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31 Days of Spook – Day 26

Ooohh – the thrill of ghosts my friends.  If you have not seen this 1997 Disney supernatural thriller – you must go watch it NOW.  I saw it for the first time earlier in the week when my pig sitter Hannah was out – snorts.  It was GREAT!


The movie starts out in 1939 on Halloween and revolves around 5 people (Carolyn Crosson, Gilbert London, Sally Shine, Emeline Partridge and Dewey Todd).  They are at the Hollywood Tower Hotel and have been invited to the Tip Top Party on the 12th floor.

They all get in the elevator together and suddenly it gets stuck on the 11th floor at exactly 8:05pm.  Lightening strikes the building causing the elevator to collapse and all five people disappear.  Then the movie fast forwards 60 years until present time.


Newspaper reporter, Buzzy Crocker, is a hoot.  He makes up ‘monsters’ and such with the help of his niece Anna.  He talks Anna’s mom into letting Anna help him out with the investigation of the Hollywood Tower Hotel which is allegedly haunted.


They go to the hotel and some mysterious things happen to them.  They end up meeting Abigail Gregory who blames everything that happened back in the day on Emeline Partridge (who was Sally Shine’s nanny).  Abigail says that Emeline cast an evil spell that backfired and trapped everyone on the elevator that night.  

Abigail explains that if the elevator is fixed and Buzzy and Anna can find something that belonged to each of the trapped ghosts, she can reverse the spell and all can be good once again.

Buzzy and Anna believe her and do just that.  What they don’t know… well… I think I’m going to stop here.  I’ve told ya’ll about some really good movies this month.  But this one, you are going to have to watch.  It is THAT good.

Happy watching my friends.  Don’t be too mad at me 😉 winks


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