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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello my friends.  Life at the Hotel Thompson is still exciting and never a dull moment.  I’ve been spending time lately with my cousin Tinkerbell up at Nana’s house.  That has been so much fun!  It’s great to hang around with my own kind and have play dates.  Not that it’s not great here – it is.  But come on, there’s a pig and two purr things here.  I need to be a doggy, let loose and have some barking good time.  When I feel that coming out in me, I beg mom for a play date up at Nana’s.  She has so much stuff to get into to explore. And she has Tinkerbell.  She’s so much fun to play with!


I wanted to let you know that I’m still dressing up in my clothes.  I LOVE to play dress up.  Really I do.  People don’t get it when I tell them that.  They think I’m joking but I’m not.  Honestly if mom goes into my clothes dresser (yes I have my own), I will follow her to the couch.  I will then jump on the couch and stretch out my front arms so she can dress me.  Then I will even pose like in this Super Bowl party picture.  Cute huh?  And when it’s time to take it off, mom calls me and I hold up my hands.  Honestly.  Even Nana has seen me in action and she couldn’t believe it either.

So what do you think about my first football jersey here?  You can see if you look closely that it even has shoulder pads – hilarious!  And my number on the back is 00 and it says LINEBARKER.  Too much fun huh?  Daddy says it was priceless and I have to agree.  I love this shirt!


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