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Dear Bacon

20130618-013318.jpgDear Bacon,
What? Don’t hate. You know you want a hat just like mine so you can play outside with it. Right? Signed Scooter

Dear Scooter,

Yeah, sure. I would absolutely LOVE to have a hat like yours to wear outside and make the funny thing on top go around and around Maybe if it was real windy, I could fly. I like the sound of that! So, yes two please my friend ūüôā

20130618-013334.jpgDear Bacon,
This is just me telling my friends on how to get more seed and nuts from the humans. Any suggestions for us? Signed Cute as Can Be

Dear Cute as Can Be,

Well you can also take tips from Journalist Rocky the Squirrel. He knocks on our back door frequently asking for a cup of nuts for him and his family. Mom even throws leftover bread out to them to help them out. You know, you do what you have to do. This economy has hit us all! Take care my friends. If you are ever near the Hotel Thompson, knock on the back door. ūüôā

Dear Bacon,
I’ve read about your adventures in your magical back yard. Now this is what *I* consider a magical back yard… with drink in hand! You’re mom promised you a pool. Make her pay up pal. Signed Simple Puss

Dear Simple Puss,

I like the way you think my friend! My mommy made a lot of promises to get me outside. Although its only happened once so far, I think I need to make her pay up with one of the promises being a pool. Do you think I would be pushing it to be able to lay in a chair with a drink and food like you have?


20130618-013414.jpgDear Bacon,
I love to play music. I can bang that keyboard with the best of them. This is me practicing, “Unleashed Melody”. It’s a sad and soothing song to us pooches. Have you ever heard of it? Do you play any musical instruments? Signed Wolfgang Pooch

Dear Wolfgang Pooch,

You do have some talent – way to go my talented young friend. I haven’t heard of that song yet but I will be sure to Google it on the internet and listen to it. I know it has to be amazing! As for this little piglet’s talent. Let me see…. I’m thinking…. mommy says I rip some good ones… but I don’t think she’s referring to a musical instrument for some reason ūüôā

I’ll keep thinking about that answer. Take care and maybe we shall see you soon in the Hollywood lights!


Dear Bacon,

Don’t even say it. I know – I know. Yo Quiero Taco Bell. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s really funny. Ha Ha. My humans think it’s funny to dress me up as a taco. How would they like it if I dressed them up like a hot dog? BOL (Barking out loud)! Signed TB

Dear TB,

First off, tell me they didn’t name you Taco Bell – TB for short. Now that would be funny. Oh, I’m sorry. But look on the other hand. You are cute. AND, I bet if they took you to a Taco Bell in the drive thru, you would get free food. Free food – that’s good, isn’t it? Be proud little guy. Wear it with pride.


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Travels in the South

Welcome back friends to another edition of Travels in the South.  We have been talking about our visit with our great friends Bill and Jean from Canadian Cats.  If you have missed the previous editions, please check them out here:  Red Lobster; Fogo de Chao; Stately Oaks; Spa Day. World of Coca-Cola Part I, World of Coca-Cola Part II. World of Coca-Cola Part III, The Varsity, Gone With the Wind Part I.

Last week we started the Gone with the Wind tour in Jonesboro, Georgia.  We spoke of the Patrick Cleburne Memorial Cemetery.  The above picture was taken by Bill.  What an awesome picture, you think?  Today we continue our tour.  There was one thing that I forgot to mention last week that I think you might find fascinating.

In this picture, you see the front entrance to the Road to Tara Museum where the Gone with the Wind tour starts and drops off.  This building is important Рnot on historically but movie wise.  Have I intrigued your interest now?

 You see, Georgia is like little Hollywood and there are lots of movies made here.  Heck not too far from us in Atlanta, they filmed the movie The Walking Dead.  That explains all of the zombies downtown Рsnorts with piggy laughter.

But back to this Road to Tara Museum. ¬†Do you know what famous movie actually took place in downtown Jonesboro? ¬†In fact, there was a scene in the movie that was filmed right behind this building. ¬† ¬†That’s right –¬†Smokey and the Bandit¬†with Burt Reynolds. ¬†Notice the building now in this picture – this is the back of the building. ¬†In the movie, Jonesboro was turned into Texarkana. ¬†Cool huh? ¬†So you see we have our own little bit of Hollywood right here in the south ūüôā

There are lots of other important places in Jonesboro. ¬†There’s actually the R.K. Holliday Office Building. ¬†R.K. Holliday was the cousin of Margaret Mitchell and the father of the woman who served as inspiration to Mitchell’s character Melanie Hamilton. ¬†Then there is the Carnes Homes that was built in 1850’s by Stephen Carnes. ¬†Carnes was a casket maker and after the war he was hired to re-inter the Confederate soldiers that had been buried around the city into the Patrick Cleburne Memorial Cemetery that we spoke about last week.

