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Blast from the Past

Shivers – Just look at that thing – and I say that loosely.  

20140321-084504.jpgI told you a couple of months ago that mom has been cleaning up some old boxes from her and dad’s childhood.  Well, this is another ‘toy’ from mom’s past.  Toy – snorts.  I think this is why me and mom think clowns are evil.  Look at that thing.  How in the world do you ‘play’ with such a thing and not cringe when you see clowns?

Can you just imagine that evil clown hiding in the box.  You hear the music going and going and then all of a sudden “POP” goes the clown.  Give this little pig a break.  I’m going to say it.  I would just drizzle right there and then!  I think the house would be flooded.

Did you have one of these things during your childhood?  Admit it, go ahead.  And  how do you feel about clowns now?

That’s right.  I thought so.  You’re welcome.


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