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Another Hint About Mom/Dad’s Trip


Oh friends!  This hint about floored me – literally.  I snorted and rolled with laughter.  Tell me it’s not so!  Creamed Possum with Sweet Potatoes Garnished in Coon Fat Gravy.  This can’t be real, can it?

This is my next hint about where mom/dad are going to meet one of MY friends later on in the month.  Oh dear piggy heavens.  Mom/dad said you just might find this can on the shelf of a grocery store where they are going.

Really?  Are they serious?  Oh dear.  I think I would starve that weekend.  But mom says they are going to eat well – in fact they are hoping to go in with who they are meeting and do a special critique on her food blog.  Tell me it won’t be on this can.

So mom/dad are meeting MY friend at the end of the month.  They will spill the beans when they get back.  You might get one more hint before they leave.  IF I can find a good one because mom/dad says I absolutely can NOT tell yet. 🙂 Do you want another clue?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.


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