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Bacon’s Show and Tell

Thank you so very much my friends for making Bacon’s Show and Tell a great place to be every month.

This month for Bacon’s Show and Tell we are highlighting school.  Now I looked far and wide to come up with some pictures of mom/dad from their school days.  My goodness – we are talking dinosaur age here – snorts with piggy laughter.  But I did find some that I would share with you my friends.  Now trust me, these are good!


The first picture is of my dad.  I’ve talked about it before how he was a big football player in his school days.  He absolutely loves the game.  This is him in his football outfit around his senior year, sometime circa 1981.

Handsome and YOUNG huh?  That was his number – 72.  Of course, he made shoulder pads look fashionable – snorts!  He was what my mom called a jock in high school.  She was the exact opposite.  She was what the football players called a nerd – a smartie – the one the football players went to for help in their studies.  Yep, that was my mom.



This is her picture from graduation way back in 1987.  See that yellow cord?  She was an honor graduate.  Cool huh?  She still has that around the house here somewhere.

So there you go – two pictures from mom/dad’s school time.  Different schools and different times.  There’s no telling though in this small community how many times mom/dad crossed paths while growing up.  All I gotta say is thank goodness they finally did meet up and stay together!


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Five Statements – Truth Revealed

Welcome back my friends to the reveal of the five statements.  Which one did you guess was true?  Did you pick it right away or did it take some work in thinking about each one?  Just what kind of person is my mommy?  Let’s see if you got it right.

Statement #01
– Mom got a sport letter and award in Track when she was in high school.   Winner-Winner.  Mommy actually was the assistant to the track coach in high school for two years and kept the scores for all meets.  This is how she gained her letter and award.  Snorts – you thought she ran didn’t you?  If mom ran, she says she would have two black eyes and two broken knees.  Now that is hilarious!  AND who was the first person to guess it correctly – my brother Easy.  He knows my mommy!

Statement #02 – Mommy loves Cabbage Patch Kids.  Really?  Mommy despised Cabbage Patch Kids.  If you are a true follower, you have read her story about the demise of her *cherished* Cabbage Patch Kid in a fierce game of Cowboys and Indians – snorts with piggy laughter.

Statement #03 – Mom graduated with a C average in high school.  C student – oh no.  Mommy was an honor graduate – straight A’s.  In fact, some would say she was a nerd!  The shock of that huh?

Statement #04 – Mom’s first pet she ever had was a snail named Igor.  This would have been cool but again no.  Mom’s first pet was a dog named Beast.

Statement #05 – Mom and dad met when mom was working her pole at her second job.  Now I had to throw this in there.  Of course it didn’t happen this way.  But once, mom/dad went to a book store when they were dating.  Mom wrote a check and the lady asked for her work number.  Daddy did tell the lady it was the Cheetah Club (which was a strip joint in Atlanta, Georgia).  The lady replied, “Yeah, right.  I don’t think anyone with Holly Hobby checks would be a stripper!”.  Now *that’s* funny.


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