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Paw Time with Houdini

Barks!  Hello my dear friends.  I’m glad to report that the Hotel Thompson is now back up and running – the hazmat team has left and all of the flu cooties are reportedly out and MIA hitting others in the unknown.  Mom and dad are in no way back to 100% but it’s good to say that at least us anipals know they aren’t secretly zombies trying to overtake us at night.  Barks – heck, they couldn’t even move like regular humans for a while.

But no worries.  Us anipals did the best we could in trying to take care of them.  Unfortunately one day, mom/dad kicked us out of their bedroom and we all had to fend for ourselves while they slept.  I think it did them good beimagecause when they awakened, they looked much more like the imagehumans we know – ha!

And for those that asked, here is my rocking new tie-dye t-shirt.  Isn’t it amazing?  It fits so wonderful!

Just call me:

Cosmic Whimsical Unicorn

What’s your hippie name?

Oh and of course we can’t leave this week without Jokes from Daddy.  Let’s give him his moment in the limelight – barks with puppy laughter.  Have a great weekend my friends.


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K9 High Five

 I guess even K9’s can get carried away apprehending the bad guys – snorts with piggy laughter.


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Paw Time with Houdini

.   image

Barks!  I just gotta share something with you my friends.  For Christmas, the big guy called Santa brought me some Greenies. Not just any kind of Greenies but Holiday Spice flavor.  Can we talk?  They are delicious!  Someone told mommy about Greenies and said they were good for my gums and teeth – barks!  And everyone knows that I got me some sharp teeth – just ask daddy when we play.

So Santa brought me some teenie sized Greenies – Oh my doggy heavens!  They are perfect – just my size!

image Look at that Greenie!  Isn’t it *almost* as adorable as me – I said *almost*.  Barks with puppy laughter.  When I got my first one, I didn’t know what to do with it but I knew I wanted it because it smelled so yummy.  Then a few minutes later, I figured out what it was and destroyed it.  Now, mommy has to mention Greenie and I’m so there waiting for one.

How about you?  Do you enjoy a good Greenie every once in a while?  Do you like them?  What kind of flavor do you have?

That’s it for this week my friends – take care and have an awesome weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

 Hey my friends – nope you are right – It’s only Thursday – Barks!  But there’s a lot going on with my blog tomorrow so I wanted to jump in here a day early.  Last weekend, I went to my spa day.  I absolutely ❤ spa day.  I get my bubble bath and trim.  And the most important thing – I get fawned over by all of the ladies while I’m there – that’s what I’m talking about!  When mom came and got me, I was walking around in the back of the shop getting my love on with the staff.  The owner opened up the door to the grooming part of the shop and said, “Houdini, your mom is here.”  I came walking to the front and saw mommy.  Then I took off running to her.  I love my new spa place.  They are totally awesome!

What’s more awesome then spa day?  The days that daddy takes me to the big bedroom and let’s me wake up mommy for the worky place.  OMD!  Those days are so much fun.  Do you wanna know what it looks like from mom’s perspective?  I can show you – it’s a little dark but Bacon helped me set up the video in the big bed just for this video.  And thank goodness we put it in slow motion.  If not, it would be over before you knew it!  Hope you enjoy it my friends – happy early weekend!

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Another week down my friends.  It was a busy week with mom/dad’s anniversary and Bacon’s birthday but it was a fun week.  Bacon has also been busy getting ready for his 31 Days of Spook in October and of course mom has started her DIEt again for the gazillionth time – rolls puppy eyes.  Do all women go through this?  Please tell me yes – barks!

The weather here has started getting cooler.  Bacon is loving that.  I myself am not sure.  This six pound body gets cold like you wouldn’t believe.  A couple of nights, mom has made a fire (by flipping the switch – barks with laughter).  I crawl up in her lap on her chaise to feel the heat and watch the flames.  That is the life my friends.  And don’t you love my shirt?  I got it just for Bacon to pick on him.  He’s not too fond of it for some unknown reason?  Maybe because it makes my butt look small?

Oh, and this is hilarious.  When mom/dad came home Sunday from their night out, guess what happened?  The toilet decided it didn’t want to work anymore and wouldn’t flush.  Isn’t that awesome?  So mom had to go the local Home Depot store to pick up what she called a flapper.  I wouldn’t let her out of my sight so guess who got to go with her?  Yep that would be me.  I was her assistant. So we went together.  That place is cool.  The smells are funny but there was so many people that wanted to pet me and oohh and aaww over me.  Of course, I ate that up!  I was the main attraction in the plumbing aisle.

