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31 Days of Spook – Story Submission

I hope everyone had a great and wonderful weekend – not too many boos and ghosts.  Today, we have another guest story submission.  This one is from my friend Kelly at Boomdeeadda.  Do you know her?  If you don’t, you are so missing out on entertainment and a wonderful spirit – snorts how appropriate today huh?  Please make it a point to visit my friend Kelly at Boomdeeadda – tell her that Bacon sent you.


“Dear Bacon, I thought I’d tell you about a holiday I took with my girlfriend to visit her Grandma.  We were both 13 and staying for a week.  We were sleeping in the basement of her old house. Every night, my friend and I would get out a Ouija Board and ask it all kinds of questions. The first few nights were fun and silly with lots of giggles.

One night, it was especially animated. It was just flying around the board.  At first we thought it was all nonsense, then we started to write down the letters.  Some of the words we didn’t even know. So we went upstairs to ask Grandma for a dictionary (no home computers in 1974, ha).  To our surprise, the board had spelled words neither of us knew but they were in the dictionary. After accusing each other, we were so freaked out, we put the Ouija Board out in the garage and never touched it the rest of the holiday. I don’t know about my girlfriend, but I’ve never used one since. Too freaky.

I don’t know who we had visit, but they sure scared the heck out of us….hey I just noticed, the first three letters of my blog name spell BOO!  eeeeek :D”


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