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Murder or Suicide?

Oh my pigs!!  I read this story the other day and was shocked and amazed.  You see I love these shows like Forensic Files and don’t get me started with the Investigative Discovery channel.  You can *always* see them on my television in my bedroom.  But I digress.  I was reading this story which is a wonderful case of is it murder or was it suicide.  I had to share.  Forgive me cause it’s kind of long – but you have to read it.  It’s good and will make you go WOWZER!

The medical examiner viewed the body of Ronald Opus and concluded that he died from a gunshot wound to the head caused by a shotgun.  Investigation to that point had revealed that Opus had jumped from the top of the tenth story building with the intent on committing suicide due to a note he had left.  As he passed the ninth floor on the way down, there was a shotgun blast through a window that killed him instantly.  Neither the shooter from the ninth floor nor Opus was aware that a safety net had been put up at the eighth story floor level to protect some window washers therefore Opus would not have been able to commit suicide.  

Now let’s talk about that shot on the ninth floor.  There was an elderly man/woman who were having a domestic dispute.  They had been married for forty years and in those years, they would argue and the man would always wave his shotgun at his wife.  Now, in all of those years the shotgun has never been loaded.  It was a mere threat that the man would make and both of them knew it was just a gesture and he didn’t actually mean anything by it.  But this date… this date the gun went off, went through the window and made contact with the guy jumping from the roof hitting him in the head and killing him instantly.  

Why was there a bullet in the shotgun all of a sudden after all of these years not being one?  Well, the elderly man/woman had a son. The son was upset that the mom had stopped supporting him financially.  The son thought by loading the shotgun, his dad would ‘accidentally’ shoot his mother and therefore he would then be able to get some money from his father.  For six weeks, the son waited for the great argument to no avail.

Now keep up with me here because this is where it gets really interesting.  The son got depressed because things weren’t happening fast enough.  So what does he do?  He leaves a suicide note and decides to jump off of the building.  You see the elderly couple’s son was Ronald Opus.  

So my friends here is the question – homicide or suicide?  


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