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

   Barks my friends!  What a busy past couple of weeks we have had here at the Hotel Thompson.  So much going on with mommy.  She is really trying to feel better these days and has been to the doctor a couple of times.  It has a lot to do with the weather changing and getting a little bit cooler.  It’s really messing with Mr. Arthritis.  He seems like such a mean person.  I wish I could meet him.  I would bite his ankles for what he does to mom and dad at times.

I gotta tell you a story about someone I did meet this weekend here at the Hotel Thompson – right in my living room too.  There I was playing around in front of the fireplace.  That’s when i saw this other pooch staring at me.  Do you see him in the pictures below?  What the barks was he doing in *my* front room and how did he get in.  I stopped what I was doing, stared him down and barked like crazy at him.  But oh no, he kept hiding in the fireplace – what a wuss!

I sat there and waiting patiently – of course throwing in some growls and barks.  Then mom saw me and asked me what was going on.  Then she told me something amazing.  She said it was me in what she called a reflection in the glass.  OMD!!  No wonder that dog looked so handsome – it was me!  Barks – Barks – Barks










Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Happy Friday my friends!!  Hope you have had a wonderful week.  We are all trying to get back to ‘normal’ or whatever that is around here at the Hotel Thompson.  I know mom has had a tough week so this morning I showed her some one-on-one time with me.  I know that *always* brings a smile to her face.  And better yet, I played with one of my new toys that I go this week.

Let me introduce you to Binky.  And shaking head up and down, it’s exactly what that is – a doggy pacifier.  Can you belief that?  Of course, this one squeaks to the high heavens and can wake the neighbors it’s so loud – barks!  I think that’s why I like it so much – it’s loud.  Mom has re-thought buying it several times – well that’s what she has told daddy because of the noise.  One night, I played with it making noises for 45 minutes straight.  It was a grand old time.  All the way through watching Jeopardy, I thought mom/dad would say something but they never did.  What parents huh?  Cause I tried really hard that night to get on their last nerves but it never worked.  I think I may be losing.  Perhaps I need some tips from my doggy friends – any suggestions?




Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Barks!  Hello my friends to another weeks edition of Paw Time with Houdini.  This week I have lots to share with you.  This week I got to go to work with mommy!  Let me tell you – that is some fun stuff.  All week long she kept telling me that one day this week she would bring me.  Every day, I kept waiting at the front door.  Finally the day came.  She got my “work” shirt out and changed my clothes.  Then, it was off to the worky place!

But first, we went through a local drive thru for some breakfast.  When they saw me in my “work” shirt, they asked if I could have some nuggets for breakfast.  Mom said yes and they gave me my big boy breakfast too just like mom’s.  It was so cool.  I gave them a high five and then we went to worky place.  Of course, I came in and made it be known that I was on patrol now – no more games today – barks!  I ate my breakfast and made some rounds with mom.  Peeps kept talking about how skilled I was.  I would walk around with mom and when she stopped to chat, I would stop at her feet and sit.  They said I was ‘trained’.  I say I gotta act right because I like coming to the worky place, right?  Every once in a while, mom would make sure we did our rounds, took potty breaks and checked in with everyone.  You know – just to make sure everyone was behaving – barks.

And then when I wasn’t on patrol, I crawled up on mom’s desk to help her out.  You know with counting and typing and keeping her organized.  It’s a hard job but someone has to do it, right?  She got a lot done this day because she had my toes to help with her counting.

I also helped her make her phone calls, type correspondence and gave it all my paw of approval.  After a while, more of her co-workers came in and checked me out.  They were all taking a break later and went into the huge garage area to play some b-ball… you know basketball.  I asked mom if I could go too and she let me.

   It was a great time!  I got to run with the big boys and practice my dribbling.  I even shot a ball off the rim… of course with some assistance from one of my teammates.  Who says little dogs can’t jump.  Look for me soon in the NBA my friends!

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well.  Happy weekend!


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Dear Bacon

20130531-235655.jpgDear Bacon,
You’ve caught us.  This is what we do when the humans aren’t looking.  ssshh – kind of keep it to yourself okay.  You’re welcomed to join us anytime – just bring your lightsaber.  Signed Squirrel Wars

Dear Squirrel Wars,

Hey – I’m in!  This looks like fun.  Party in the back of the Hotel Thompson this weekend.  I’ll call Journalist Rocky the Squirrel to get the invites out.  Thanks my friends!


