some milk and cookies.  Who doesn’t like milk and cookies before bed, right?  Signed Gingerlocks

Dear Gingerlocks – I know what you mean.  The perfect bed is the perfect rest.  I wouldn’t give anything in the world for my toddler bed.  If cuddles my pot belly and butt oh so perfect for sure.  And milk and cookies – I love the way you think!  I think I’ll go see if I can go find some milk and cookies now for a snack.  Happy sleeps!

Dear Bacon – I have arrived.  Not only did I find my forever family – I found my forever family that believes in dressing alike.  Can you say goal accomplished?  I never thought they would find matching shoes for them – look at the size of their feet.  They can stomp out forest fires!  Do you and your mom dress alike?  Signed Two for Tea

Dear Two for Tea – Squeals with piggy excitement.  Look at you two!  That is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in sometime my friend.  And me and mom dressing alike – well if you count our matching pot-bellies – snorts with piggy laughter.  But mom and that little dog Houdini – shaking head.  They have matching Ugg boots.  Now that is too much.

Dear Bacon – I don’t get it.  I walk around my hood and people point and laugh.  Shaking my head in confusion.  I’m minding my own business but of course I’m always looking for food.  I’m always hungry.  Then people stop on the street, point and then laugh.  I don’t get it. Can you help a dog out?  Signed Snooky

Dear Snooky –  Oh my friend.  I’m highly impressed.  Really I am.  I would hang with you anytime in your hood walking the streets.  Don’t worry about what those others think that are pointing at you.  They have no clue to the greatness in their presence.  Really they don’t.  But I have to ask you one itty bitty question.  Are you good at mysteries?


❤ Remember friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to email me your letters/pictures. ❤


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Cats Rule – Pigs Drool!

 Hello blogville – Hemi here.  Can you say busted little piggy?  I told you I could get better pictures of the roaming chickens.  I set up the situation Saturday afternoon.  I then sat a few feet away from the door… just waiting.  Cause you know, us lions are good at waiting.  I must have sat there for hours… okay maybe it was 30 minutes.  Who could sit longer with that pig and dog running around here at the Hotel Thompson.

Then it happened.  I heard them first but I waited patiently.  I saw a couple of these 2 piece snacks walk in front of my door.  That’s when I silently stalked up to the door and peering over the threshold.  If you wait, more will come and that’s what I did.  At one time, I counted five babies… then the mom showed up.   Look closely at the picture to the right above where I am standing – you can see her head.

And we are right.  As soon as the pig and dog spotted them and started making enough noise to wake the dead – rolls kitty eyes – they ran back to the neighbors house and went into their backyard.  They so live there!  Can you say busted?




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Dear Bacon

Hey Oinker – I’m here to ask for your vote this year.  I can make America great again… sure I can.  More treats and more rights for us anipals.  More playtime in safe streets.  No loud noises on holidays.  Kindness in forever homes for us all!  That’s my platform.  What do you think?  Do you think I have a chance?  Signed Rump for President

Dear Rump for President – I think you have as much luck as anyone else my friend.  In fact, I think I would personally vote for you.  Sure I would!  You have a solid platform in my book!  VOTE FOR RUMP!

Dear Bacon – There I was on a cool Saturday morning.  The human was up and I jumped on her lap for a little TLC – just me and her.  That’s some of the best times, isn’t it?  Well, it was this day too… that is until I looked over at her cup.  Really mom?  This is how you treat me?  All of these special cuddles.  All of these purrs.  All of these massages I give you.  The serenading in the middle of the night.  I bring you birds and small creatures for my thankfulness in having you in my life.  And you pay me back with this cup.  Shakes my head, jumps down with my tail high and walks away never looking back.  Signed The Cat

Dear The Cat – I’m sorry pal.  I know how it looks but maybe it’s not the humans fault.  Maybe the dog put that cup on the counter.  Actually, I’m thinking it sounds like something a dog would do to suck up to the humans.  You see, dogs sometimes have to be told repeatedly how special they are.  Unlike you cats.  Cats know how special they are.  They don’t need suck up cups or special shirts to say it.  I say carry on as usual my friend.  Let the dog think about why you are not upset.  That would be better in this situation.

Dear Bacon – There we were in our backyard minding our own business.  That’s when we heard the splashing in our neighbors yard.  Well you know we had to take a peek to see what was going on.  That’s when we saw it.  The lady of our dreams in a hot bikini.  Fifi the poodle next door.  Oh my gawd!  We are in love ❤  Signed Harley and Davidson

Dear Harley and Davidson – Dear heavens boys.  You know it’s not good to ogle your  potential girlfriend.  That almost crosses the line at stalking.  Look that word up and you might just see your pictures.  If you are smitten, why don’t you do this the right way and meet her parents, get to know her, take her out for a date or a walk.  But never, ever, look under the fence and spy on her.  Shaking my piggy head.  Even I know this.