The tour also brings you by the 1898 Clayton County Courthouse.  Margaret Mitchell visited this courthouse to research local records during her writing of Gone with the Wind.

 Our next stop on the tour was the Courthouse/Masonic Lodge.  From 1858 until the first County Courthouse was completed on this site in 1861, Clayton County Court met in the Masonic Hall.   This courthouse was used until 1898 when the new courthouse was built.  Now inside of this building it houses all kinds of history along the ways in Clayton County.  It had original policeman uniforms, jails, Gone With the Wind pictures of Scarlett and Rhett to ghosts.  Yep I said ghosts.  Our tour guide says that psychics have been to this building and spoke to ghosts from years past.  Interesting huh?

I’m sure you recognize this movie poster from¬†Gone With the Wind but can you read it?

And do you know what happens to people on the tour that can’t behave? Go ahead guess. ¬†I bet you can’t guess. Stay tuned next week my friends for the continuing tour.


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31 Days of Spook – Cemeteries Continued

Tonight it’s raining hard in the cemetery. ¬†I want to finish what I believe are some famously eerie and interesting cemeteries. ¬†So put on your raincoat and straighten your spine. ¬†Be prepared to be spooked!

When I think of places that a lot people died during a lot of fighting, one of the places that come to mind is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. ¬†Cemetery Hill had so many people that died during the Battle of Gettsyburg that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it. ¬†There were so many bodies that it was hard to bury everyone in a timely manner. ¬†You can imagine the smell that overcame the land. ¬†There are still reports today of people smelling death. ¬†And you know what they say about unrested bodies, they become ghosts forever looking for redemption.

A famous cemetery that mom would like to visit is in Los Angeles, California. ¬†(I know – she’s weird like that. ¬†She finds walking through the cemeteries as calming as walking on a beach. ¬†Go figure – she’s my mom.) ¬†Hollywood Forever Cemetery¬†is the final resting place of many celebrities over the years. ¬†¬†I’ll need to break down a listing of more important graves here later on in the month. ¬†For now though, let’s concentrate on some hauntings of the cemetery. ¬†A famous person known to haunt here is Clifton Webb. ¬†People at the cemetery claim to hear voices and lights near the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum. ¬†A story that intrigues me that I’ve seen on television numerous times is the crypt of Rudolph Valentino. ¬†For years on the anniversary of his death, a lady dressed in black would be seen wearing a veil to cover her face at his crypt leaving a single red rose. ¬†No one really knew for sure who this person was and still today the tradition of leaving a single red rose continues on his anniversary.

And I must end this stroll through the cemeteries at one of mom/dad’s most famous places in Savannah,
Georgia at¬†Bonaventure Cemetery. ¬†Did you know that this cemetery had the “Bird Girl” statue that is the photograph of the book¬†Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? ¬†I say had now because it has since been moved to a museum nearby but there are still some amazing tombs and headstones left. ¬†Mom/dad have spent multiple days and hours strolling through and visiting with the folks still there. ¬†One of the famous haunts is of little Gracie Watson who died of pneumonia when she was only six years old. ¬†Currently they have her grave fenced off… is that to keep people from touching her little statue or from keeping little Gracie from touching you? ¬† There’s also the hell hounds that local legend have talked about. ¬†People claim to hear them snarling but no one ever sees them. ¬†Perhaps they feel the hot breath of a dog on their ankles letting them know they need to step back. ¬†You think?

So that ends our walk through the cemetery my friends.  Did you get chilled?  Did you get scared?  Perhaps you should check your shoes.  Mom did and this is what she found on her boots.


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Breaking News¬†– STOP EVERYTHING!


Oh my piggy – I’m so excited. ¬†I haven’t been this excited since mom upgraded my cable in my bedroom on my flat screen television. ¬†Last night, this was breaking news. ¬†Oh my piggy heavens! ¬†I have a chance. ¬†Quick, I need a bath. ¬†I need new clothes. ¬†I need a stylist. ¬†I need a plane ticket to Hollywood. ¬†Someone set me up quick.

