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And They Are OFF!

  A couple of weeks ago, I gave mom/dad a list of things I just needed to send off this year for Christmas around the world.  Now, mom looked at the list and just dreaded it because the woman *hates* shopping. Can you believe that my friends?  A woman that *hates* shopping?  Rolls piggy eyes – I know unheard of.  Now on the other hoof, dad LOVES shopping.  He can’t get enough of it.  In fact, personally I think he was a woman in a previous life – I’m just saying.

But daddy had this bright idea to come over him Sunday morning.  He said to mom, “You know, I bet the post office won’t be busy today.  Let’s go play Santa and Mrs. Claus and mail everything off.”  You know friends that this is not going to end well, right?

 So mom went through all of the shopping bags, made out all of her Christmas cards that she could remember and started bagging things up.  Of course, us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson tried to help.  So friends, if you get a card or a package from us and it has some anipal fur in it, you my friends just got a bonus – snorts with piggy laughter.  Now you need to figure out which one of us it came from because we were all trying to help mom out.  She might of gotten a little frustrated to say the least in our attempts to help.

This picture here to the right is one of the many bags that was loaded up in the Jeep for transport to the main post office that is open on Sundays.  You see, last Sunday mom/dad went there to get some customs declarations and there was no one in line.  Thus that is why daddy thought no one would be there this week.

Let me tell you something my friends,  daddy was wrongas usual.  The post office was packed!  There were 23 people in front of us and ONE teller.  Yep 23 people – mom counted them.  So they stood in line…and stood…and moved slightly…and then stood some more.

Finally mom had to walk because her back was hurting.  She went outside and came back in laughing.  Of course, daddy hadn’t moved that much in line.

He asked mom why she was laughing.  She told him and I have to admit that it was hilarious.  What was it?  Okay outside of the post office there are several signs that fully enforces “Do not back into parking spaces.”  The post office is really strict about this rule.  Mom is standing outside, sees the sign and looks around the parking lot.  That’s when she sees it and starts laughing… of course all the while whipping her camera out to take pictures of course.

 On the other side of the sign is the car that is what – backed into a parking space.  Oh dear Lord no.  We better call the postal police on this situation STAT.  What?  Oh yeah – hits piggy forehead – *THAT* is the postal police backed into a parking space.  What was I thinking?  Talk about setting the example by leadership huh?  Mom told this to daddy and he was just laughing up a storm.  Why is that some people don’t have to follow the rules huh?

 And we all know my daddy.  He really doesn’t have a serious bone in his entire body.  Maybe that is how he stays so young – acting his shoe size?  There mom/dad are standing in the slow line progressing closer and closer to the one teller.  Daddy gets this grin on his face, looks at mom and says whose envelope is this?  Mom looks and tells daddy.

Daddy then says, take my picture.  Mom says okay and clicks away.  Daddy then tells mommy, “You can tell Fozzie I touched her package”.

Shaking piggy head.  I told you my friends – he acts his shoe size!




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Thank You and Help Please


Oh my friends!  What a wonderful thing that happened here last night at the Hotel Thompson.  I got mail!  Not an email but real goodness mail.  I was so piggy excited that I ran all over the house and couldn’t wait until mommy got home from the worky place to open the package.

 When she did – OMP!

It was the most beautiful thing in the world.  My ❤ just swelled up with so much love to my good pal Fozzie.  Why do you ask?  Well, she actually made me something with very own two hands.  It’s adorable – LIKE ME.  It’s cute – LIKE ME.  It’s priceless – LIKE ME!  It has an awesome bell on it that is so freaking cute!  I’m letting mom take it to work with her to put on her desk beside another great piggy that my Auntie Sharon made me a while back.  That way every single time mom looks at them during her stressful day, she will think of all of the love that went into making these and of course of ME!

And of course, mommy did a special thank you video to my friend Fozzie.  You can see that at the bottom.  NOTE:  Ignore mom’s southern twang – snorts.


And now this is the part where I need you my friends.  As you know we have little Houdini here at the Hotel Thompson.  The little guy is going through some puppy teething kind of bad.  He wants to chew on everything – including my tail – snorts!  Any of you my good friends have any thoughts or suggestions on helping the little guy out?  Anything would be like most welcomed.  Mom tried the washcloth in the freezer trick – he turned his nose up at it and went for mom’s fingers instead – snorticles.