Dear Bacon – I am not amused.  I am certainly not!   The humans were slackers and didn’t put my food in my bowl.  I did what any other kitty would do.  I went to go get it myself.  Then my head got all wrapped up in this contraption.  Damn me for not having fingers!  The humans will pay for this.  I mean it is literally their fault.  If they had put me first (like they are suppose to do) and put food in my bowl, we wouldn’t be in this situation.  The end.  What do you think?  Push a glass off the counter or hair ball in their shoe?  Signed Cliffy

Dear Cliffy – You know I’ve seen that contraption before.  Mom/dad used to put my food in that kind of container before they started buying it in bulk.  (I finally have them trained).  I’m thinking that a hair ball to start would be adequate payback for this rudeness in not fixing your food first.  If they do it again, then yeah that favorite dog mug might need to take a walk off the counter.  I’m just sayin’

Dear Bacon – Look I’ve seen things.  Things I can’t unseen.  Things that I can’t erase from my memory.  And I’ve also heard things.  Unbelievable things.  So trust me, don’t give me that flack about smoking.  Do you know how hard it is to live these days and not go crazy?  Signed Dexter

Dear Dexter – Nods head.  I understand.  You’ve seen and heard things.  Maybe that’s what happened.  You know what they say about smoking stunting your growth.  Just think of how big you could have been if you didn’t smoke.  I just have to go there.  That’s my box and I’m now getting off of it.

P.S.  What have you seen and heard?  Anything exciting you want to share?

Remember friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without you.  Please continue to email me your letters/pictures. ❤


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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

Welcome my friends to my Bacon’s Tales of Terror.  Today, I have another true story.  Something that happened to my mom that I want to share with you.  Are you ready?  Do you think you can stand the chills and bumps?  Here’s my hoof if you need to hold it sweet friends.

Do you remember several months when we had the awful news that Mouse Girl had passed away here at the Hotel Thompson?  You can read about it here.  This happened so out of the blue.  Mouse Girl was fine and then she was not.  The day that mom/dad came home from the vet’s office, they were both just torn apart.  Mom had called Fozziemom and they were talking about what happened.  This is where it gets weird and strange.  During their conversation, I was in the front room with mom along with Houdini and Hemi.  There was a kitty that started meowing out of the blue.  It was so strong and so loud that even Fozziemom heard it and asked about it.  Mom was looking straight at Hemi and it was not him.  The meow was strong and loud – like an adult kitty.  Everyone was bewildered.

Mom went to the front door and looked outside.  On the porch she saw a kitty perhaps just a couple of weeks old and the strong meowing was coming from that kitty.  Mom told Fozziemom she was going to investigate and would call her back.  Mom went straight outside perhaps only a couple of minutes went by from mom seeing the kitty, hanging up and going outside.  That’s when she found it – nothing.  No kitty. Nada.  Not even a trace.  What the heck?!

Our neighbor Big Daddy was sitting out front.  Mom asked him if (A) he heard it or (B) he saw it.  He saw and heard nothing which was odd because the kitty was right there.  Mom then asked the kids that were playing in front of the house if they heard or saw the kitty.  Nope.  This kitty was gone in less than 60 seconds – vanished.  Mom searched around the front yard, around the bushes and nothing.

The kitty has never been seen or heard again since this date.  Now is that weird or what?    Was it Mouse Girl saying goodbye?  Thoughts?


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon – I read your columns.  I follow your blog.  I think you are like the coolest pig ever representing all of us other pigs in the world.  There’s no reason why us piggies can’t be spoiled just like a pooch or a kitty.  We have feelings too.  I’ve even got my humans following you now so they can see that spoiling us piggies is the ‘in’ thing to do now.  I just wanted to throw a shout out to you and say thanks dude.  Signed Hamhocks

Dear Hamhocks – Thank you my friend.  I’m honored that you and your humans follow my blog and columns.  That means a lot to me and touches my little piggy heart.  Keep getting spoiled my friend – it’s the way life should be for us oinkers!

Dear Bacon – I made a grave mistake.  I wanted out.  My humans let me out without looking.  Mr Stupid … I mean Mr. Bear was out there waiting for me.  I want back in now but the humans went on to do something else and don’t hear me screaming.  Help.  Signed In and Out Cry for Help

Dear In and Out Cry for Help – Oh my friend.  Hopefully that fence between us will keep Mr. Bear away from cute little you.  Seeing how this happened, you might want to rethink in the future, the in and out situation of driving the humans crazy.  When something bad happens, they ignore you.  Kind of like the boy who cried wolf.  Stay sweet my friend.



Dear Bacon – There I was minding my own business and the tomcat next door starting singing to me ,watching me like a voyeur and trying to get my attention.  He is so like weird.  I think my face says everything I do believe.  He needs to hit the high trails and go hit on some other kitty.  This kitty is so not interested.  Signed Hit the Road Jack

Dear Hit the Road Jack – Snorts with piggy laughter.  I think your beautiful face says everything my sweet friend.  You are *so* not interested.  Perhaps he will get the drift soon.



Dear Bacon – I was minding my own business.  I’ve been watching my humans play with this computer like thing for days pounding keys and laughing like a jackass.  I thought when they went to the adult potty, I would jump over to see what was so funny.  I don’t see anything that is so hysterical.  The pounced the keys with my claws and didn’t get it.  I jumped down before the human came back.  But unfortunately the computer thing told on me and captured me in the middle of my investigation.  How rude huh?  Signed Busted

Dear Busted – Oh I hate those computer things that tell on us.  Who do they think they are?  Perhaps bring it something wet and toss it on those stupid key things.  Maybe then it will learn to respect you.  I’m just saying – snorts with piggy laughter.



Remember my friends.  Dear Bacon can’t happen without *you*.  Please remember to email me your letters and pictures ❤



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