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You Snooze You Lose Little Pig

Evil purrs and meows friends – the little oinker left his blog page up again so here I am.  The King of the Hotel Thompson.  The one in charge.  The one that rocks this Hotel and keeps everyone in their place.  Sir Hemi – you may call me your majesty – purrs.

The little pig left his administrative page up so I thought I would have a little fun with him and mom. It seems these days, if you find mom here, you find the pig and vice versa.  In fact, some days the pig is worse than the dog and sticks to mom like glue.  You should see him following her around our humble abode snorting and oinking like he’s in charge.  It’s utterly ridiculous.  Us cats are regal and would never humble ourselves to that kind of activity.

But since mom and the pig are inseparable – rolls kitty eyes – I thought I would have fun with them.  I turned mommy into a piggy and Bacon into well – moi.  I love the changes – what about you?  Maybe this will teach the oinker from not leaving his blog up and unattended 🙂



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We Will Be Angels

 Really mom.  You just go on and have fun. We will be perfect angels here. Really. Bacon told us what he planned for you and dad. All we gotta say is eeww. Bacon told us humans like these things. That’s okay. We would just like toys and treats. That’s what we like. Can you leave us some please?  Oh and can you leave this thing called duct tape out for us too?  Me and Mouse Girl need that for a project we want to do to Hemi. Don’t worry. It won’t take off much fur. Have fun and we love you. 


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