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Something Pig is Coming – PLOL

Daddy is going to be so excited. This is too funny. I had to share. Daddy is such a HUGE Angry Bird enthusiast. I found this on Youtube and laughed my little pig tail furiously. It was so funny!  Even Bashful has gotten to the point that he hums that Angry Bird music constantly.  He rolls up and down the halls singing.  Sometimes the purr things here at the Hotel Thompson toss him at me trying to knock this pig down thinking they are playing Angry Piggies – Snort – PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud). 

I just love these piggies.  Don’t you??


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Daddy and His Angry Bird Compulsion – Snort

Daddy is such a huge Angry Bird fan.  He plays the games all of the time. He even has shirts that he wears everywhere.  There’s just something so relaxing about the sound of breaking wood and ice in those games.  Me and mom have gotten so use to the sounds, we tune them out now when we are watching television and he is playing on the iPad.    He’s even bought me some toys to resemble the little birds…and especially the pigs.  It’s so funny.  He likes the idea of doing my room in Angry Birds.  Mom on the other hand is a little hesitant.  She doesn’t want me to ‘outgrow’ the look so easily and want to change up so quickly.20130220-081406.jpg

I’ve been surfing the net and I’ve come across several things for daddy and his Angry Bird compulsion.  I think he could use this hat.  I mean really, when he goes out in the morning to start mom’s tonka toy for work, it’s cold out there.  This would keep his head warm plus keep him in his Angry Bird attire.  Match this with one of his t-shirts and boom – you have a game in action!


And, I have to admit that there are times that dad gets a tad bit frustrated playing… just a tad bit.  Sometimes he has a tendency to talk back to those birds and pigs.  I really need to record him at times – it is kind of funny.  A grown man talking back to the i-Pad.  Snort – I do believe pops needs some anger management.  That’s where this shirt caught my attention.  This is exactly the anger management I was thinking of.  If you’ve ever played, you *know* how frustrating it can be… and how entertaining.  I have to admit though, dad is pretty good at it when he’s winning.


And I know sweet mom already has an idea about her and dad’s costumes for Halloween this year but I found something for dad and his obsession.  It’s very fitting and he would definitely be the hit of the party.  Personally, I think mom needs to get this for him, a green pig one for me and she needs to pick a color. 

Can you imagine us at a party dressed like Angry Birds?  I think it would definitely be a hit!


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Snoring Piggy – LOL

Of course, leave it to my mommy to video tape something so personal – rolls piggy eyes.  She finds me fascinating, can you tell?  There I was minding my own business on the couch last night.  I had positioned myself around mom and had my snout warmly snugged on her legs.  There’s nothing like contact body heat.  I was a warm piggy and so content. 

Mom and dad were watching television and playing their respective iPads.  Mom thought she heard a noise outside and told dad to mute the television.  That’s when they heard it and the soft laughter began.  They didn’t want to wake me up because mom – always with her camera – started video taping the situation. 

Watch the video which mom has already blasted all over You Tube – thanks mom.  Shakes piggy head, absolutely NO privacy here at the Hotel Thompson.  You will see mom’s legs – ha back at you – how you feel now mommsy – Snort!  Bottom right hand corner you will notice my snout.  Make sure your volume is turned up.  Hope this brings a laugh to your day my friends.  Happy Friday!  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 


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This Ones For Dad


My dad is forever playing the game Angry Birds.  He has so many different ones on his iPad.  He plays this game nightly.  I think mom has the theme forever burned in her mind – LOL

Last night when I was hanging out in my room watching the History Channel, I was also surfing the net.  I was watching a special on Stone Henge and thought I would do some research.  I came across this funny with Angry Birds.  I started laughing.  In fact, I was laughing so hard that mommy had to come check on me.  Of course, she saw it and started laughing as well.  Then dad walked in and we both got quiet.  Poor dad.  It reminded me of the latest Cheetos commercial.  So funny!



Then I was further playing around on the net and I came across these eggs.  How genius!  Someone actually boiled eggs and then painted them to look like Angry Birds.  I told mom that she *has* to do this with daddy.  Can you imagine what he would say?  It would be a hoot! 

Or for that matter, can you imagine fixing a bunch of these up for the yearly Easter egg hunt?  I bet kids would love it.  Do you have a favorite from the Angry Birds?  Of course, mine has to be the pig. 🙂



And this one for dad is the best.  We’ve all been pondering how to do the pumpkin this year.  It would be cute if mom did one like this in honor of dad.  It wouldn’t take much to put it together and it would be fun.  … I wonder if she would let me toss it afterwards?

Have fun!!  XOXO Bacon

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