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Inspiring Blog Award

I am very honored to say that I have been granted another award – the Inspiring Blog Award.  This award was given to me by my close friend Chris at Peace Love & Whiskers (  Definitely go check out her site when you get a chance and meet Bubby, Buggy, Miss Bit-bit and Boo.

I’m so excited that I can barely keep my piggy tail from wagging so fast – I love awards and treats.  Just ask mom! 

Here we go –

Rules for Inspiring Blog Award:

1.  Link back to the person who gave you the award – See above 🙂

2.  Post the award on the page – To the left – to the left 🙂

3.  Answer 7 facts about yourself.

4.  Nominate other blogs – YAY!


Seven Facts About Me!

  1. I love attention.  I’m what you would call an attention hog – snort – no pun intended.  I love to be petted and snuggled. 
  2. I tend to be more of a woman’s pig than a man’s pig.  I think it’s because they smell good, have soft skin and love on me more.  Hey, I know where to get my loving!
  3. I’m just a tad – just a tad okay – scared of the dark.  I have a piggy night light in my room when I go to bed.
  4. I secretly think I’m a human.  I don’t really know any different on how to be a pig.  I’m good with that.
  5. I love to play in water and blow bubbles.  I think it’s fun.  I also like to splash in water and get mommy wet when it’s bath time. 
  6. Mom plays kids books on audio on the i-pad sometimes when I go to bed for our nightly story.  I like to see the different pictures and colors.
  7. I don’t do it very often but I have slept in mom and dad’s bed.  They have a Select Comfort.  I’m a 50 – 🙂 Daddy doesn’t like me to sleep in the big bed though – he complains when I still all of his blankets.

My nominations –


Sydney Fong over at

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