The woman of my dreams is not available – SQUEALS!


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We Did It!

Oh dear piggy heavens above – watch out Hollywood – here we come!



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The Joys of Video

There are times at the Hotel Thompson that I just enjoy my time to myself. ¬†This is one of those Fridays. ¬†While daddy is slaving away on household chores – yawn – I’m holed in my bedroom for some peace and quiet. ¬†Hey, I already brought all of my dirty stuff to the laundry room. ¬†I’m good. ¬†*My* chores are complete – snorts.

So, I’m in my bedroom all snug in my toddler bed hanging out on the laptop and watching Green Acres on my television. ¬†I’m surfing YouTube and came across a commercial that I have never seen. ¬†I was laughing so hard. ¬†I’ll tell you a secret. ¬†I could see *myself* doing some of the things in this commercial. ¬†It’s that good. ¬†Take a look and see what you think. ¬†This commercial was made for *me* to star in. ¬†Oh Hollywood, I’m ready for my close up – snorts.

Happy Friday my friends!



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31 Days of Spook – Day 26

Ooohh Рthe thrill of ghosts my friends.  If you have not seen this 1997 Disney supernatural thriller Рyou must go watch it NOW.  I saw it for the first time earlier in the week when my pig sitter Hannah was out Рsnorts.  It was GREAT!


The movie starts out in 1939 on Halloween and revolves around 5 people (Carolyn Crosson, Gilbert London, Sally Shine, Emeline Partridge and Dewey Todd).  They are at the Hollywood Tower Hotel and have been invited to the Tip Top Party on the 12th floor.

They all get in the elevator together and suddenly it gets stuck on the 11th floor at exactly 8:05pm.  Lightening strikes the building causing the elevator to collapse and all five people disappear.  Then the movie fast forwards 60 years until present time.


Newspaper reporter, Buzzy Crocker, is a hoot. ¬†He makes up ‘monsters’ and such with the help of his niece Anna. ¬†He talks Anna’s mom into letting Anna help him out with the investigation of the Hollywood Tower Hotel which is allegedly haunted.


They go to the hotel and some mysterious things happen to them. ¬†They end up meeting Abigail Gregory who blames everything that happened back in the day on Emeline Partridge (who was Sally Shine’s nanny). ¬†Abigail says that Emeline cast an evil spell that backfired and trapped everyone on the elevator that night. ¬†

Abigail explains that if the elevator is fixed and Buzzy and Anna can find something that belonged to each of the trapped ghosts, she can reverse the spell and all can be good once again.

Buzzy and Anna believe her and do just that. ¬†What they don’t know… well… I think I’m going to stop here. ¬†I’ve told ya’ll about some really good movies this month. ¬†But this one, you are going to have to watch. ¬†It is THAT good.

Happy watching my friends. ¬†Don’t be too mad at me ūüėČ winks


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We Need to Talk About Privacy


Can’t a pig here at the Hotel Thompson take a nap in privacy?¬† I mean, really – I was drooling and having little piggy dreams in this picture.¬† Mom is getting worse than the Hollywood paparazzi with that camera of hers.¬†

There has to be a line drawn somewhere… a house rule of sorts at the Hotel Thompson.¬† You know like no pictures of the pig that are unflattering or drooling.¬† What if Miss Piggy sees it? That’s cutting in on my future love life.¬† What if mom decides to make a book and put that picture in there?¬† Oh thud snort no.¬†


I wonder how mom would feel if I take a picture of her sleeping or when she first gets up with no make up and bed head?¬† Hey, there you go – that’s going to be my come back when I speak with her.¬† No wait, maybe just take the picture and show it to her.¬† Perhaps that will change her mind – evil snort PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud).


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I’m Moving to Hollywood!

Maxwell’s agent called me and gave me the great news this morning. I’m so excited. Mom and dad are excited as well. We are all packing and preparing for the move cross country. YAY!!

I’m going to be in Hollywood! You’re going to see my name in lights. I’m going to be a STAR like I was meant to be.

So I guess, this will be my last post. ūüė¶

Just joking! You can’t get rid of me that fast! There is no way I could leave my friends here. Ya’ll mean the world to me. You let my inner pig come out and play. I love you all each and every one for listening to me and my rambling thoughts! Happy April Fools Day my friends!


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