So – can you help this piggy out?  I know my tail and mom’s fingers would like great appreciate it so very much!




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Any Advice For Me The Big Brother?


Hey my friends – I need your help once again please.  As you know,  I got a new brother.  This is Houdini to the right and he is a 12 week old Yorkshire Terrier.  I’ve decided already that he’s not that bad.  He’s kind of fun and always excited to see me.  He’s pretty cool.  I’m sharing my toys with him and helping him adjust to life here at the Hotel Thompson.

This is where I need you my friends.  Do you have advice, suggestions or ideals for me to make sure the little guy is welcomed and settles in okay?  Anything would be helpful.

And I want you to know that I have talked to him about all of you my friends and about my blog.  I’ve even read him some postings – which he just runs around laughing and barking.  When he’s up to it, I told him that he could have his own corner and post.  See, I’m sharing. 🙂 ❤


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Shopping Around The World – Ideas!?

Okay my friends – I need suggestions for Shopping Around the World.  Can you give me some suggestions to put on the holding list please my friends.  I will be posting a list for August next week 🙂

Thanks my friends!


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More PigOLantern Suggestions


You *know* when you look at this pumpkin that you want to start singing THE song.  You know you do.  Go ahead, I’ll start.

  “Spiderpig, Spiderpig…Does what ever a spiderpig does.  Can he swing from a web?  No he can’t, he’s a pig.  Look out, he is a spiderpig! ”  LOL

Feel better now?  I do.  This would be a fun pumpkin.  Kind of hard to carve out but it would be funny.  Of course, I would be oinking around singing that song all night… but it would be fun!






This is a simple etching on a pumpking.  It doesn’t seem all that difficult.  Kind of simple but kind of fun.  I think mommy could do it with no problem. 

I just kind of want something a little bit more uummphh to it, you know? 






This would take a little bit of carpentry but what a novel idea if you wanted to do more than one!  You could line a bunch of them up along your walk way or on the porch. 

Down side – the entire point of carving a pumpkin is to roast the pumpkin seeds in the oven.  I faintly remember mommy doing this last year and the smell was out of this world!  Mom shook some cinnamon on them and baked them off, they came out so warm and yummy.  I kind of want those pumpkin seeds again in my belly.  But, this was a great idea!



So far though, I’m kind of swaying towards this one. It’s eerie.  It looks simple to create – think about all of those pumpkin seeds – yummy!  Plus the glow looks frightening without being Friday the 13thish – you know.  What do you think? 




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Halloween Ideas Continued


I have to admit that I have some of the best friends in the world that a pig can have.  Lots of my friends have sent me in suggestions for Halloween as well as pictures.  I love it!  Please keep them coming.  If you don’t have my private email, it is

This comes straight to me so it doesn’t bother mommy.  Keep sending the suggestions, ideas and comments my friends.  Thanks!

Take my friend Bubba here to the left.  His mommy has a great mind.  What better idea than to dress him like the Great Pumpkin, AKA HogALantern.  I mean, heck we are *build* for that!  Snort.  I’m not sure if it is his markings or his costume but he’s kind of got a KISS look going there with his eyes.  You remember the old rock group?  Daddy has played some of his music for me.  And… I have been known to watch Gene Simmons on his television show Family Jewels. 



And I absolutely LOVE this idea and it has a cape! 


You know how I am about my capes.  With all the Twilight, Vampire Diaries and other shows, this would be a hit.  Maybe mom can decorate my bedroom like this for Halloween.  That would be a kick!



PS – Don’t you *love* the names on the tombstones.  What a genius! 




Money hog! 

This is a great idea but I’m not thinking that I could wear this outfit the entire night and not lose that cute little hat.  And, on the other hand, I don’t think mom or dad will let me borrow the money to display.  Maybe if I can find some Monopoly money it would work. 

It’s definitely a cute idea.





20121015-070948.jpgAs much as I help mom out in the kitchen, this picture cracked me up!  Chef Pig – what a hoot!  I think I have even resembled that picture with all of the spaghetti everywhere.  Doesn’t every kid have a spaghetti picture in their photo album somewhere? 

I think mom could manueaver a chef’s hat and a red/white print towel around me.  It would be kind of fun to play with this.


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