20130531-235711.jpgDear Bacon,
Part of fitting in is the disguise.  I’ve been hanging out on the pier now for two whole days and no one has noticed me.  I think it’s the hat – maybe the fishing rod.  So I now know the answer to life’s greatest problem – blend in with the humans.  What do you think?  You want me to get you a rod and hat to come out with me?  Signed BirdGilligan

Dear BirdGilligan,

WOW!  I’m glad you told me who you were, I would have never guessed it!  You do blend in so well.  I’m wondering if I wore that outfit would humans ever think it was me?  How about I try to meet you soon and we can test that theory?  But first of all, I have to ask.  Can you lift 45 pounds?  Because if the humans catch on, you gotta get me out of there before they start looking at you as a two piece and me as bar-be-que.  Shivers.


Dear Bacon,
I’m in the police academy trying out for a police officer.  I think I have the gun stance down.  You think?  Why don’t you come join me?  I’ve heard it runs in your family and perhaps someone in the family can put in a good word for us?  Signed Stop or I’ll Shoot

Dear Stop or I’ll Shoot,

That is a good stance.  I’m impressed.  I don’t think that I’m ‘police officer’ material in that way though.  My hooves – well they just get in the way when I try to hold some heat.  I’m more of a Pig9… you know something like a K9 but with me, an oinker.  With this snout, I think I can be trained to smell out all of the bad things out there.  But hey, what if we were partners?  You the bad cop and me the good cop – raises eyebrows.  That would work partner!


20130531-235738.jpgDear Bacon,
HELP!  There’s something on my noise and I can’t see it.  It tickles.  Hurry, what is it?  Is it dangerous?!  Signed Crossed Eyes

Dear Crossed Eyes,

Snort giggles.  Never fear my purr friend.  It’s just a lady bug.  They are good luck.  I think she likes you.  Maybe be nice to her and make a new friend.  There’s nothing to harm you little guy.



Dear Bacon,

I think me and my friend are twins!  We both have some of the same characteristics – you know like being devious and mischievous – purr laugh.  I think it’s the constant smile that pulls the humans into our lives.  There’s only one small, tiny, little difference.  My friend can reshape his body to frighten peeps.  I can almost do that… not the way he does but I’m learning.  Signed Cheshire in Training

Dear Cheshire in Training,

WOW – I almost couldn’t tell the difference between you two.  That smile – it’s almost identical my friend.  Perhaps you can play his stunt double in real life?  That’s always an idea.  Just think of the fame and fortune you would have.  Carry on my friend and keep smiling.


Remember friends – keep sending you pictures and questions to me at


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Possible Careers for this Oinker at Large!

You know it gets to a point in a little pigs life that he has to start thinking about his future. Even Bashful has already started thinking about a career as a police rock. The little fellow has high ambitions. He’s working on his ‘demanding, authoritative’ voice now. It’s a work in progress.

So that got me thinking. I really need to start thinking about a career. You know, just in case I have to support mom/dad in their senior years. What? It could happen. So here are some possibilities that I have come up with.

 I’m still thinking about a life on the opposite side of crime. It kind of runs in the family. 🙂 There are K9’s out there that help detect bombs and drugs. Why can’t there be a Pig Detector? With my snout, I have a strong sense of smell. I think I could also detect bombs and drugs… of course with the right amount of training.

I wonder if the academy would take me? I think I’ll look into this and find the number in mom’s phone later. Maybe she can even pull a few strings for me and get me enrolled. And hey, if I get in then perhaps we can get Bashful in later? It’s worth a shot, right?


And I’m still not giving up on the idea of being a pilot. That would be pigawesome! If I could fly an airplane, perhaps this would finally put to rest the old saying about when pigs can fly. I mean heck with enough thrust any of us can take flight… even if it is only for a couple of minutes.

If I could fly a plane, just think of the possibilities. Do you think Delta would hire me? I could spruce up the old resume. How would you feel the next time you were flying and the pilot was ME? Of course, I would oink first before I told you we were taking off and I would try to keep the turbulence down. Thoughts?



Oh the days of being a cowboy.. running around the great pastures… all of that open space and fields.

Okay – maybe not a cowboy. I’m not that ready for nature yet.

Give me a little bit and I might change my mind.

But for now, let’s skip this for the time being.



What about working in road construction. Hey in Atlanta, Georgia, they are *always* working on the roads. I could direct traffic with the best of them. Maybe even my favorite news channel, Fox 5, here would do a special on me.

I can see it in lights now – “Tonight at 11PM – special on oinker that directs traffic in busy downtown Atlanta. Don’t miss it!”

Oh, that sent chills up my spine. This could definitely be a possibility my friends.


So what do ya’ll think my friends? Do you think any of these would work for me or do I need to keep looking for different jobs. Where was my guidance counselor when I was in school? Let me know. I’m up for suggestions my friends.  Just think of the possibilities! 

Oink XOXO – Bacon

Note: pictures found on the Internet


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