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We Had a Funeral Here Today

2015/01/img_14251.jpgThis is dad wearing his favorite Angry Birds shirt.  You might recognize it.  He does it wear it a lot.  Mom picked him up for dinner one night last week and he was wearing it.  When they got to the restaurant, she noticed it had a hole in it.  Do you see the hole in it near the neck?  She couldn’t believe he wore it out like that.  She kind of fussed at him.  What would people think?  She doesn’t clothe daddy?  Daddy told her not to worry about it because it was a holey but it was HIS special shirt, HIS lucky shirt if you will.

But today was a sad, sad day here at the Hotel Thompson. We had to have a funeral. For who? It was for dad’s favorite Angry Bird shirt. Mr Hole got worse and then it became several holes in the shirt.  Dad was wearing it around the house and refused to throw it away.  He told mom he wouldn’t wear it out again.  But now, it was time.

It was time to put dad’s favorite shirt to rest.  May it rest in holey heaven.   In honor of his favorite shirts passing, he hung up his other shirts at half mast.

Don’t feel too sorry for pops though. Mom knew this shirt was his favorite so she had a back up one ready for him as a surprise. Daddy was happy as Houdini with a new toy after that.

Do you have a favorite shirt or toy that you don’t want to give up?


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